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“God’s light is within you, It never leaves you.”

Tatpurusha (the Cosmic being)

Tat-Purusha, the Cosmic Being: He is Vishnu, the lord of preservation, cosmic egg (Hiranyagarbha), the enjoyer, nourisher, and the chief priest of the cosmic sacrifice who represents bliss (ananda shakti), the rising sun, liberating knowledge, the material abundance (Sri Siva tattva), and the element of water. Among the sense organs he is the sense of smell, and in the bodily organs, the anus. In the iconography he represents the eastward face and golden color. In individual images he is shown with three eyes and four faces, wearing yellow garments, and standing in the company of Gayathri.

Tatpurusha (the Cosmic being)

Direction– East

Color– Golden

Element– Element

Sense– Smell

Body organ– Anus

In Tatpurusha, the word ‘Tat’ means Paramatma. Altogether Tatpurusha means Saguna filled Parabahma form. This form of Shiva is always in mediations and provides abundant blessings to the world. Also this form of Shiva is the east faced god hence he represents the rising sun. He is shown as golden in color with three eyes and four faces. He wears clothes that are yellow in color and stands in the company of Goddess Gayathri. Also Tatpurusha signifies Shiva as a protector of all living beings.

This form represents the power of bliss. Also since it is associated with earth, it also represents our focusing power.

The prayer for this form of Lord Shivais-

Namaste Deva Devesha
Namaste Parameshvara
Namaste Vrushabharuudha
Na Kaaraaya Namo Namaha


Tatpurusha is the most popular third incarnation of Lord Shiva which was manifested in the 21st Kalpa of the planet known as Peetavasa. It was appeared by the prayer of the Lord Brahma.