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“God’s light is within you, It never leaves you.”

Krishna Darshan Avatar
Lord Shiva took the form of Krishna Darshan Avatar for highlighting the importance of Yagna and rituals in one’s life.

Once there was a king named Nabhag who, during his childhood, went to the Gurukul for getting an education. In his absence, his brothers distributed the wealth of the kingdom among themselves.

When Nabhag returned from Gurukul, he demanded his share of wealth. However, his brothers told him that they had not fixed his share of wealth as he was absent. They told him to go and meet their father.

Nabhag came to his father and made the same request.

His father told him to go to Sage Angiras, who was trying to accomplish a Yagna but was being unsuccessful due to his attachment.

So, Nabhag went to Sage Angiras, where he was performing the Yagna. Nabhag preached sage Angiras on the virtues of religiousness. The sage got free from all sorts of attachments, and the Yagna was completed.

Sage Angiras was immensely pleased to see Nabhag’s knowledge of religion. He gave all the wealth of the Yagna to Nabhag. However, Krishna Darshan Avatar of Lord Shiva came there and prevented him from donating the wealth to Nabhag. On the contrary, he staked his own claim.

Nabhag told Lord Shiva as the wealth was given to him by sage Angiras, he was the rightful owner of it. However, Lord Shiva sent Nabhag to his father to know his opinion. Shradhadeva (his father) told Nabhag that the person claiming the wealth was none other than Lord Shiva himself. He also said that whatsoever remains of the Yagna belonged to Lord Shiva only.

So, Nabhag went back and worshipped Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva blessed Nabhag that he would attain salvation.


Krisha Darshan Avatar
To give knowledge to King Nabhag as to how to attain spiritual attainment in life. Actually, prince Nabhag was ousted by his brother from the kingdom and was sent to the saint Angiras for learning Yajna (a ritual done with fire) and after learning the saint was much pleased with Nabhag and wanted to award him some wealth. Lord Shiva told Nabhag to ignore worldly matters and devote time for real spiritual attainment. Nabhag followed and got Lord Shiva’s blessings. This is one unique Avatar where Lord Shiva has functioned as a spiritual teacher.


Krishna Darshan:
This avatar of Shiva is a spiritual guide. He helped Nabhag, son of King Shradhadeva, attain salvation. He taught the prince the importance of Yagnas and the significance of detachment.

Krishna Darshan avatar:
Lord Shiva embodied the avatar of Krishna Darshan to highlight the importance of yagna and rituals in a person’s life. A prince, Nabhag, who had been prevented by his brothers from his part of the kingdom, had asked his father to educate a sage to get rid of all his attachments to achieve a yajna. When Sage’s task is finished, Angiras gives him all the wealth that is stopped by Krishan Darshan Avataar of Shiva. He showed Nabhag the meaning of greater spiritual success and salvation, and therefore gave blessings.


Krishna Darshan
Lord Shiva assumed the incarnation of Krishna Darshan to emphasize the significance of rituals and yajnas in one’s life. In this story, a prince named Nabhag, who was denied his rightful share of the kingdom by his brothers, was instructed by his father to assist a sage in achieving detachment for a successful yajna. Once Nabhag fulfilled the task, Sage Angiras, impressed, intended to bestow wealth upon him. However, this was intercepted by the Krishna Darshan avatar of Shiva. Through this avatar, Shiva illustrated the importance of spiritual growth and salvation, ultimately granting Nabhag his blessings.

Krishna Darshan Avatar :- Lord Shiva took this incarnation to highlight the importance of yagna and rituals in a person’s life.

Krishna Darshan Avatar
The Lord Shiva Avatar of Krishna Darshan speaks about the significance of yagna and customs in an individual’s life. Prince Nabhag who was kept from his portion of the realm by his siblings had been asked by his dad to teach a sage to dispose of every one of his connections to effectively perform a yajna. At the point when the yagna was successfully performed, Sage Angiras satisfied was ready to give him all the abundance which was halted by Krishan Darshan Avatar of Shiva. Krishna Darshan Avatar taught Nabhag the importance of pious salvation and gave his blessings.