ॐ Hindu Of Universe ॐ

“God’s light is within you, It never leaves you.”

Aum Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha,

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi

Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat

A large part of population chants Gayatri Mantra everyday in the morning.

It is the primary Mantra in the Hinduism religion.

People are of the belief that, the chanting of Gayathri mantra raises the intellectual level of the person who performs it.

Known as the mother of the Vedas, Gayathree Mantra opens the gateway for wisdom, thereby teaching people to follow the righteous path and perform good deeds.

In the devotion of Goddess Gayatri, the Gayatri mantra is chanted three times in a day.

Numerous references have been made about the Gayatri mantra in the Upanishads.

Each and every word of the mantra has an important message to convey, which if followed sincerely, can make your life beautiful and peaceful.

Based on truth, it preaches people to follow the path of honesty and always indulge in activities that are meant for the goodness of mankind.

Gayatri mantra is considered to be the best means for connecting to God.

Power of Gayatri Mantra

Rishis and Munis chose the words for the Gayatri mantra and arranged them in such a manner that, the chanting of this mantra created a powerful force.

Gayatri manta has a lot of significance and you can yourself feel the power of Gayatri mantra by reciting it in the proper technique.

While chanting the Gayatri mantra, always close your eyes and try to concentrate on each and every word that you say and then see the magical effects.

To know more about the benefits of chanting Gayatri mantra, read on.

When a man is gifted with righteous wisdom, half of his problems vanish away.

People land into trouble, when they are not able to take the right decisions.

People tread the wrong path because they are not mature or wise enough to decide what’s good for them and what’s not.

It is here that Gayatri mantra comes to play a major role by bestowing wisdom on the people who chant this mantra in the right way.

The performance of Gayatri mantra opens the gateway for knowledge and it is the raised intellectual level that enables a person to reach heights.

The reciting of Gayatri mantra washes away the sins and provides the individuals with the intelligence to indulge in good deeds.

It helps a great deal in purifying the mind, body and soul.

You tend to feel relaxed after performing it and also your mind stops wandering, thereby leading to better concentration.

This single Gayatri mantra is so powerful that it brings the same reward as the reading of the four Vedas.

The mantra has to be repeated thrice a day and in turn, it will confer all the blessings on you in the form of good health, wealth, vitality, beauty etc.

You can chant the mantra even while carrying out your daily routine works.

Many people are in the habit of chanting Gayatri mantra while walking in the morning.

To attain enlightenment, there can be no better therapy than chanting this foremost mantra of the Hinduism religion.

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the most ancient and revered mantras in existence.

Om bhur bhuvah svah

Tat Savitur varen(i)yam

Bhargo devasya dhimahi

Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

I lead a weekly Kirtan practice at Pilgrimage of the Heart yoga studio in San Diego.

We’ve been practicing as a community for over five years and the Gayatri Mantra has become one of our staple chants.

As a Kirtan leader I enjoy exploring the deep meanings of the chants, which allows me to enter more deeply into the spirit and intent behind these beautiful utterances.

The Gayatri Mantra first appeared in the Rig Veda, which was written in Sanskrit about 2500 to 3500 years ago.

It is said that the sage Vishwamitra was given the Gayatri Mantra by the Supreme Being for his many years of reverence and meditation, to be shared with all humanity, so there is considered no earthly author.

It has also been said that Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha himself recited this mantra. (See The Light of Asia – Arnold, Book the First, page 7, Routledge)

Chanted through the Ages.

The Gayatri Mantra has been chanted by trillions of people over the course of eons. Quite literally it is likely sung by a billion people every day, even today.

There is a wealth of commentary and opinion as to good translations of the chant. Googling Gayatri Mantra will generate numerous interpretations.

The basic gist follows:

The word Gayatri refers to the meter of the verse.

The mantra consists of three lines of eight syllables each. But wait.

There are four lines! That’s because the first line isn’t actually a part of the mantra itself.

Its a prefix.

The Great Utterance.

The first line is a mantra unto itself and is known as, “The Great (spiritual) Utterance(mahāvyāhṛti).

It precedes many other mantras, is used universally or can be recited by itself.

It is a great aligning and centering phrase and can be interpreted as aligning oneself to the earth, heavens and what lies beyond.

Or, aligning with the material world, the world of mind and with the supreme spirit.

The important idea is the alignment of one’s Self with the purest Unity.

The meaning…

The mantra itself begins with the word, ‘Tat’ which means ‘That’ and refers to the Supreme that defies any earthly description…

Savitur means Sun, but not the physical sun.

More like the divine light of knowledge and discernment, the animating impetus for everything.

Varen(i)yam means adoration.

Next line: Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi means contemplation of the Divine, Illuminated Grace.

Last Line: Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat means loosely, whose divine intellect/illumination our prayers/meditations are for/about…

As a leader of a kirtan practice, I found the original meter (three lines of eight syllables) to be somewhat cumbersome to arrange musically/lyrically for western interpretation.

So, I broke from the original meter and formed lines as follows:

Om bhur bhuvah svah

Tat Savitur varen(i)yam

Bhargo devasya

Dhimahi dhiyo yo

Nah prachodayat

This arrangement allows for a chant that musically simple and beautiful, and easy to play and sing.

Here’s our version and a link to another version with the classic meter:

Our arrangement: Pilgrimage of the Heart Kirtan band

Classic arrangement: This is a beautiful version by Deva Premal.

It actually maintains the classic meter while running each ‘measure’

as 5 – 6 – 6 – 7 beats per line. Beautiful, but challenging for most to follow and sing with.

A must have.

What is important is that the mantra be chanted with the utmost of pure intentions and an appreciation for the profound implications of the scope of this chant.

It is an outpouring of one’s heart to the Supreme and a recognition of the Divine Grace bestowed upon all creation and beyond.

If you have a chanting practice, The Gayatri Mantra is a ‘must have’ in your repertories.



The Gayatri Mantra is so significant that it has affected the lifestyle of people over the centuries.

This is the story of a warrior who became a yogi.

It is the story of what happens when human power confronts divine power.

This is the story of a Mantra.

Mantra are incantations.

They set up a resonance in the body not just from sound but in resonance.

The result is the veil of dissolution of maya, it becomes a little thinner to perceive the Creator behind this creation.

Mantras are said to be healing.

There are many mantras – simple one is Rama, Rama, keep chanting this and you will be taken to an uplifted state.

Om Namah Shivaya, a six syllable mantra, this is supposed to destroy bad habits in us, grant us thereby great power.

A mantra of 12 sylabbles is Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya – this mantra takes us inward, takes the energy into our spine.

It directs upward toward God.

The mantra of 32 syllable Mritnjaya mantra is the mantra of liberation.

But the easiest, exalted, so powerful, filled with benevolence and grace anybody who chants it no matter whatever cosmic burdens that they carry will go towards enlightenment very quickly is – Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is a Mantra of 24 syllables and is chanted by millions of people over thousands of years.

When a Self-realized master is in communion with God, with a specific intention that is beneficial to everybody, God helps him.

By manifesting himself in a set of sounds.

These Mantras are heard while in deep meditation.

This is the story of Gayatri Mantra, whom was it given to, why was it given to.

Long ago in a higher age, Satya yuga, it is said that Dharma, righteousness, stood on all four feet.

It was firmly established. Men and women were able to hear the voice of God more easily than we do today.

In that age lived a king called Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra means friend of the universe.

He was a great king.

Under his rule his subjects were prosperous, lived in harmony, thought of God, lived closer to nature.

He was a powerful king and ruled with a perfect combination – Justice, Might and Love.

He had a great army and he himself was a great warrior.

Under his rule they had conquered many places, remained undefeated and ruled much of the earth.

As a king it was just not sufficient to remain in the palace.

One needed to visit the principalities, municipalities and go seeing what people are saying about you and get some field intelligence and make sure everything is going well.

Once Viswamitra takes some of his best soldiers and embarks on a tour of his kingdom.

The area is so vast that it almost takes an year to cover all the places in his kingdom.

His tour was coming to an end and he was happy to observe that all his people in his vast empire were cheerful. Before returning to the palace, he had one more stop to make.

That was to a hermitage, an ashram.

Deep inside the forest inside the hermitage lived a rishi by name Vasishta. Vasishta was a Brahmarishi.

it’s a title given to someone who has achieved great spiritual achievement.

In those days it was well recognized that the material needs were looked after by the king whereas the spiritual well being was equally important and is the responsibility of the rishi.

He functioned as a Guru of the king and as a spiritual protector of his kingdom.

Vishwamitra meets Rishi Vasishta.


Even among the rishis he was exalted.

Vasishta’s soul lived in constant communion with God. Never away from God.

Therefore when Vasishta spoke God spoke through him.

It was always true even if it wasn’t true but when he started speaking it would become true by the time he ended speaking because the universe rearranged itself to follow the will of God.

His Consciousness was a perfect mirror of divine consciousness so he had a special title Brahmarishi.

Brahma means Supreme spirit, who is in touch with the Supreme spirit all the time and as a mark of his spiritual achievements he carried a wooden staff.

The staff of Brahma.

This was a staff representing the communion with God.

So Vishwamitra, the great king, the friend of the universe, visits Vasishta, the Brahmarishi – his Guru through whom God speaks.

Vishwamitra removes his footwear, goes inside and meets Vasishta.

Vasishta was an emaciated person with long locks of hair.

He had wide eyes that encompassing total peace.

His hermitage reflected total peace.

Viswamitra greeted Vasishta. Vasishta asked Vishwamitra, “O’ King, I hope you are alright, your people are in peace and harmony.

Hope enough rains are happening.” Vishwamitra replied, “O, Gurudeva, by your grace everything is going on well.”

Let me ask you in turn, if you have enough ghee for performing the rituals, if the cows are bountiful?”

They exchanged more pleasantries and Vasishta said, “O’ king you have come back from a long tour of the kingdom for an year.

You look so tired. Can I give you and your army a banquet tonight, you can have it and then leave tomorrow morning?” Looks like you haven’t had good food in a long time.

The King was bemused, “What can a rishi give as food in the middle of the jungle, leave alone a banquet.

He looked around and except a few huts could not see a granary or a kitchen !! He accepted the offer saying, “how can I refuse you Gurudeva?”

Vasishta looked at one of the cows which looked quite different from the other cows and looking at Vasishta’s eyes saunters over to him.

He held the wooden staff on the forehead of the cow and said, “as you can see we have a lot of guests; can you not please give them a good dinner?” Coming as God’s words the cow shakes a little bit and out comes from its belly tables and chairs and the best possible food in a forest.

The king and his soldiers had a sumptuous dinner.

All this while instead of eating the food Viswamitra was continuously looking at the cow.

Finally after the dinner, Vishwamitra asked Vasishta, “O ’Venerable sage, If you find a piece of diamond in a forest, will it be of any use to anyone?” Obviously no, replied the sage.

Vishwamitra continued, “If this cow which gave us food is there in our palace it can satiate the hungers of all in the kingdom.

Please give it and I will give you 1000 cows, 1000 horses and whatever else you want.

The sage did not like the approach but said politely that the Creator Brahma Himself has given the cow exclusively for serving me and all the other sages here.

It’s not here for exchange.

More offers from Vihswamitra and Vasishta declined and said emphatically, “You shall not have the cow.

It is not your cow.

It is not your Dharma.”

Vishwamitra is not used to disobedience; he becomes very angry.

If you do not give the cow, I am going to take the cow.

Mind your tone sage, you should know to whom you are speaking to; the land that you stand on is own.

Everything on this land belongs to me and so is the cow.

He then grouped his soldiers and said, “capture the cow.”

The group of soldiers went towards the wish fulfilling cow to capture it and take it away.

Vasishta looked at the cow and said, “please holy cow, show what you are capable of responding to the threat.”

The cow made a few movements and mooed and out came a battalion of armed soldiers from the belly of the cow.

Vishwamitra’s army is mighty.

But what can a human army do in front of a divine host.

Very soon the entire army of Vishwamitra was decimated.

Vishwamitra the friend of the universe is stunned.

He said, “All my life I believed in human power !! I equipped myself to become a great warrior and captured so many kingdoms on this earth.

Here a forest monk with a wooden staff and a cow defeated us squarely.

Humiliated and cheeks filled red with anger, not a one to give up, he has an indomitable will, he is a warrior, looks at Vasishta and said, “This is not over.”

Vishwamitra goes to the snowy peaks of the Himalayas begins meditating on the great God Shiva.

The God of destruction, the patron saint for all weapons, how does he meditate, how does he perform austerities? He stands on one leg, lifts both his arms folded at the top.

He eats only the roots and leaves around him.

He wanted to take revenge against Vasishta. So burning was his desire.

He meditates “Om Nama Shivaya” the Mantra and meditates.

Such is the power of his indomitable will and the nature of his unabated anger he meditates for a few hundred years.

Lord Shiva appears in front of Vishwamitra.

“Vishwamitra, I am very happy with you !! Tell me what boon do you want.” Vishwamitra replied, “I need all weapons – Physical, astral, celestial.

Will you not give mastery over all weapons? I would like to have the mastery over the power of the wind, fire and water.

I would like to have the poison of all the snakes within me, the ferocity of all the wild animals.

THATATSU !!” Be it so said Shiva and vanished. !!

Vishwamitra feels the powers felt by his body flies with the help of wind to Vasishta’s hermitage, all the powers repressed for a few hundred years unabated anger and seeking vengeance lands in front of Vasishta.

On the meadow where he was humiliated he invokes Agni, the Lord of fire and lifts his palms and shows it over the hermitage.

In an instant the fire caught up on all the huts burning them and the animals into ashes. What have you done evil king roared Vasishta? – With a staff in hand he said, “I gave you food to you and your army. Is this how you would repay me?” It’s a big sin that you have committed.

His eyes were filled with divine peace even when such a huge great show of anger had turned his hermitage into a graveyard.

Vishwamitra thundered and said, “I have the power of Shiva within me; I have everything destructive in my control.

You can’t kill me or do anything with me for I am loaded with all the power, arms and ammunition.”

Saying it’s now time for you to face my wrath, he lifts his arms and the power of fire comes out of him and arcs up in the air.

Vasishta holds his staff and the fire instead of spreading out concentrated into a single laser beam and went into the centre of his staff and disappears !!

Vishwamitra gets more angry now invokes the power of water, a tsunami of water gathers strength and goes towards Vasishta. Vasishta, the God realized person shows the wooden staff that absorbs all the water.

All the waters of the seas, oceans and rivers got absorbed into the staff !! Vishwamitra continues with air, rains mountains, boulders uproots trees, and everything is absorbed by the staff.

He now takes out the “Brahmas weapon – Brahmastra.”

With a chant he begins to suck out power from the entire cosmos and releases a strange astral power from his forehead.

Such is the power of the beam, Vasishta also could feel it since his skin started becoming darker.

Vasishta holds the staff in his front.

The power of the entire creation is absorbed into the staff of the Creator and is dissipated to all the sides and so balance is restored !! Vishwamitra now realizes that against divine power all human powers are absorbed.

He looks at the huge sin that he has committed and looks at his hands.

What have I done Gurudeva? He is mortified with his sin.

But then he is a kshaktria, a warrior that he doesn’t dwell with what happened.

He thought that the only way I can atone for my sin is that I have to become a Brahmarishi myself.

When I am in constant communion with God i will be able to know and the way to atone my sin.

He says the same thing as he told Vasishta before he leaves, “ Its not over; I will be back.”

But this time it was said in a totally different tone !! I will be back, please forgive me.

Goes to the Daivabhoomi, the land of the Gods in the Himalayas and begins to meditate.

And what an austerity it was !! He doesn’t drink anything, he doesn’t eat anything, even he doesn’t sleep.

With indomitable will Vishwamitra gains mastery over sleep.

Begins to focus on God to enable him find a way to atone for his sins.

After a few hundred years Brahma the Creator appears and said, “ Vishwamitra, my son, I am very pleased with your great will and single minded contemplation of Me.

And with folded hands Vishwamitra was having God contact was thrilled. Brahma told that from now on you will be a “Rajarishi” Means you are a King among rishis and Rishis among kings.

Vishwamitra was aghast.

He wanted to be a Brahmarishi but now got a Rajarishi title only.

WHY? When he contemplated.

Where did I go wrong? Swadhyaya, Self study – He found that when he in deep meditation there was a bird which was making a sound and in a fit of rage Vishwamitra’s rage was invoked because his concentration got affected he curses the bird.

And he knew that’s where he went wrong.

God may have touched my heart but anger is still deep within me.

Why do I have anger? He meditates on it and finds out that he still have desires, the desire to become a Brahma-Rishi.

Why do I have desire? I have desire because I have attachments.

He is getting close to the essence of the problem.

Why do I have attachments? I have given up my family, my kingdom.

I wore the dress of a simple monk.

Then why do I have attachments? In another moment of epiphany what a realization it was.

I have attachments, simply because, “I DWELL ON THINGS.”

When I dwell on the beauty of a tree, I am attached to the tree, when i dwell on the beauty of the woman, I am attached to the woman.

Then what is the solution? I cannot think about the creation, I can think only about the Creator.


How shall I seek You, my Lord? Te answer comes, “Seek Me through Service.”

“Serve Me by Loving Me.”

Viswamitra enters meditation once again, he doesn’t want to be a Brahma-Rishi now.

He doesn’t want any attainments now.

The fountain of energy begins to rise from the base of his spine because of his stillness through the central channel washing away the Vrittis, Vasanas of karmic war disease.

His heart opens completely to the presence of God and he stays in divine ecstasy.

Finally after hundreds of years of meditation the Supreme being Lord Vishnu arms lifted in benediction, appears in front of Viswamitra.

Vishnu said, “From now on you will always be with Me.”

“You will always be in Infinite Bliss.”

Hold out your hand, Viswamitra holds out his right hand and in the right hand was given a simple wooden staff.

When you speak you will speak God’s will.

You are now a “BRAHMA-RISHI.”

Tears are flowing from Viswamitra’s cheeks.

Viswamitra asks Lord Vishnu, “The hands which hold the wooden staff has done a huge sin.

How can I atone for that?” Vishnu replied, “In this dark age, with your sheer grit you have found Me.

Otherwise it is very difficult to find ME.

When you can find Me you can find ways and means to atone for your sins and in addition the tool that you will find will not only atone your sin but also a tool which can be used by simple human beings to realize Me.

Thy will be done Lord. Goes back to meditation.

He goes forward in time to the dark ages, descends in mortal form, realizes the suffering of people brought about by lust, desire, possessiveness, and all the cycles of births and deaths.

He cannot tolerate the pain and agony of the human beings.

He meditates again feverishly, “ help me get rid of the pain of humanity my Lord” He continues to meditate for hundreds of years and suddenly he hears a small sound in the right ear.

He realizes that when he focuses on that sound the pain of humanity, in his heart gets down a little bit.

He focuses more and the indistinct sound gets a little bit more clear.

The syllables began to get separate from the sound and they arrange themselves in the spiritual eye.

24 SYLLABLES – 3 lines, he looks at those, and begins to chant and when he says the Mantra, the pain in his heart melts away.

Now he knows that the will of God has been done through God’s Grace, that I have found a Mantra that in the darkest depths of human suffering just listening to it, “I shall call it the “GAYATRI MANTRA” he says.

He chants and he hears the chants happening outside of him as well.

People are chanting with him.

He raises his wooden staff and he sees Sage Vasishta !! Smiling and with deep rooted love, compassion and peace, Vasishta said, “BRAHMA-RISHI VISWAMITRA, the friend of the universe, It was God’s play and he used you to discover the GAYATRI MANTRA for the common man – to relieve him from suffering and unveil the maya to a little extent.

You have given such a great gift to mankind.

Gayatri Mantra is so powerful and he who chants it shall become Enlightened.

Gods surrounding Vasishta said, “Glory to Vishwamitra !!” Through Brahma-Rishi Vishwamitra the Gayatri Mantra was given to us by God Himself.

No matter what our cosmic burden might be, chanting this mantra with devotion is capable of parting the maya, a little bit, so that we could see the eternal bliss of the Creator.

Gayatri Mantra Meaning, Significance & Benefits impact in life

The Gayatri Mantra is a universal prayer enriched in the Vedas.

Gayatri Mantra is also known as Savitri Mantra, which addressed the Immanent and Transcendent Divine “Savita,” meaning that from which all this is born.

It was Brahmarshi Vishvamitra, who spread the Gayatri Mantra.

He also revealed the benefits of chanting the Gayatri mantra.

The mantra is a significant part of the Upanayana Ceremony for young males in the Hindu dharma and has long been chanted by Dvija men as part of their daily rituals.

Modern Hindus refine the movements and spread the practice of the mantra to include women and all castes too, and its use is now prevalent.

It is especially regarded for Adoration, Meditation, and Prayer.

Gayatri Mantra

In Sanskrit:

ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि।
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात॥

In English:

Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo nah Prachodayat

Gayatri Mantra Meaning in English

The Gayatri Mantra first appeared in the Rig Veda (Mandala 3.62.10), an early Vedic text written between 1100 to 1700 BCE.

It is stated in the Upanishads as a significant ritual and in the Bhagavad Gita as the poem of the Divine.

It is a belief that chanting Gayatri Mantra firmly establishes the mind, and if people carry on his-her life and do the work that is destined, our life will be full of joy and happiness. In brief, the mantra means:

O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light.

May He stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.

Meaning of Gayatri Mantra In simpler terms:

O Divine mother, our hearts are filled with darkness.

Please make this darkness distant from us and promote illumination within us.

The First Word “OM” – ॐ

It is also called Pranav because the sound of ‘Om’ or ‘AUM’ comes from the Prana (Vital Vibration), which feels the Universe.

The scripture says, “Aum Iti Ek Akshara Brahman” (Aum that one syllable is Brahman).

It is the sum and substance of all the words that can emanate from the human throat.

It is the primordial fundamental sound symbolic of the Universal Absolute.

The Vyahrities – Bhur, Bhuvah, Svah

The above three words of the Gayatri, which literally means “past,” “present,” and “future,” are called Vyahrities.

Vyahriti is that which gives knowledge of the entire cosmos or “ahriti”.

The scripture says: “Visheshenh Aahritih sarva viraat, praahlaanam prakashokaranh vyahritih”.

Thus, by uttering these three words, the person who chants it contemplates the Glory of God that illumines the three worlds or the regions of experience.

The Remaining Words

Here are the individual meanings of the rest of the words from the mantra:

  • Tat – In simpler terms, it means “that” because it states description through speech or language, the “Ultimate Reality.”
  • Savitur – “Divine Sun” (The ultimate light of wisdom)
  • Varenium – “Adore”
  • Bhargo – “Illumination”
  • Devasya – “Divine Grace”
  • Dheemahi – “We Contemplate”
  • Dhi – “Intellect”
  • Yo  – “Who”
  • Nah – “Ours”
  • Prachodayat – “Requesting/Urging/Praying”

The last five words constitute the prayer for final liberation by awakening our true intelligence.

Gayatri Mantra Benefits

There are numerous benefits of chanting Gayatri mantra. Thus, here are some of the positive effects of chanting Gayatri Mantra.

  1. It increases learning power.
  2. It increases concentration.
  3. It brings prosperity.
  4. It gives people eternal power.
  5. It is very useful for peace.
  6. It is the first step to go to the way of spiritual road.
  7. It is correlated with God.
  8. It strengthens the mind and improves health condition.
  9. It improves the rhythmic pattern of breathing.
  10. It keeps our hearts healthy.
  11. It protects the devotee from all the dangers and guides towards the Divine by intuition.
  12. It improves our family life.

Chanting Gayatri Mantra has many benefits.

However, there is a certain process of chanting them.

Thus, it is highly advisable that people should follow specific rules while chanting the Gayatri Mantra.

While chanting the Gayatri Mantra, you should always close your eyes and try to concentrate on every word and understand its meaning.

Each word or even sound should be uttered correctly, as it should be.

Although it can be chanted at any time of the day, it is suggested that it is better to chant the mantra early in the morning and at night before sleeping.

Eventually, the mantra is an expression of gratitude to both the life-giving Sun and the Divine.

It boosted devotees taking a heart-centered approach to the mantra.

The sensibility it awakens is more significant than the literal meaning.

It’s an offering, a way to open to grace, to inspire oneself.

Gayatri Mantra: Meaning, Significance, Benefits and Rules of Chanting

Gayatri mantra is considered as one of the most powerful and enchanting mantras in Hinduism with a lot of benefits attached to it.

Originally, it was mentioned in the Vedas and the mantra is made up of 24 syllables.

It is often said to be a life-enhancing mantra and known as a universal prayer.

As per the ancient texts, repeatedly chanting the mantra for 10 times everyday eliminates the sins of one’s present life, chanting it 100 times daily eliminates the sins of one’s previous life and chanting the mantra 1000 times everyday eliminates the sins of 3 yugas. 

The Gayatri Mantra is also called the ‘Savitri Mantra’, dedicated to ‘Savitr’, the Sun deity, who is the life-giving force of the universe, the symbol of source or origin and inspiration.

This mantra is associated with the wise sage Vishwamitra who had also written Mandala 3 of Rig Veda.

There are also several monotheistic groups in Hinduism for ex: TheArya Samaj which hold the Gayatri Mantra as a praise of the Supreme Creator known as AUM (ओउ्म्), as mentioned in the Yajur Veda.

The mantra is a prayer that can help people work on their ignorance towards certain aspects of their life.

Gayatri Mantra Path

“ॐ भूर् भुवः स्वः

तत् सवितुर्वरेण्यं

भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि

धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात्”

“Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha

Tatsavitur Vareniyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi 

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat”

Literal English Translation:

We meditate on the glory of the Creator;

Who has created the Universe;

Who is worthy of Worship;

The one who is the embodiment of Knowledge and Light;

Who is the remover of all Sin and Ignorance;

May He enlighten our Intellect.

Meaning of Gayatri Mantra: 

O, Divine mother, our hearts are filled with darkness. Kindly shower your grace, take this darkness away from us and provide us with more light, wisdom and Intellect.

24 Powers Contained in Gayatri Mantra 



Parenting power,

Power of Welfare for others,

Power of Love,

Intellect, Loyalty,

Defense power,

Justice, Dignity,

Kindness, Strength,

Courage, Determination,


Peace Giving Power,

Power of Adjustment,

Power of Productivity,


Decision Making,


Stability, Growth and Development and Concentration

The Physical Form of Gayatri 

The mantra is said to be dedicated to Goddess Gayatri Devi who is represented as the powerful deity with 10 arms, five heads and a swan as her vehicle.

She’s believed to be an incarnation of Mata Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva.

Some other mythological texts mention Maa Gayatri as an incarnation of Maa Saraswati, making her the second wife of Lord Brahma.

She’s known to be the bestower of Knowledge and wisdom and fulfills all the wishes of the devotees who worship her regularly with full devotion. 

It’s also believed that people with mystic vision can even see Maa Gayatri in reality.

In her goddess form, Maa Gayatri is also referred to as the “Mother of the Vedas”.

It is also said that she’s also the mother of Upanishadic wisdom and enlightenment in the world.

Many devotees believe Maa Gayatri to be the greatest protector of the entire world, the one who always fulfills the desires of her devotees.

Chanting the Gayatri Mantra with utmost dedication helps the devotees to have a beautiful spiritual journey and seek divine protection from the mother goddess .

Benefits of Chanting Gayatri Mantra 

Brings Focus and Stability 

Chanting the Gayatri Mantra helps a lot in calming down a person and making him/her less aggressive.

This mantra is perfect for people dealing with anger management issues.

Chanting this mantra for around 10-15 minutes everyday can also help to activate the chakras in the head and face which stabilizes one’s mind and helps him/her to focus or concentrate better in work.

The manta also strengthens one’s decision-making power.

Provides Protection from Enemies and Negative Energies 

Chanting this mantra is said to ward off all evil eyes and negative energies that may surround a person.

The mantra also improves one’s outlook towards life and makes it more positive and optimistic.

The mantra is also helpful in providing protection from enemies or ensuring victory over the enemy party.

Strengthens Breathing: 

When a devotee chants this mantra, he/she needs to take breaths in a pattern of deep breathing and relaxed breathing.

This eventually helps to enhance the function of the lungs and improves breathing rate.

This can also be helpful in relieving the symptoms of Asthma since chanting makes the lungs stronger.

Happiness and Peace in Life

It’s a general notion that chanting the Gayatri Mantra gives a lot of mental peace to people who are struggling with stress and chaos in life.

Chanting the mantra regularly can also help in bringing about happiness and contentment in life.

The moment you start chanting the mantra, you automatically feel relaxed and better due to the vibrations of the mantra that bring about positive energy in the devotees.

Provides Health Benefits

It is believed that chanting the Gayatri Mantra regularly helps to keep the heart healthy. It aids in the proper functioning of the heart and eliminates the risk of diseases related to the heart.

This powerful Mantra also helps in reducing the pain and suffering of chronic diseases.

Rules for Chanting Gayatri Mantra 

  • Devotees should chant the mantra after taking a bath and it should be done while sitting in the Yoga Mudra.
  • You can chant the mantra any number of times during the day but don’t forget to chant it during the Brahma Muhurta i.e. after waking up, between 4 am – 5 am in the morning and in the night too, before sleeping.
  • Chant the mantra for 108 times by holding a rosary or a Mala in your hand.
  • Close your eyes while chanting the mantra. Also, try to focus on each word of the mantra and understand its meaning.
  • Try to avoid thinking about other things while chanting the Gayatri Mantra. 
  • Try to pronounce each word of the mantra correctly to get the most fruitful results.
  • Do not think of causing harm to anyone or anyone’s bad in general while chanting the mantra otherwise it may backfire.

Gayatri Mantra Chanting Rules

What is the Gayatri Mantra?

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the famous Sanskrit mantras that has been popular for many thousands of years.

The mantra is considered one of the oldest mantras with high relieving power.

It was written during the Vedic period.

This mantra is believed to contain a complete definition of the universe in short.

know more about Gayatri Mantra chanting rules from here.

Gayatri mantra is a mantra worshiping goddess Gayatri Matha.

The Gayatri Mantra and its Significance

In the Gayatri mantra, there are 24 syllables given below with their correct pronunciation.

The Gayatri mantra was explained in Rig Veda.

Gayatri mantra in English text 

Om Bhuh , Bhuvah, Swaha

Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

Pronunciation Of Gayatri Mantra

Aumm Bhoor Bhoo-Va Su-Va-Ha

Tat Sa Vee-Toor Var-Ayn-Yam

Bar-Go Day-Vas-Ya Dhee-Ma-Hee

Dhee-Yo Yo Nah Pra-Cho-Da-Yaat

What is the meaning of the Gayatri Mantra?

According to Gayatri Mantra, it translates as O my divine mother helps to illuminate all kinds of mental, physical as well as spiritual soul in me.

May your power let us remove darkness from our hearts and fill us with true knowledge.

The Gayatri Mantra’s word-to-word meaning

  • Om- The Primeval Sound
  • Bhur- The human body, earth, and existence of reality
  • Bhuvah- The powerful energy, consciousness, and heaven
  • Suvah- The soul, inner peace, spirituality
  • Tat- That
  • Savitur- The solar power
  • Varenyam- Adorence,the best
  • Bhargo- Divine light, Inner-luminous
  • Devasya- Radiant
  • Dhimahi- The intellectual
  • Yo- Which
  • Nah- Ours
  • Parchodayat- Inspire, illumination

The Gayatri Mantra- A Power of Knowledge, Light, and Peace

The Gayatri Mantra expresses gratitude and praise for all the power of transformation, realization, inner growth, etc.

If you regularly meditate with this mantra, the power of this mantra will purify your heart and fill your heart with lots of bliss, love, and wisdom.

In Hindu culture, the sun has been treated as a spiritual light for a long time.

When we chant the mantra, we are trying to catch the frequency of universal light in the earth to spread over the darkness of ourselves.

The word “savior” in the mantra symbolizes Savitri, the Vedic sun deity.

The Gayatri mantra is an essence of all kinds of mantras that completely contain the meaning of power behind the sun and the mother of the whole universe.

The mantra contains the name of goddess Gayatri Devi, the god of knowledge, and we refer to her as “The mother of the Vedas”.

Her appearance seems like five heads 10 arms, and she has the ride of a swan.

Her five faces depict her five pranas, or simply the five elements of the universe.

In simple words, the Gayatri Devi combinedly contains three strengths in herself as the strength of Goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Kali.

They are wisdom, strength, and protection
 Essential Benefits of Chanting the Gayatri Mantra

If you regularly start to chant the Gayatri Mantra, you will begin to feel that some spiritual light is getting filled in you along with your family, friends, and all nearby communities.

The magical sound of the Gayatri mantra brings us a truth of ourselves that is pure and truthful.

It gives us a deep understanding that we are already perfect beings who have given us the best to do things in an ideal way.

When we chant it, we feel ourselves connected with the power of the universe, which this highly blessed with its abundance.

If you continuously practice this mantra in your meditation, it will bring peace, grace, joy, and happiness to your life.

Moreover, it also heals our body, strengthens our concentration level, heals our body, and protects us from thoughts of negativity, anger, fear, hatred, greed, etc.

It is claimed that chanting the Gayatri mantra at least ten times a day would eliminate all the bad energy from your life for a lifetime.

However, it is chanted 108 times daily, which can also eliminate negative power from your previous life.

What is the way to chant the Gayatri Mantra?

There is no particular about chanting the Gaytri Manta; you can chant it any time during the day.

But it is advisable to chant it early in the morning and nighttime before you go to sleep to get its instant benefits.

It’s essential to keep your mind focused while you chant each word of the mantra.

And feel the vibrational sound while you chant with your eyes closed.

There are lots of benefits to chanting the mantra slowly.

If you try to visualize the power of light entering your heart while you recite the mantra, the different powers will feel.

Gayatri Mantra chanting rules

  • To start the Gayatri mantra chanting, the person needs upadesha its a kind of permission with some process, Get upadesha with Yagnopavitha.
  • Basically, you get upadesha from a Guru or from your father.
  • Wear tilak .shiva devotees wear bhasma along with Thilak on their  forehead 
  • Sit properly in a quiet place where you won’t feel distracted.
  • Use Kusha-based mat for good results
  • Take Sankalp as a reason to chant this mantra 
  • For better results 108 chanting is preferable and if you want do more.
  • Do it after the bath morning and evening 
  • Lit a Diya before starting to chant the Gayatri mantra 
  • According to ancient Sandhyopasana vidhi a person can do 3 times in a day early morning, afternoon, and evening around sunset time
  • Use holy basil Japa mala or rudraksha Japa mala for counting purposes
  • Now close your eyes softly and start taking slow, gentle breaths.
  • Concentrate on your breath while it goes and comes out.
  • Chant your mantra while you take breaths in and breathe out.
  • Now keep repeating it for next time with a deep focus on breathing itself.
  • Keep on repeating it more and more times.
  • After reciting the lot several times, take a deep breath to feel the power of the mantra in your heart, body, and mind.
  • Keep on repeating the mantra daily until you start feeling positive energy started getting into you.

Once you start chanting the Gayatri mantra you see good results, it purifies your soul and improves positivity.

11 Amazing Benefits Of Chanting The Gayatri Mantra 1000 Times

The Gayatri Mantra holds a high level of religious relevance.

Immortalized by the Vedas, the Gayatri mantra is dedicated to the Sun God.

Saint Vishwamitra elaborated on the Gayatri Mantra.

There are many Benefits Of Chanting The Gayatri Mantra 1000 Times.

Benefits Of Chanting The Gayatri Mantra 1000 Times

1.Spiritual benefits of chanting Gayatri mantra: Gaytri mantra helps to develop your spiritual power.

This not only leads to spiritual advancement, but it helps in releasing and understanding your mental and physical self-performance.

2. Goal attainment: If you chant this mantra daily, it will help you achieve your goals.

3. Positive change in the body: One other benefit of chanting the Gayatri mantra is its helps to detoxify your body and soul.

Long chanting gives vibrant skin, improves physical characteristics, increases eyesight and makes the soul happy.  

4. Perfect Match: If you are someone who has not yet discovered his perfect match, wear a yellow dress chanting Gayatri Mantra 108 times every Monday, attracts the blessings of Goddess Parvati and your soul. 

5.Facing Problems: If you are facing problems in your life, then this mantra is for you. By chanting this mantra daily, you can ride from all difficulties.

To perform Havan, you need an urn of Shami, vat, peepal, goat and milk, in which you have to chant the mantra 1000 times.

6. Offering devotion: While worshiping, the devotees should chant the Gayatri Mantra so that the main benefit is there.

Chanting of this melodious mantra creates synergy.

7. Meditation: If you chant the Gayatri mantra daily, this mantra is extremely powerful and helps you deep meditation and make your soul healthy. 

8. Improve Focus: Another benefit of chanting the Gayatri mantra 1000 times is more focus.

It helps students do the study with more focus and concentration.

9.Stop overthinking and destroying the mind: As you know, the human mind is home to thoughts.

By follow the Gayatri mantra chanting rules, we can control ourselves from overthinking.

This mantra always helps to remove a bunch of unnecessary thoughts and frees the mind from suffering.

10. Mother of all mantras: Gayatri mantra is the mother of all mantras.

By chanting this mantra, we feel healthy and protected from evil powers. 

11. Gayatri mantra personal experiences: Improves your chakras and improves the overall efficiency of your body.

I always believed in cycles and, therefore, never searched for clinical evidence or anything.

I can say that I feel healthier in my personal experience when I recite the Gayatri Mantra 1008 times a day.

This is entirely debatable, and so I added personal opinion at the beginning of this point.