Hindu Of Universe

“God’s light is within you, It never leaves you.”

Hinduism gives much importance to countless rituals, traditions, customs, and beliefs.

As part of Hindu rituals, we use numerous ingredients during our Pujas, Aartis, and other ceremonies.

Camphor is one such ingredient that plays a crucial role in Hinduism.

Let’s look into the origin, meaning, and significance of using camphor in Hindu rituals.

The word camphor means Karpur in Sanskrit and Kapur in Hindi.

It has been widely in use for several years in Indian households.

We can categorize them into edible and synthetic camphor.

We obtain edible camphor, which has numerous medicinal properties, from the bark and wood of camphor laurel.

We can use camphor for various purposes. We light camphor, during Hawans and Aartis, to make Gods and Goddesses happy.

When we burn camphor during our prayers for Lord Shiva, we can accompany our prayers with the chanting of this mantra:

Karpura Saaram Karunna Avataaram, Samsaara Saaram Bhijage Indra-Haram

Sadaa Varantam Hridya Aravinde, Bhavam Bhavaani Sahitam Namaami


I bow to the one who is as pure as camphor, the embodiment of compassion, the one who is the essence of the world, with the serpent king as his garland, always residing in the blue lotus-like heart, and accompanied by Goddess Bhawani.

By reciting this mantra, we are signifying the prominence of purity in our lives.

It also helps us to embrace purity in our lives.

Significance of camphor:

Camphor has a plethora of significance.

From simple household benefits to spreading happiness and divine blessings into our lives, camphor is essential.

It acts as a room freshener and essential oil.

Camphor has a predominant role to play in Hindu ceremonies.

In this part, we will look into the religious and scientific significance of camphor.

Religious significance:

There are numerous significances of camphor in association with Hindu rituals.

It helps in awakening us spiritually and also aids in destroying negative vitalities.

Here are some of the religious significances associated with camphor in Hinduism

  1. Aarti is a religious ritual of much importance.

We perform it as a part of our Pujas in front of the Gods and Goddesses.

Accompanied by various prayers and mantra chanting, you can conduct Aartis to evade darkness from your lives.

During Aarti, we light ghee lamps with camphor.

It helps in enlightening our souls spiritually.

Upon completing Aarti, we cover our hands over the flame and touch our hands on our eyes and head.

It helps in purifying our thoughts and also aids us in moving forward in a spiritual dimension.

2. When we burn camphor, it evaporates.

It burns off and only leaves behind its fragrance.

It shows that we can attain oneness with God.

It is also equal to removing ego from our lives.

It assists in spreading knowledge and light in our lives as well as that of others.

3. Flame shows the consciousness of Lord Shiva.

When we burn camphor during our prayers, we surrender our ego.

It will aid us in embracing goodness and positivity.

Camphor also aids in self-realization.

4. Camphor assists in healing the imbalances or blockages of our Chakras.

It is because they contain vibrations or frequencies that help in curing these problems.

Camphor plays a crucial role as an essential oil during aromatherapy or fragrance healing.

They are also highly beneficial when we are practicing meditation or yoga.

It would help in soothing our minds.

Scientific significance: Camphor has a plethora of other benefits as well.

It is a magical herb that can aid in therapeutic processes and healing our physical, emotional, and psychological realms.

Here are some scientific significance of incorporating camphor into our prayers and lives.

  1. Camphor can provide a cooling effect.

It has properties akin to that of menthol and contains anti-microbial substances. It aids in soothing or reducing the redness of our skin.

It is also beneficial in curing skin irritation.

 In Ayurveda, camphor plays a crucial role, mainly due to its medicinal properties.

2. Camphor can remove pain caused due to insect bites and treat minor burns.

It is also helpful in reducing scars.

3. Camphor is a factor that can help in reducing nervousness, mental tension, chronic anxiety, convulsions, epileptic episodes, and nervous disorder.

4. Camphor has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in preventing breakouts of pimples.

Many people use it for attaining clear skin.

5. Camphor plays a significant role in fighting fungi and bacteria.

Many Ayurvedic medicines contain camphor as part of them.

6. When we burn camphor, its fragrance can aid in keeping our mind calm and also at peace.

7. We can combine camphor with other medicines to treat flu, hysteria, measles, and food poisoning.

8. People suffering from respiratory illnesses like asthma can apply camphor oil.

It can provide a person with comfort and ease.

Direct inhalation or steam inhalation can resolve cold, cough, and other respiratory problems.

9. Camphor can act as an agent for providing relaxation to our mind and body.

It can also improve your sleep and keep your mind calm as well as composed.

Camphor has several other significances as well.

It has a pivotal role to play when it comes to our health and well-being.

Camphor is a component that has been in use for years. They can do wonders in providing us with spiritual and religious awakening.


Laxmi puja is celebrated on the third day of Diwali and is considered to be the most important day among Hindus.

People perform Laxmi puja for wealth and prosperity. However, puja is not limited to chanting mantras; it needs to have some absolutely necessary rituals, which require the right ingredients.

Kumkum powder, incense sticks, gold and silver coins, and camphor are some out of the many ingredients you must include for your Laxmi puja.

Although camphor stands out compared to others, the puja includes a mantra that is dedicated to it.

Eliminates negativity and evil spirits

It is believed that burning camphor eliminates negativity and evil spirits by purifying the entire house.

When your house is free from evil spirits, you are likely to gain more wealth, good health and great success – the three things associated with Goddess Laxmi.

Also, camphor leaves behind a strong odour that is said to heal your blocked chakras, clear your thoughts and also serves to be supremely relaxing.

Therefore, it eliminates negativity from your mind too. When you think positively and make decisions with a clear mind, you are likely to gain prosperity.

Camphor has many medicinal properties too, which keep you healthy, and as it is said, being healthy is equal to being wealthy.

When Goddess Laxmi showers wealth, the idea is not limited to money. It also means peace of mind, health, and vast knowledge.

Illuminates one’s soul

Laxmi puja is celebrated during Amavasya, when there is absolute darkness.

So when you light a diya and camphor, it illuminates the dark night; although this darkness is not limited to outer space but also your inner space, i.e, your mind.

When you burn camphor, it evaporates without leaving behind any residue – this metaphorically means that your thoughts must be burnt, purified and transformed into positive ones without leaving behind any negativity or grudges.

This process illuminates your soul and takes you closer to god.

Welcomes prosperity and wealth

Laxmi puja is also celebrated as the new year in some Hindu families, and on this New Year’s day, they wear new clothes and accessories and cook the best feast.

This reflects their inner prosperity and excitement for a new beginning.

However, this aspect of the holy day is also connected with camphor.

It is believed that when you burn camphor, you surrender your ego, making space for knowledge and divine entity.

Therefore, with knowledge and divinity in your mind, your heart assures you wealth, prosperity, and a new beginning.

Camphor is believed to be the favourite of gods and goddesses as it makes them happy, and this is why it has such spiritual significance for Laxmi puja.

Camphor is a way to reach the goddess’ heart.

However, make sure you use 100% pure camphor, which you will get from Mangalam – order it right now and make your house and soul pure.   

Significance of Camphor in Spirituality

Aarti is a Sanatan ritual of worship, where light is offered to the deity.

When the fire is provided, devotees sing praises of God, along with the process.

For this daily ceremony, every Indian household has a decorative plate dedicated to this, consisting of the Kumkum, Akshata, a Ghee or oil lamp, and flowers.

No Aarti is complete without one essential process: burning the camphor at the end of the Puja.

Camphor is burnt, and devotees warm their palms in its flames and gently brush them on their heads and eyes, which signifies the end of the ritual.

Camphor is so crucial in the Sanatana that no Aarti is considered complete without it, and in this blog, we are talking about the importance of camphor in spirituality.

Let’s begin.

After each Aarti, one mantra is chanted by the devotees.

Karapura Gauram Karuna Vataram| Sansar Saram BhujaGendra Haram|| 

 Sada Vasantam Hridaya Ravinder | Bhavam Bhavani Sahitam Namami ||

 It says I bow down to the one who is as pure as camphor, compassion manifested, the one who is the essence of the universe, wearing a snake as a garland, residing in a blue lotus-like heart, and always accompanied by the Divine Mother Bhavani.

There is such an importance of camphor that devotees compare it with Lord Shiva.

What is camphor? 

Karpur or Kapoor is commonly known as a waxy, semi-transparent solid with a strong aroma.

It is found in the wood of the camphor laurel tree, which is located in East Asia. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical science, has noted down various medicinal benefits of camphor.

Camphor helps balance the Kapha, which is beneficial for respiratory disorders and clot deposition in blood vessels.

Camphor mixed in mustard oil rubbed over the fat, which reduces body fat.

This helps reduce obesity. Camphor is also used in oral preparations because it relieves mouth dryness and bad breath problems.

It’s also known to relieve toothache and clear throat in throat infections.

Burning the camphor releases certain chemicals in the air that repels malaria and dengue-causing mosquitoes. 

The spiritual significance of camphor

As per the Sanatana scriptures, camphor underlines the strong connection with the Gods.

When the camphor fumes fill the nearby air, it releases positive energy into the surroundings.

It occupies the home with healing energies, removing the harmful vibrations in the air. 

❃ Camphor has a sharp, natural menthol-like aroma, which has healing properties, manifesting feelings of peace and tranquillity.

When we do the Aarti and burn the camphor, it relaxes us and removes stress and anxiety.     

❃ Pitru Dosha is the difficulty we may have to face due to our ancestors, and Kaal Sarpa Dosha is a problem that you may face due to your past deeds or the karma of the past life.

Burning camphor daily pacifies the Pitu and Kaal Sarpa Dosha in your horoscope.

If you are suffering from such difficulties, experts advise burning camphor thrice a day to reduce the mal effects of the Doshas.

❃ Camphor burning repels the evil spirits away from the house.

Its strong essence wards off the curses thrown at the home, resulting in an enhancement in your life.

If the children are facing nightmares, burning camphor before going to sleep helps in preventing them, enhancing the sound sleep.

❃ To ward off the evil eye, the camphor is held into the right hand and moved around the individual three times in a clockwise direction, and then the camphor will be burnt and kept on the floor.

Camphor is known for absorbing the negative vibrations from the individual.

It burns the evil when held on the floor and ignited.   

As per the Sanatana philosophy, the process of burning the camphor is a symbol of human life. When the camphor is burnt, it leaves no residue whatsoever.

Same as that, humans should leave no trace behind.

Once the camphor is burnt, it leaves the environment with a smooth, pleasant smell.

Same as that, humans should leave nothing but good deeds, happy memories, and a pious legacy after their demise.

During the Aarti, when a devotee burns the camphor, he prays, “O dear Divine, makes me like a Karpur so that I can give light and fragrance to others when I am alive and leave with nothing but good memories after me.”  

Agamas, the ancient Sanatana scriptures mention 16 distinct processes (Upacharas) one must conduct while performing Puja ceremonies.

For example, without washing their feet (Padya Puja), offering the seat (Asanam), or offering the food (Naivedyam), no Puja is considered complete.

one such process is igniting the camphor in front of the Gods, called Carpura Niranjanam.

Burning the camphor signifies the end of the Puja ceremonies.

During this, the devotee asks for forgiveness for the knowingly or unknowingly committed mistakes during the Puja and seeks blessings from the Divine.

We hope you have gained some new insight into the importance of burning camphor in spirituality.

Next time you burn it during the Aarti, remember what it symbolises and what it can do to your spirituality.

When you buy the camphor, make sure it’s natural and pure.

Impure camphor does not burn completely and leaves residue and a smell of artificial chemicals.

May it be for the Puja ceremony for the regular burning of camphor, always choose pure and organic camphor, which is readily available outside any Hindu temple.   

What are the Benefits of Burning Camphor Regularly?

Do you know the benefits of burning camphor? Buy camphor from any of the online religious stores and burn camphor regularly in your home to see its power.

The daily puja performed by every Hindus include many pious items that are bought from the religious stores.

It is believed that all of these sacred items have their own spiritual significance.

For example, sandalwood or chandan paste used for doing the tilak on forehead is believed to keep the tilak wearer relaxed and calm because of which the wearer is able to fully concentrate on the puja.

In the same way, the sound of the ringing bell is believed to keep away the negative energy. Similarly, camphor has also its own significance.

Here’s the List of All the Benefits:-

  • Drives Away all the Negative Vibes:- Camphor is lit regularly after the puja during the aarti.

It is strongly believed that this holy item drives away the negative energies as well as keeps the impurities of the environment at bay.

  • Camphor Is the Remedy for Pitra Dosha or the Kalsarpa Dosha:- Due to the effects of wrongly positioned planets and stars, some people go through the pitra dosha and kalsarpa dosha.

Camphor is the pious item that helps you to pacify the stars and planets.

You can burn the camphor three times a day in ghee and spread the smoky essence coming out from it all over the house to eradicate the negative vibes.

  • Gods and Goddesses are Pleased by Burning Camphor:- Hindus strongly believe that if you burn camphor at the sunset time can please the Almighty.

The worshippers are blessed with good fortunes, peace, and prosperity.

So, burn camphor every day after your evening puja to push out the accumulated negative energies from the house.

  • Prevents from accidents:- Burning camphor regularly lowers the chances of every unexpected accidents.

Reciting the lines of the Hanuman Chalisa and then burning few cubes of camphor every day can help your to stay miles away from such unnatural accidents.

  • Camphor can help You to Get Rid of Daily Nightmares:- If you see nightmares regularly, then burning camphor can prove to be helpful.

It is believed that camphor has the power to remove harmful micro-organisms from the surrounding.

  • Vastu Dosha Gets Removed by Burning Camphor:- When your house is not planned according to the vastu rules, you and your family memebrs may go through several problems.

This is termed as the ‘vastu dosha’.

In such case, you can burn a few cubes of camphor to remove the vastu dosha to a great extent.


Ganesh Chaturthi is here, and at every pooja, you’re going to see camphor being burned in the end.

What’s the story behind burning camphor in Ganpati aarti, and what is its significance?

Let’s find out.

Camphor has a lot of significance in Hindu mythology, including esoteric, religious, and philosophical, and it is also mentioned in our Vedas and Agama Shastras as a divine substance.

So, let us first look at camphor’s significance from a philosophical viewpoint.

Camphor’s Philosophy

According to Hindu mythology, burning camphor is a divine reminder to god that has a lot of symbolic value.

In Hinduism, the burning of camphor is symbolic of human life. Here, the burning camphor does not leave any residue or trace.

Similarly, the human must also leave no remnants.

However, it leaves a lingering, smooth smell once it’s burnt, and just like that, humans should also leave nothing but good memories. 

When you burn camphor during an aarti, you are praying to god, saying, “Make me like kapoor, so I can give light when I am alive, and leave nothing but good memories when I die.”

Camphor in Agama Shastras

During a pooja, you pray to Archavathara, the deity, and during Ganesh Chaturthi, it is Ganpati.

And during the prayer, you request him to visit you and be with you during the pooja, and at the end, bless you.

While doing this pooja, you offer him 16 Upacharas.

For example, you offer water for washing his feet (Shodopachara), the same for washing his feet (Paadyam Samarpayami), a seat (Asanam Samarpayami), some food (Naivedyam), and so on.

These 16 Upacharas conclude with Karpura Niranjanam.

Karpura Niranjanam is camphor, which is the finale and is similar to offering gold to the god.

Here, the Stotram that you usually sing translates to: “

Here’s a pure burning camphor, please enable me to enjoy the benefits of this aarti, and if I have made any mistakes, please forgive me.”

In other words, camphor is used during Karpura NIranjanam to ask for blessings during the pooja and forgiveness for any mistakes you may have, knowingly or unknowingly, made during the pooja.

Camphor’s Cleansing 

Another reason burning camphor is used during Ganpati pooja is that, as per the Vedas, camphor’s fragrance pleases god, and its radiance merges with him.

That is, with camphor, Ganpati feels welcomed and happy and is more likely to bless those present at the pooja.

Additionally, when the radiance merges with him, it radiates positive energies within the home, purifying the surroundings and detoxifying your body.

What Is Camphor? Everything You Need To Know

Camphor also known as Kapur is a multi-faceted item used in several ritualistic and therapeutic purposes.

Today we will talk about the Uses, side effects, and benefits of Camphor.

But first, let’s talk about What camphor really is?


Botanical Name – Cinnamomum camphora

Origin – China, Vietnam and Japan

Other names – Karpur (Hindi/Marathi/Bengali/Gujarati), Kappur (Punjabi), Karpooram (Telugu), Kafur (Arabic), Pachai Karpooram (Tamil) and Kyāmōra (Nepali).

Fun Fact: Only 50-year-old camphor laurel trees can form the oil that produces camphor.

The oil can be found each and every part of the tree which is extracted from the tree by using steam.

Camphor can be called a herb or a magic item with many uses.

It holds a special place in rituals performed by Hindus.

It is also used for several remedial purposes.

First, let’s talk about uses of Camphor in Hindu rituals


Aarti is the most important part of the pooja or prayers in Hinduism.

At the end of the prayers, aarti is done in front of the deity with a ghee flame or diya.

The aarti symbolizes the enlightenment of the soul.


On several occasions, a camphor aarti is offered to the deity at the end of the prayer but only a few people know the spiritual reason behind it.


If we closely observe the nature of Camphor while it burns is that it burns until no residue is left and leaves a sweet fragrance in the air.

Similarly, it symbolizes the union with God.

The promise of the devotee to burn his/her ego until nothing is left and emanate light of knowledge no matter how brief the time is.

Just like the scent radiating from it, one should shed his/her ego and spread goodness on other people’s lives.


The flame of camphor also signifies the righteous and eternal flame of Lord Shiva.

We yield our egos to the lord and spread the light and the fragrance in others lives.

We close our eyes to see within ourselves or our Aatma and reflect.

A sense of self-realization can be achieved by realizing ourselves and the flames of knowledge.

At the end of the prayer, the devotee places cupped hands over the flame and touch his/her eyes and the top of the head which signifies the illumination of the vision and the purity of thought.


Camphor is made from an ancient Ayurvedic method by distilling the bark and the wood of the coniferous tree called Camphor Laurel mostly found in India, Sumatra, Borneo, and Indonesia.

It’s chemical formula, C10H160 makes it a fantastic antioxidant.

Apart from the spiritual purposes, Camphor is used to purify the surroundings as it is an excellent Germicide.

It is also believed that it removes negativity from the environment.

When absorbed through the skin, it works as a slight local anesthetic and antimicrobial substance.

It also has a cooling and soothing effect as menthol.

With a proper medicinal understanding, it can relieve a person from epileptic episodes, nervousness, convulsions, and mental stress.

It is very toxic to insects, even drives away snakes and other reptiles because of its strong odor.

Again, it should be used in moderation.


If we talk about the Benefits of Camphor then they are a plethora in number.  We have divided these benefits and advantages according to the body part and general health benefits of camphor.

1) Stops Skin Itching And Irritation

Applying camphor directly to the affected area, the cool and aromatic camphor affects the nerve endings producing the soothing sensation.

It not only stops itchiness and irritation but also stops the redness of the skin.

2) Relief From Pain

The soothing and the cooling effect of camphor is perfect from sores or pain caused by insect bites.

It can be used by directly applying to the affected area.

3) Soothes Burns

The cooling effect of camphor can be used to treat minor burns and can be even useful to remove burn scars.

Dissolve a small amount of camphor in water and apply on the burnt or the cut area.

Doing this on a daily basis can help in removing the scar.

4) Removes Acne

The Anti-inflammatory properties of camphor stop the skin from breaking out into pimples and acne.

You can use camphor for a flawless and blemish-free skin.

The compound in camphor can reduce the redness and irritation bringing down the pain and swelling.

5) Fights Fungal And Bacterial Infections

Camphor is used in many skin ointments to fight a whole range of fungal and bacterial infections.

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of camphor fight the fungus and bacteria making it a cosmetic industry favorite.

Note: Do not use it if you are allergic to camphor or it may aggravate the condition.


Hair is important for both boys and girls.

It enhances your looks.  

We often buy a lot of hair care products to keep a head full of hair and we often get disappointed by these products.

If you are looking for some cheap, effective and natural options then camphor is the answer.  

Here are some amazing benefits of camphor for hair.

Boosts Hair Growth

Everyone wants a crown full of hair but it is tough because of the pollution and stress. Don’t give up yet, we have a solution for you.

Camphor oil mixed with essential oils can strength and boost your hair growth.

The essential oil can be of your choice like lavender or chamomile oil.

It will leave your hair smelling fresh and fragrant.

2) Fights Hair Loss

Messaging your scalp on a regular basis can fight hair loss and promote hair growth. Camphor oil mixed with egg or yogurt can reinvigorate the hair roots and supply much-needed nutrients to the scalp and the roots of the hair.

Thus, fighting hair loss.

3) Kills Lice

Camphor oil is perfect if you want to get rid of lice.

Mixing camphor oil with water works as a perfect disinfecting agent.

It kills lice and prevents infestation.


1) Perfect Antioxidant

Camphor is one of the best antioxidants.

It prevents the oxidation in the body and kills free radicals that are responsible for liver diseases, tissue ruptures, and cardiovascular diseases.

2) Pain Relief

The anti-inflammatory properties of camphor oil ease muscle tension and relieve joint pain, especially back pain.

No wonder it is used in all balms and sprays.

3) Sedative

Camphor oil is very effective in relaxing the body and the mind.

It gives a rejuvenating effect when mixed in bathing water during summer and makes you feel cool.

It gives a good night sleep when rubbed on the pillow.

4) Decongestant

It works great as a nasal decongestant.

The power of camphor can clear out nasal tracts and alleviate congestion of the lungs.

That’s the reason behind it being used in balms and cold rubs.

5) Fights Cold and Cough

The anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of camphor oil can fight cold and cough. It is found in a lot of vapor rubs and balms.

You can directly inhale the camphor oil, rub it on your chest and use it in steam vaporization.

Dissolving camphor in hot water for 5 minutes and inhaling it through steam can also work.

It relieves throat irritation and treats bronchitis.

6) Great for Asthma

Camphor oil is known to mitigate respiratory problems. Besides using regular medication, use camphor steam inhalation.

The odor of white camphor will work wonders.

7) Cures Spasmodic Problems

Aromatic camphor oil vapors have antispasmodic properties that can help calm the nerves by reducing stress.

It can give you a sense of calmness.

When inhaled via steam by adding it to the vaporizer, can do the magic.

8) Aids in Cardiac Failure

When combined with other medicines, Camphor is known to help in treating cardiac failure. It is also known to cure the following conditions:

  • Flu
  • Measles
  • Food Poisoning
  • Epilepsy
  • Hysteria

9) Increases Blood Circulation

Abnormal blood flow can lead to multiple health problems.

But, camphor can right all the wrongs.

It stimulates the circulatory system and when blood circulation improves, diseases like rheumatic diseases, arthritis and gout are taken care of.

Camphor also reduces the swelling of body parts.

10) Protects from Genotoxicity

Camphor protects against Genotoxicity and it is backed by tests and researches.

It is proved that camphor’s effect decreases the risk of genotoxicity on animals.  


Camphor is a magic substance with literally 100s of uses but despite the benefits of Camphor, there are still some side effects of it.

The key to using camphor is moderation.

Some of the side effects are:

  • Slight overdose can cause poisoning, vomiting and a drop in the body temperature.
  • Store camphor away from children because an overdose can cause seizures in children.
  • An overdose can cause irritation in the eyes, mucous membranes, and skin.
  • Overdose can also cause diarrhea, headache, nausea, fainting and even convulsions.
  • Camphor also has narcotic effects. An overdose can cause a person to lose control.
  • The smell of camphor oil can be addictive.

The Takeaway

Camphor is a magical substance with a lot of uses.

The benefits of camphor are a lot but so are the side effects.

One thing we should keep in mind is that the benefits of camphor transcend the physical benefits.

In Hindu culture, camphor holds a holy place and is used to purify ourselves and teaches us a lesson to be the light that spreads knowledge without selfish reasons by shedding our ego.

Everything You Need to know about the Benefits of Burning Camphor in the House

What is Camphor?

It is a waxy, flammable, transparent solid with a strong aroma.

It is found in the wood of Camphor laurel and also in the Kapur tree.

Why is camphor used for worship?

There are a lot of spiritual benefits of burning camphor.

Camphor signifies positivity and peace and removes all the negativity from the house.

According to a few Hindu beliefs, it is used to please the Gods as well.

The burning of the camphor signifies unification with the Almighty.

Just like burning camphor, it does not leave any residue behind, in the same way, it signifies burning our ego from within and completely devoting ourselves to the Gods.

It also helps in the purification of the air around us thus leading to a happy and healthy life ahead.

The strong aroma of the burning camphor helps in killing bacteria and viruses which in turn purifies the environment around us.

The Aroma Of Positivity: Camphor For Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that promotes the alignment of architecture and design with nature to bring prosperity and positivity into one’s life.

The practice of Vastu Shastra has been around for centuries, and many Indians still believe in its principles.

However, if the design and layout of a building are not in accordance with Vastu principles, it can lead to negative energies and Vastu doshas.

One remedy to counter Vastu doshas is by using camphor.

Here are some ways of using camphor for negative energy and Vastu doshas:

  • Burning camphor uses: Burning camphor and cloves at night before sleeping can help purify the air and eliminate negative energy from the house. The camphor’s aroma is said to have a calming effect on the mind and body.
  • Camphor diffuser benefits: Using a camphor diffuser is an effective way to counter Vastu doshas. The diffuser releases the camphor’s aroma into the air, which can help purify the surrounding environment.
  • Camphor water uses: Adding a few drops of camphor oil to water and sprinkling it around the house can also help eliminate negative energy and counter Vastu doshas.
  • Camphor ball uses: Placing camphor balls in cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers can help keep clothes fresh and free from insects. It also releases camphor’s aroma, which can help purify the air and eliminate negative energy.
  • Bhimseni camphor benefits: Bhimseni camphor is known for its medicinal properties and is used in many ayurvedic remedies. It is also used in Vastu Shastra practices to counter negative energy and Vastu doshas.

 Vaastu benefits from burning camphor.

Everyone in this world has had their share of problems every now and then.

Even the rich class of people have their own set of problems just like the middle class and the lower-class people.

When their efforts of solving them practically are not resulting in a positive way, many of them turn to the spiritual ways and one of the easiest ways is Vaastu related.

Here we will see Vastu’s benefits of burning camphor.

Burning camphor and clove together brings about a good inflow of money or wealth.

This camphor for money remedy is particularly useful if someone has their money stuck somewhere, usually in businesses or for someone who is facing hardships by not earning up to their deserving capabilities.

 The aroma of the burning camphor purifies the air around which helps in bringing peace to the mind, body and soul. 

In most parts of India, the Hindus perform aarti every morning and evening. During the aarti, camphor is burned too which is usually done from a spiritual point of view to remove the negativity around us. 

Camphor for Vaastu dosha.

Vaastu dosh is when there is no equilibrium between a human and the universal energy around.

When this energy balance is disrupted due to any reason, Vaastu dosha occurs.

One of the ways it can be corrected is using camphor.

Camphor is burned in a Camphor lamp or in an oil dispenser and kept in the south or the southeast corner of the house.

This helps in removing all the negativity and restores peace in the house thus correcting the Vaastu dosha. 

Other benefits of using camphor.

When we hear the word camphor, the first thing that comes to our mind is related to something spiritual.

But it can have a lot of other benefits than just that related to the spiritual wellbeing of a person. 

One of the other benefits of camphor is that it is very effective against fungus. So, if anyone has any fungal skin infections like on toenails, camphor is used to reduce it or cure it to the minimum level.

It is also applied topically, that is on the skin to relieve the person of pain or itching.

For people who suffer from constant viral infections like cough and cold, applying camphor is extremely advantageous to these people. Such people can apply it to the neck and chest areas of the body so that the strong aroma of the camphor can be inhaled which can bring some soothing effect and reduce the cough and cold.

This happens because camphor has the ability to calm the nerve endings and just inhaling such a strong substance does wonder to the body.

Of course, it is not to be inhaled in a lot of quantities, otherwise, it will prove to be fatal. 

Camphor is not to be eaten at all too since it will reach high concentrations in the body which is poisonous to the body leading to death.

It can also help in reducing certain inflammatory conditions. 

Nowadays with growing advancements in almost every field, camphor is being used in cosmetic products too.

Applying camphor-infused creams and lotions has shown anti-ageing effects on the skin.

This is because it improves the collagen and elastin production of the skin making it look healthy and youthful. 

Healing and treating burn wounds can be traumatizing but a beneficial combination of camphor along with sesame oil and honey is used on the burned wound for healing. Some studies have also suggested that camphor along with other useful ingredients can treat burn wounds up to a second degree which is, of course, a sigh of relief for those patients.

Camphor can also be used to treat inflammation caused due to illnesses like arthritis. Arthritis is a painful conditionof the joints especially in the knees and shoulders causing severe inflammation.

Applying camphor containing medicinal products can help in distracting the patient from its pain by giving hot and cold effects after the application thus distracting the patient from the pain and also reducing the pain.

Athletes face muscle spasms or cramps a lot of times.

Using camphor infused muscle creams or lotions or ointments is really helpful for such people.

This works due to the antispasmodic action of the camphor.

It helps by relaxing the extremely contacted muscle thus relieving the person from painful spasms or contractions.

Camphor is available in oil forms too for its easy usage and applications. Camphor oil benefits are many ranging from hair loss to acne usually due to stress.

It is also used in treating warts and cold sores. Mental conditions like anxiety and depression can be minimized if not completely reduced with camphor oil.

This can mostly be due to the fact that camphor has a soothing or calming effect on the nervous system.

Camphor plays an important role in the house, which makes our house a home. The benefits of burning camphor in the house are many so do use it in your home regularly.

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1. How to remove the evil eye with camphor?

Ans. A person afflicted with the evil eye can show signs which are usually not aligned with their normal or daily behaviour.

During such times, one can resort to removing the afflicted evil eye using camphor at home.

To do this, tell the afflicted person to stand upright, a member of the family or anyone close to the person can hold a couple of camphor tablets in and move them clockwise toes to head a number of three times.

After doing this, do not throw the camphor tablets away, instead burn them on the ground.

It is said that there are three inferences to this.

First, if the camphor burns without producing smoke and the flame is not flickering and is still then the person is not afflicted by the evil eye.

Second if the camphor burns with moderate smoke and has a flickering flame then the person is afflicted by the evil eye moderately.

Last and final is, if the camphor burns with a vigorous flame and gives out a more than usual smoke then the person is seriously affected by the evil eye.

2. Is smelling camphor good or bad?

Ans. Smelling camphor is good and safe if done within limits. Camphor if rubbed or inhaled is good to treat nasal congestions.

It also relieves the pain associated with nasal congestion.

The strong aroma is pleasing as well. Having said that, inhaling a lot of it can be harmful too.

So, smelling camphor is definitely of advantage but if done within limits.

3. What are the benefits of burning camphor at home?

Ans. Camphor holds a lot of sentimental value along with a lot of health benefits as well.
Burning camphor at home purifies the air at home which in turn helps in bringing positivity and peace to the body and mind and soul and helps in getting rid of all the negativity in the house.

It is said that the soot that collects in the container in which you burn the camphor signifies the negativity washed off around. 
The strong fragrance of the camphor tablets helps in warding off certain insects and bacteria and viruses helping in keeping the residents of the home slightly healthier.

Burning camphor and clove together helps in bringing more money or wealth or unclogs the cash inflow if it has been stuck somewhere or with someone.

4. How to use camphor tablets

Ans. Camphor has immense benefits attached to it.

It is available in the form of tablets and oil and is also infused in creams and lotions.
Camphor tablets can be used in various ways.

One of the ways is to crush it and mix it with bathing water.

This helps in purifying oneself and removes all the negativity from within the person and fills them with positive energies.

They can also be used along with coconut oil by crushing them and mixing them with coconut oil.

This mixture can be applied to hair and skin.

Hair becomes stronger and skin shows better elastin and collagen production.
Camphor tablets can be inhaled too and relieve the person of any nasal congestion or cough if any.

The strong aroma also helps in giving a calming effect to the associated headaches.

5. How to use camphor for negative energies?


Camphor when burned helps in absorbing all the negative energies around the place, house or environment and fills the place with positive energies.

For doing so, you can burn camphor tablets or camphor oil every day in the morning and in the evening. 

Why do Hindus use camphor during Pujas?

Camphor, also known as ‘kapur’ is a mostly used during Pujas by Hindus.

Camphor is commonly used in Indian households. 

In every language, kapur is called by different terms.

In Sanskrit it is called ‘karpur‘ and in English it is called ‘camphor‘.

Camphor not only has religious benefits but also has scientific and ayurvedic importance.

Camphor kills bacteria present in the air when burnt.

Camphor is also used many times to get rid of many health related problems.

It is said that negative energy can be removed by the use of camphor and boosts positive energy.

This brings happiness, prosperity and happiness in your life.

Camphor in the kitchen:- Every night, after winding up the work in kitchen, put a pair of cloves with camphor in a small silver, steel brass bowl and burn it.

With this, prosperity persists in house and money related problem also ends.

And with this remedy one gets rid of debts soon

Strengthens relationship between husband and wife:- If problems persist in your married life or there is a situation of estrangement with your life partner, then after cleaning the bedroom, you should burn camphor, this removes the negative energy present there and brings sweetness in the relationship.

Apart from this, the woman should keep camphor under her husband’s pillow at night and wake up in the morning and burn that camphor silently without any hindrance.

It is believed that this removes all the problems arising between husband and wife and happiness remains in the married life.

Camphor dipped in ghee:- Everyday camphor should be burnt by dipping it in desi ghee.

Due to this, the negative energy of your house gets destroyed and the feeling of love remains among the family members.

And there is an atmosphere of happiness and peace in family.

And this remedy is also considered helpful in getting children.

Deities:- According to the scriptures, burning camphor daily in front of deities gives renewable virtue.

And the Gods and Goddesses remains happy and by their grace brings happiness, peace and prosperity stay in house.

If there is any kind of Vastu defect in the house, then burning camphor also gives freedom from its effects.

Why is Camphor Used in Pujas? What are its benefits?

Hinduism is a religion full of rituals and traditions. However, every tradition has a logical aspect too though most of us never thought of one.

Among those, It is also very common to see lightening Camphor, also known as Kapur while worshipping God during Puja and Aarti.

It is a tradition which has been followed since ages but only a very few know, Why? So, in this article, we will be reading the logical aspect of using camphor in offering prayers and also the scientific benefits of it.


In Hinduism, camphor is used while performing rituals and this tradition has been practiced in India for ages.

According to Hindu scriptures, if one is having pitra dosh and dev dosh, or any of the two, then lightening camphor in one’s home is considered beneficial.

The flame emerged on lightening the Kapur is believed to be symbolic of Lord Shiva’s third eye.

It eradicates all the negative energies from the surroundings and creates a positive environment.

Not only, it spreads positivity but it also kills the harmful bacteria present in the air.

Used in Hawans and Aartis, Kapur can make the surroundings perfumed and has healing properties as well.

Also, the burning camphor signifies the burning of the human ego as it gets slowly burned and doesn’t leave any residue.

Moreover, it is also believed that burning Kapur can bring happiness, wealth, and prosperity in one’s family.

Scientific benefits of camphor

Apart from having religious significance, Camphor has Scientific benefits as well.

❃For Skin related problems

Kapur can magically work in skin problems.

Be it itching or rashes, camphor is used in abundant home remedies.

Mix edible camphor and little amount of water and apply it to the infected area.

It can do wonders for it.

At the same time, one should take care not to apply direct camphor to any open wound or cuts.

❃ For Pregnant Women

The Kapur oil is highly recommendable during pregnancy as it treats pregnancy cramps. One can even make it at home by taking either mustard or coconut oil and heating it with synthetic camphor.

Once it cools down, apply it on your legs and massage properly.

It will give you instant relief from the cramps.

❃For ants

We all might be fed up of the long line of these red or black sweet loving guests at least once in our life.

But don’t need to worry now.

Throw away all your ant repellants and dissolve edible camphor in water.

Sprinkle it over the area where you often see ants.

You will notice that the ants will vanish immediately.

Try it, It is the cheapest and effective remedy to drive the ants away.

❃For acne and Scars

If you have acne and scars, Kapur can do wonders for you.

Massage your skin with few drops of camphor along with any face oil.

It can be either olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil.

❃Camphor for Cold in Children

In India, Camphor is considered as a very effective remedy for treating Chest cough and congestion.

One just needs to take mustard or coconut oil and heat it along with synthetic camphor.

Rub it warm on the child’s test and back to get relief in the congestion.

❃ Camphor for hair loss and dandruff

The essential oil of Kapur is when added to our hair, it stimulates blood flow and promotes hair growth.

At the same time, it is also advised to use it before you apply shampoo to your hair as the camphor has a very strong smell.

Also, this remedy is quite effective to treat dandruff.

❃ Camphor for Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs in mattresses is also a very common problem.

Wash the sheets and keep the mattress in the sunlight for some time.

Take a large chunk of Kapur, keep it in a muslin bag, and keep it between the mattresses.

This remedy will protect your mattresses from the further bug attack and will also drive away the few left after sun drying.

Importance of Camphor in Rituals

Aarti is one of the most important aspect of prayers in Hinduism which symbolizes the removal of darkness by true spiritual enlightenment.

It is performed by lighting a ghee lamp in front of the deity while praying.

On many occasions, Hindus light a camphor or kapoor as an offering to God at the end of the aarti.

Although we have probably all seen this act, many of us are not aware of the importance of this gesture.

When the camphor is lit, it burns itself out, fully evaporating until there is no residue left in the prayer utensil, leaving behind a sweet fragrance in the air instead.

In the same manner, it symbolizes union with God and the promise of the devotee to burn their ego completely without leaving any residue while spreading the light of knowledge to other lives that touches theirs, no matter how brief a time.

Just like the scent emanating from the camphor, the devotee, devoid of his ego and arrogance, spreads goodness around themselves.

The flame of the camphor also signifies the flame of consciousness of Lord Shiva where we can surrender all our egos to be burned under the influence of God, no longer to be seen within us.

We close our eyes while performing the aarti as if to look within, to our very self or Atman.

Self realization can be achieved by realizing ourselves with the flame of knowledge.

At the end of the prayer, the devotee places cupped hands over the flame and touches the eyes and top of the head, symbolizing the illumination of vision and purity of thought.

Camphor and Ayurveda

Camphor is made through an ancient Ayurvedic method by distilling the bark and wood of a coniferous tree called Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphor) that is largely found in Asia, particularly in India, Sumatra, Indonesia and Borneo.

White camphor is a crystalline substance with the chemical formula C10H16O, which is a fantastic anti-oxidant.

As an excellent germicide, camphor is burned to purify the atmosphere, it is also believed to remove negativity from the environment.

Absorbed through the skin, camphor produces a feeling of cooling similar to that of menthol and acts as a slight local anesthetic and anti-microbial substance.

It is a decongestant and can be used as an essential oil for aromatherapy or topical application.

Used properly with medicinal understanding, it can decrease the harshness of nervous disorder as well as convulsions, epileptic episodes, nervousness, mental tension as well as chronic anxiety.

It is believed to be toxic to insects and is sometimes used as a repellent and also to deter snakes and other reptiles due to its strong odor.

In this manner, camphor not only has a highly spiritual value in Hindu customs but can also be beneficial to the environment in which it is burned.

Again, just like anything else, the use of camphor should be in moderation to avoid any side effects it may cause.

Importance of camphor in worship

Know, why is camphor used in worship?

Since ancient times, camphor is used in various religious programs in

our country. In Hinduism, camphor is used when worshiping deities,

which have been in existence for centuries, which has become a

tradition now. It is said to have special significance in religious works

like adoration.

Adoration is not complete without camphor and worship is not

complete without adoration. According to mythology, camphor calms

the mind and hence it is used in worship. The place of worship becomes

holy with the smell of camphor.

But you know that there are many spiritual and scientific reasons

behind this tradition.

Symbolism In Karpur – Camphor in Hindu

Worship – Why is Karpuram Used in Hindu Puja?

Karpur, camphor or karpuram or karpura, is a important item used in Hindu worship. It is offered mostly at the end of the worship after offering other items. Here is look as to why Karpuram is used in Hindu puja and its symbolism and reason.

Camphor is one among the sixteen articles offered during an elaborate Hindu worship. It is also one of the most commonly offered five articles during a short puja.

The ritual waving of lighted camphor is an act of adoration (nirajnama or mahanirajnam), absolving one of all the omissions in the course of worship and brining the worship to fruitful completion.

Hindu texts glorify the waving of a lamp along with lighted camphor in front of the deity at night. The waving of lighted camphor removes ignorance and frees one from mundane existence.

Camphor is held to be very pure, and the complexion of Shiva is often compared with its own color, as the famous hymn karpura gauram karunavataram… reveals.

Karpur is preferred as incense because of its air-purifying qualities.

Camphor is used in a mixture for making incense sticks which are lit and ritually waved in order to please Vishnu.

What we use today is artificial camphor and it does more harm than good. It should be avoided.

Burn only natural camphor.

The Religious and Ritualistic Aspects of Camphor

When it comes to the Hindu rituals, pujas are not just about a mere show or a tradition that is carried out since ages.

It is a display of devotion that is carried out by millions in the league.

It happens to be a way of gaining inner peace at all times.

When it comes to pujas, the first thing that strikes our minds is the rituals that are carried out all during the process.

Away from ritualistic reasoning

Before we move on to the other essentialities that are needed in a puja, let us discuss in detail the importance and the usefulness of camphor when it comes to performing pujas and other essential rituals.

People often have a notion that all the items that are usually used in a puja might have a certain divine purpose behind it, but then there are a lot of scientific reasons that are attached to it as well.

One of the most important scientific reason behind the usage of camphor in pujas lie in the absolute fresh air that is emitted while burning the same. Apart from this, camphor is known to kill harmful germs that prevail in the air.

Thus every time you burn a bit of kapoor during the aartis back at your home or at the temple, you can be well aware of the fact that you are breathing in absolute fresh air.

Science and beyond

Camphor or what we commonly call kapoor, in any form, has an amazing capacity to kill microbes.

It has been a part of the Ayurveda since ages now and has been a vital means of resolving problems related to genetic disorder and much beyond.

Being burnt in a complete non-residual form, it happens to be one of the must have ingredients when it comes to any form of pujas.

At the end of it all, there definitely is an amalgamation of both science and religion that brings about this amazing aura of peace within.