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Suntantarka Avatar
This Avatar of Lord Shiva asked Goddess Parvati’s hand in marriage from her revered father Himalaya.

Suntantarka AvatarLord Shiva took this incarnation to ask the hand of Goddess Parvati in marriage from her father Himalaya. To request the hand of Parvati from her father Himachal, Lord Shiva disguised himself as a wandering dancer. Holding a Damaru (a small drum) in his hand, Shiva, in the form of a dancer, arrived at Himachal’s house and started performing the dance.

His divine dance as Nataraja was so beautiful and captivating that everyone became pleased. When Himachal asked the dancer for alms, the Nataraja Shiva asked for Parvati as his alms. This enraged Himachal Raj. After a while, Shiva, still in his dancer disguise, revealed his true form to Parvati and left. Upon his departure, Himachal and his minister gained divine knowledge, and they decided to give Parvati to Shiva.

Suntantarka Avatar
This was an Avatar with a purpose. As Lord Shiva agreed to marry Parvati then it was natural that he had to go to the father (Himalaya mountain) of Parvati to ask Parvati as his partner. Lord Shiva cannot go to his father in his normal form wearing all those special items on his crown so he had to make a disguise of a normal person.

Suntantarka Avatar
Lord Shiva took the form of Suntantarka Avatar to ask the hand of Goddess Parvati in marriage from her father, Himalaya.

The dancer, who danced with his damru in the court of King Himalaya. This avatar of Shiva manifested to seek permission from the king of the mountains for Mata Parvati’s hand in marriage.

Suntantarka Avatar:
Lord Shiva took this avatar to ask the hand of Parvati in marriage to from father Himalaya.