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Kalki Avatar
Kalki is the final incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is believed to appear at the end of Kali Yuga, the current age. Puranas foretells that Kalki will be on a winged white horse and a radiating sword. It is supposed that the origin of Kalki will be in India near River Ganges.

The name Kalki is a metaphor for eternity. His name translates to the destroyer of darkness ignorance. According to the prophetic work of the KalkiPuarana which narrates the life and times of Kalki there will come a time when the practices taught in the Vedas and institutes of law will be finished. At the end of the Kala Yuga age, Lord Vishnu will descend upon earth. He will be born in the family of a well-known Brahman of Shambhala Village, as Kalki.

Kalki will be endowed with eight divine faculties. With his enticing strength and power, he will destroy all the barbarians and all those with evil minds. He will restore justice on earth and humans will awaken to enlightenment. Kalki’s incarnation will bring an end to Kala Yuga and there will be resurgence of a new Yuga. After the destruction of evil, peace will be restored in the new age, which will be as pure as Satya Yuga. Earth will be full of heavenly beings and there will be no sin deeds. It will be a Holy place.


5 lesser known facts about the Kalki avatar of Vishnu
In Hinduism, Lord Vishnu is one of the triumvirates of God namely Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. Among these three triumvirates of God Lord Brahma is believed to be the creator of the universe, Lord Maheshwar, i.e., Lord Shiva is known to the destroyer and Lord Vishnu is believed to be the preserver or protector of the whole universe.

According to Hindus, it is said that Lord Vishnu came to earth many times as a human being for restoring the balance between the good and evil. It is said that Lord Vishnu has already incarnated in the earth about twenty-five times and Lord Kalki will be the last and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Hindus depicted the picture of Lord Vishnu as reclining on a large snake bed in the Cosmos Ocean where he is in deep meditative sleep along with Lakshmi who is offering her service to the Lord Vishnu.

Apart from that in the portrait of Lord Vishnu, it is seen that a lotus blossomed from the belly of Lord Vishnu and gave birth to Lord Brahma. In the portrait, it is also seen that Lord Brahma who has created the world is paying his respect to the Lord Vishnu.

But the appearance of Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu is believed to be the Lord of the universe and in Hinduism, the picture of Lord Kalki is portrayed as the Lord is riding on his horse Devadatta with a sword in his hand. This appearance of Lord Kalki is found in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

In this article, we will come up with some interesting facts about the Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu which are hardly known to the people.

1. The appearance of Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu
It is said in the Srimad Bhagavatam that during the end of the Kali-yuga the incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu will arrive on the Earth. In Hinduism, it is believed that there are four yugas namely Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga, and Kali Yuga. These four cycles rotate just like our calendar months.

It is said that the present age is the Kali Yuga and it will last for 432000 years. It is believed that we have already passed 5000 years from the battle of Kurukshetra. That means there are still 427000 years left and it is said in Srimad Bhagavatam the Lord Kalki will arrive at the end of the Kali-yuga.

It is also said that the father of Lord Kalki would be Visnu Yasa. His father would be a learned Brahmana. In Srimad Bhagavatam, it is said that Lord Kalki will appear in the home of Visnu Yasa.

2. Reason for appearing of Lord Vishnu as Lord Kalki in the Kali Yuga
As per Vedic civilization, it was said that Lord Vishnu was once cursed by saint Bhrigu. It was said that Asuras once took the shelter in the ashram of Maharishi Bhrigu. One day when Sukracharya and Maharishi Bhrigu was at his ashram the Devtas and Indra took the chance to attack the Asuras who were unarmed at that time.

The Asuras escaped and ran to the wife of sage Bhrigu for shelter whose name was Kavyamata. During that time, Kavyamata immobilized Indra with the help of her Yogic powers and thus she could safeguard the Ashuras.

Indra and other Devtas immediately went to Lord Vishnu for his help. Later, Lord Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra cut down the head of Kavyamata for saving asuras and immobilising Indra and other devatas.

When sage Bhrigu returned and saw the devastating condition of his wife he got very furious on Lord Vishnu and cursed him that he will bear on the earth for several times and suffer the pain of the death of near and dear ones.

It is due to this curse of Maharishi Bhrigu Lord Vishnu had to appear on Earth again and again and whenever he arrives on the earth he destroys the evil on the earth. It is believed that Lord Vishnu will appear for the last time as Lord Kalki during the end of Kali-yuga when evil will be rampant upon the earth and will restore peacefulness by killing all evils.

3. Nostradamus prediction on Lord Kalki:
Nostradamus was a great astrologer and whatever he had predicted has always become true. According to his prediction, it was found that a person will bear with immense power will bear in the world whose holy day will be Thursday and he will rule in the whole world on both land and sea.

He will be the only person who will free the world from all trouble. According to Nostradamus this great person will come down from his throne and will move through the sea and air for striking the evil ones with his rod.

As per Srimad Bhagavatam, Lord Kalki has many similarities about what Nostradamus had predicted. It is believed in Hindu religion that when Lord Kalki will appear he will destroy his enemies with his weapon.

4. The Mission of Lord Kalki
It is said that the main mission of Lord Kalki to appear on the earth would be to destroy Koli which would signify an evil person. The main motive of Lord Kalki would be to destroy all barbarians and thieves from the earth and make the earth peaceful place to live in.

Apart from that, it is also said that Lord Kalki would defeat the Kings called to Koli and hand over the rule to Devapi and Maru the religious king of Koli yugas.

5. More prophecies on Lord Kalki
It is believed that Lord Kalki will descend to earth during Baisakha month. It is usually said that Lord Kalki will appear on the earth on the 12th day after the full moon day.

That means it can be guessed that he will appear at any time from 26th April to 15th May. It is also predicted that the Lord Kalki will be born to a man who would be named Visnu Yasa and his mother would be named as Sumati.

It is also believed that Lord Kalki would go to Sinhala and marry the Padma and would start his conjugal life.

Thus, these were some of the lesser known facts of the Kalki Avatar. The Last Avatar by Vishwas Mudagal is one of the most popular books on the Kalki Avatar. Read it to know more about how the Kalki Avatar will save a world that is destined to destroy itself.



Kalki Avatar – The Remover of DarknessThe Kalki Avatar would be the tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu that would appear at the end of the present Kali Yuga. At the end of the Kali Yuga, when dharma would reach the nadir point, then to restore the righteousness in the world, Lord Vishnu would incarnate as Kalki. He is often depicted as mounted on a white flying white horse named Devdatta and wielding a blazing sword in his right hand.

The Meaning of the Name Kalki:
The name Kalki most likely originated from the Sanksrit word “Kalka,” which means foulness or filth. Therefore, the meaning of the name Kalki is “the destroyer of filth (darkness)”.

The Origin of the Kalki Avatar:
Kalki avatar is not mentioned in the Vedas. The epithet “Kalmallkinam”, meaning “Brilliant Remover Of Darkness,” is found in the Vedic Literature for Rudra (later Shiva), which has been interpreted to be “Forerunner Of Kalki”. Kalki avatar is mentioned in many Hindu texts, including but not limited to the Mahabharata, Vishnu Purana, Matsya Purana, Bhavishya Purana, Kalki Purana, and Bhagavata Purana.

What Would the Kalki Avatar Look Like:
Lord Kalki is often depicted as riding a flying white horse named Devadatta. The horse Devadatta is none but Garuda, the carrier of Lord Vishnu. He is carrying a blazing sword in his right hand and a shield in the left. He is dressed as a king with a crown on his head. In some pictures, he is shown to have a blue complexion, while some pictures show his skin color to be brown.

Per the Kalki Purana, the Lord’s eyes would be like lotus petals, His complexion would be very dark, and his effulgence would be as bright as the sun. His arms would extend to his knees.

The Story of the Kalki Avatar:
The Kalki Purana is a minor Purana dedicated to Lord Kalki and elaborates what would happen in his life.

The Birth of the Kalki Avatar:
At the end of the Kalki Yuga, in a village named Shambhala, Lord Kalki would be born into a Brahmin family as a son of Vishnuyasa and Sumati. He would be born in the month of Vaishakha on the twelfth day during the fortnight of the waxing moon.

The Siblings of Kalki:
Lord Kalki would have three elder brothers, named Kavi, Prajna, and Sumantra who would be heroic warriors.

The Wives of Kalki:
Lord Kalki would have two wives, named Padmavati and Ramaa.

Goddess Lakshmi would incarnate as Padma and would be the wife of the lord. She would be born from the womb of Kaumudi, the wife of Brihadratha, the king of Simhala.

Ramaa would be the daughter of King Shashidvaja and Queen Sushanta.

The Children of Kalki:
Kalki Avatar would have four children in total; two from Padma and two from Ramaa. Padmavati would give birth to Jai and Vijaya, and Ramaa to Meghamaala and Balaahaka.

The Mission of Kalki’s Life:
Per the Kalki Purana, the main aim of Kalki’s life would be to kill Kali and establish Satya Yuga. Kalki Avatar would set out to conquer the entire world and in the course of conquest, would defeat many sinful kings who are representatives of Kali.

The Teacher of Lord Kalki;
Lord Parashurama would be the teacher of Kalki, and he would give him spiritual knowledge as well as the knowledge of warfare. Kalki would be the master of 64 arts and would be proficient in Vedic knowledge.

Mahadeva Gives Weapons To Kalki:
After completing the training, he would go to Lord Shiva and praise him. Lord Shiva would give him the Devdatta horse manifested from Garuda that would go anywhere at will and assume many different forms. Then he would give him a parrot that would know past, present, and future. He would also give him a divine sword.

Kalki’s Marriage to Padmavati:
Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had given a boon to Padmavati that she would get Lord Vishnu as her husband. If anyone looks at her with lust, then he would immediately turn into a woman. But after waiting for many years without any news from Lord Kalki, King Brihadratha would arrange a Svayamvara for his daughter Padmavati. Many kings and princes would gather there. Padmavati would be allowed to choose the husband of her choice. When the kings would see Padmavati, they would be mesmerized. As they would look at her with lust, they would be transformed into females.

After that Lord Kalki would arrive there, and marry her.

Kalki’s Return to Shambhala:
After that Kalki would return to his native village Shambhala along with Padmavati. Indra would order Vishwakarma to decorate the village with many palaces, apartments, and other amenities.

Kalki Would Begin the Mission to Conquer the World:
He would then set out with his army to first conquer Kikarapura. The dwellers of the kingdom would be Buddhists mostly, who would not be following the path of dharma. The ruler of this kingdom would be Jina. In the battle, first, he would flee the battlefield but would soon return because of taunts by Kalki. He would then injure Devadatta (horse) and would make Kalki unconscious with the shower of arrows. He would try to capture Kalki but would fail to do so. Therefore, he would flee the battlefield. After regaining consciousness, Kalki would find and kill him and defeat the Buddhist kingdom.

The Killing of the Demoness Kuthodari:
After defeating Jina, Kalki would return to his capital where some sages would inform him about a demoness named Kuthodari. She would be a gigantic and ruthless demoness and live in the Himalayas. So Kalki would leave for the Himalayas.

When he and his army would confront the demoness, she would eat many horses, elephants, and soldiers along with Lord Kalki. Therefore within the dark stomach of the demoness, Lord Kalki would create a fire with one of his arrows and then make it blaze up by adding clothes, leather, and wood. When the fire would blaze brightly, the Lord would raise his powerful sword and tear open the right side of her ribcage. The soldiers would attack her with arrows and she would be put to death.

Being overwhelmed by the grief of his mother’s death, Vikanja, the son of Kuthodari, would begin to torment Lord Kalki’s soldiers. To eliminate this five-year-old demon, Lord Kalki would invoke the Brahmastra, That supreme weapon would sever Vikanja’s head from his body.

Kalki Goes Out to Conquer Demon Kali and his Allies:
Lord Kalki would depart for the favorite places of Kali along with his huge army consisting of his brothers, nephews, and other pious kings. When Kali would hear about Kalki’s conquest, he would leave his kingdom, Vishasana, but Kalki’s army would stop him, and a fierce battle would begin. Kalki would kill two powerful demons named Koka and Vikoka.

Personified dharma and Satya Yuga would confront Kali and injure him seriously. Kali would get down his donkey and return to the capital. The army of Kali would also be defeated by Kalki’s army. Dharma and Satya Yuga would enter Kali’s capital and set the whole city on fire. Kali would also be burnt but would survive, but his wife and children would be killed. He would leave the city in distress and travel to another country.

Kalki Would Travel to Bhallatanagara:
When Kalki would reach Bhallatanagar, the king Shashidhvaja would attack him, and a fierce battle would take place. Shashidhvaja and Kalki would start fighting each other and exhaust all the weapons. In the end, King Shashidhvaja would smash Kalki, and Kalki would fall unconscious. Then he would bring him to his home, along with Dharma and Satya Yuga. Thus King Shashidhvaja would defeat Kalki.

Seeing the Lord in front of her, Sushanta would be overwhelmed and would eulogize him. Being greatly satisfied by Sushanta’s prayers, Lord Kalki would be awakened from his state of unconsciousness.

The king and his wife would tell him that they were his devotees and would offer their daughter Ramaa in marriage to him.

An Encounter with Vishakanya:
After marriage with Ramaa, Kalki and his army would depart to Kanchananagara, which would be protected by poisonous serpents. After killing the serpents, Lord Kalki would enter the fort, but there would be no human beings. The celestial voice would tell him that his army would die if they enter the city. So, only he and his parrot would enter the city where he would find a Vishakanya named Sulochana. Her poisonous glance would not harm Kalki, and she would be relieved of the curse by his darshan. She would then leave to go to Gandharva Loka to see her husband.

Kalki’s Return to Shambhala:
Lord Kalki would appoint his relatives and colleagues as kings of different kingdoms that he would win and return to Shambhala. There he wound spend some years with his wives Padmavati and Ramaa. It was at this time that Satya Yuga would commence. The demigods would resume moving about freely, bestowing benedictions upon their worshipers. Everyone would become happy and well-nourished. Cheating, stealing, lies, duplicity, natural disasters, and disease would vanish from the face of the Earth.

The Death of Kalki’s Parents:
Kalki would perform sacrifices at the advice of his father. After hearing wise words from Narada, his father would go to Badrikashrama and perform severe austerities and would leave his material body. Kalki’s mother would perform Sati.

Kalki’s Return to Vaikuntha:
Kalki would rule Sambhala for around 1000 years. On a day, all the gods along with Gandharvas, Apsaras, etc., would come to Shambhala. Gods would tell him that his mission on Earth was finished. Kalki would tell them that he also wanted to return to Vaikuntha along with his wives.

He would summon his four sons and would hand over the rule of the kingdom to them. Then he would say farewell to his subjects and would go into the forest with Ramaa and Padma. Then, he would go into the Himalayas and would go into deep meditation. He would appear as brilliant as thousands of suns. His wives would also join him on the journey to his eternal abode.o

Some Important Points about the Kalki Purana:
It seems this Purana is written during the period of the rise of Buddhism because Buddhists are depicted as evils. Also, there is no mention of Kalki killing Kali. Kali did not even face Kalki. It was Dharma who fought with him. Kali does not die but just goes to another country.

Nostradamus’ Prophecies about the Kalki Avatar:
Other than the Hindu Puranas, there are some interesting predictions in the revelation book Centuries by Nostradamus that have a close resemblance to the Kalki avatar.

1. “Of the three water signs will be born a person whose holy day will be Thursday. His name, fame, and rule will grow everywhere on land and sea and free the east from trouble.”

Hinduism is the only major religion in the world that has Thursday as a holy day. Many scholars believe that the three water signs are actually three water bodies, viz. Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and The Bay of Bengal meet at Kanya Kumari in India. Therefore, this quatrain most likely points to someone from India who is a Hindu.

2. “The religion called by the sea will overcome the sect of the Adaluncatif, the stubborn sect of the two wounded men alpha and alpha.”

The only religion in the world, which is named after a sea (Hind Mahasagar) is the Hindu religion.

3. “The Eastern man will come down from his throne and cross the Apennines into France through the sea and air and will strike the evil ones with his rod.”

The rod mentioned here could be the sword of the Kalki avatar.

Many prophecies of Nostradamus have been proved to be true so far. Therefore, the prophecy of the Kalki avatar is also likely to be true.

Kalki and Mohammad:
Many Muslims and some disgraced Hindus believe that Prophet Muhammad was the Kalki avatar, but this cannot be true because of the following reasons:

1. All the avatars of Vishnu so far have been born in the Indian subcontinent, while Mecca is not in the Indian subcontinent where Muhammad Paigambar was born.

2. Kalki avatar would be born in a Hindu Brahmin family, and Muhammad was not born in a Brahmin family.

3. Kalki avatar would be born at the end of Kali Yuga. At the time of the birth of Muhammad, Kali Yuga was not about to end.

4. Prophet Muhammad possessed no divine weapons.

5. Prophecies of Nostradamus better fit for someone from India and a Hindu and not a Muslim.

6. Kali Yuga did not end even after the disappearance of Prophet Muhammad.

Therefore, Prophet Muhammad was definitely not the Kalki avatar.

When Would the Kalki Avatar come?
Per the Puranas, Kali Yuga would last for 432,000 years. Around 5121 years have passed in the present Kali Yuga. Therefore, Kalki Avatar might come after 425,000 years from now.

According to the Bhagavata Purana 9.8.54, “When trees will become the size of hands and people will become thumb-sized, then Kalki will be born to Vishnuyasah.”

Would the World End after the Rise of Kalki?
Many people believe that the world would come to an end after the incarnation of Kalki. Some people say that he would kill all the human beings, but if you refer to the stories in the Purana, there is nothing mentioned as such.


Kalki Avatar (incarnation) is the tenth and final Avatar form of Lord Vishnu. He is yet to appear in the world. He will appear at the end of present Kali Yuga (Hindu mythological age). It is believed that Kalki Avatar will usher the Satya Yuga on earth again..Kalki Avatar

Avatars of Lord Vishnu
In Hindu scriptures, the arrival of Vishnu or Supreme Godhead in the form of human or non-human beings is called Avatar. God came to earth as Avatars at different Yugas for the purpose of redemption of sins, destruction of inequity and establishment of Dharma (religion). Such appearances of Vishnu (Avatars of Lord Vishnu) and Divine Mother have been mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam and Devi Bhagavatam. There are two types of Vishnu Avatars: Anshavatar and Purnavatar.

Dashavatars Of Vishnu
The Garuda Purana mentions Dashavatars (ten incarnations) of Vishnu. Dashavatars are considered to be the main Avatars of Vishnu.

The number of incarnations is also said to be four, six, ten, sixteen, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four and forty-nine. However, the Dashavatars of Vishnu are more common. These are: Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Bamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.

Twenty-four Avatars Of Vishnu
Lord Vishnu incarnated innumerable times on the earth. His twenty-four Avatar forms are also very popular in Hinduism. These are: Adi Purush, Four Kumars, Narada, Nara Narayana, Kapila, Dattatraya, Yajna, Rishava, Prithu, Dhanvantari, Mohini, Hayagreeva, Vyasa, Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narsimha, Bamana, Parashurama, Rama, Balarama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.

Objectives Of Kalki Avatar
The main objective of Kalki Avatar will be to re-establish Brahmanism by removing the ungodly, atheists and wicked people from the world. Riding on a white horse with a naked sword in his hand, he will restore justice and truth in a world full of sin and inequity. In this way Vishnu will appear as Kalki Avatar and will start Satya Yuga on earth again.

Difference Of Kalki Avatar From Other Avatars
The stories of all the Avatars of Lord Vishnu are told with past tenses. That is, what he did appearing in various forms of Avatar happened in the past. The only exception is Kalkideva or Kalki Avatar. He is an Avatar of Kali Yuga. He has not yet appeared. So what he will do when he will appear in the future, everything has to be said in the future tense.

Hindu Mythological Yugas
According to Hindu belief, Prajapati Brahma is the creator of the universe. The creation of Brahma is divided into four Yugas (mythological ages). These four Yugas (Satya, Treta Dwapara and Kali) are equal to one day of Brahma. At the end of every Yuga he goes to sleep. Then the creation process stops.

Lord Vishnu appears as an Avatar (incarnation) in every Yuga to save mankind from danger. According to Hinduism, the period of the Kali Yuga is 432,000 years, which according to the research of scholars started from 3,102 BC. It’s only been 5,000 years now. According to that calculation, it is still too late for the Kalki Avatar to appear. Again, Pandit Shri Yukteshwar Giri claims that even in this long period of 432,000 years, many short cycles of Kali Yuga exist.

Appearance of Kalki Avatar
The story of Kalki Avatar is narrated in Hindu Puranas. At the end of Kali Yuga, in a village of Shambhala, Kalki will be born as the son of a Brahmana named Vishnu Yasa and his wife Sumati. Actually he will be the tenth Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Sage Yajnavalkya himself will be the Acharya of Kalkideva as described in Agnipurana. In Padma Purana, the appearance story is different from that of Agni Purana. Padma Purana says that Kalki Avatar will come up from the sea on the back of a white horse.

According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, Brahman Vishnu Yasa is Swayambhu Manu. By his will Narayana would take birth three times as his son Ramachandra, Krishna and Kalkideva. And these three times Swayambhu Manu would take birth in the form of Dasaratha, Basudeva and Vishnu respectively. Kalki Avatar is also mentioned in Kalki Purana, Ling Purana and Brahmanad Purana. It is said that Kalkideva will marry Padma, the daughter of King Brihadratha of the island of Simhale and his Queen Kaumudi.

The Story of Kalki Avatar In Srimad Bhagavatam
Vedic literatures also clearly mention the arrival of Lord Vishnu in the form of Kalki. We can easily understand it reading the following verses of Srimad Bhagavatam and their meanings.

athāsau yuga-sandhyāyāṁ

dasyu-prāyeṣu rājasu

janitā viṣṇu-yaśaso

nāmnā kalkir jagat-patiḥ


Then, at the juncture of two Yugas ( Kali Yuga and Satya Yuga), Lord Vishnu will be born as the son of Visnu Yasa in his Kalki incarnation. At this time the rulers of the earth will be degraded by the plunderers.

[Srimad Bhagavatam:1.3.25]


brāhmaṇasya mahātmanaḥ

bhavane viṣṇuyaśasaḥ

kalkiḥ prādurbhaviṣyati


Lord Kalki will appear in the residence of the most eminent Brahmana of Sambhala village, the great soul Visnu Yasa.

[Srimad Bhagavatam:12.2.18]

aśvam āśu-gam āruhya

devadattaṁ jagat-patiḥ



vicarann āśunā kṣauṇyāṁ


nṛpa-liṅga-cchado dasyūn

koṭiśo nihaniṣyati


Lord Kalki, the Lord of the universe, will appear on earth riding his swift horse called Devadatta and with naked sword in hand and display the eight special qualities of Godhead. He will kill innumerable thieves who have dared dress as kings. [Srimad Bhagavatam:12.2.19-20]

atha teṣāṁ bhaviṣyanti

manāṁsi viśadāni vai



paura-jānapadānāṁ vai

hateṣv akhila-dasyuṣu


After the killing of all the kings who are hypocrites, the residents of the cities and towns will feel the gentle breezes carrying the most sacred fragrance of the sandalwood paste and other decorations of Lord Vasudeva, and their minds will thereby become transcendentally pure. [Srimad Bhagavatam:12.2.21]

teṣāṁ prajā-visargaś ca

sthaviṣṭhaḥ sambhaviṣyati

vāsudeve bhagavati

sattva-mūrtau hṛdi sthite


When Lord Vasudeva, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, appears in their hearts in His divine form of goodness, the remaining citizens will abundantly repopulate the earth. [Srimad Bhagavatam: 12.2.22]

yadāvatīrṇo bhagavān

kalkir dharma-patir hariḥ

kṛtaṁ bhaviṣyati tadā

prajā-sūtiś ca sāttvikī


When the Supreme Lord has appeared on earth as Kalki, the Guardian of religion, Satya Yuga will begin, and human society will bring forth progeny in the mode of goodness. [Srimad Bhagavatam: 12.2.23]



Kalki Avatar, the Future Incarnation of Vishnu
Sets of the avatars of Vishnu often precede manuscripts that concern one of his incarnations, but this page cannot be associated with any known set. Kalki is described as either a white horse or a warrior on a white horse. In paintings from the Punjab Hills he is usually shown, as here, in the guise of a groom leading a white horse to a seated warrior with blue skin, the color traditionally associated with Vishnu. Several elements—the use of beetle-wing cases to simulate emeralds, the patterning of the saddle blanket, the profile of the throne legs, and the almond-shaped eyes—imply a Basohli provenance.

The visual description of the horse and groom suggests a date in the early eighteenth century, when the archaic poses of earlier works gave way to more naturalistic portrayals.

Title: Kalki Avatar, the Future Incarnation of Vishnu

Date: ca. 1700–1710

Culture: India (Basohli, Jammu)

Medium: Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper

Dimensions: Image: 6 3/4 x 10 1/2 in. (17.1 x 26.7 cm)
Overall (page): 8 1/16 x 11 15/16 in. (20.5 x 30.3 cm)

Classification: Paintings

Credit Line: Gift of Cynthia Hazen Polsky, 1991

Accession Number: 1991.32.1

Lord Kalki: The Tenth Avatar Of Lord Vishnu
Lord Vishnu is known as Dasavtara. This name is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to someone having 10 avatars. Thus, it is believed that Lord Vishnu has ten Avatars. Out of these 10 avatars, nine have already taken place on Earth. These tend to be one left. This avatar that is about to come is known as the Kalki avatar. This avatar is known to be the Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Kalki avatar is said to come during the end of Kalyug. The sole purpose of this 10th avatar of Vishnu will be to help people and take back the world to Satyuga by ending all negativity.

Still, we have many questions like Who is Kalki? When will Kalki born and what is kalki avatar birth date? What will be Lord Kalki birth place? How will kalki avatar look like? Kalki Avtar is still a mystery to many of us. But, as per the Kalki Purana, he is the tenth reincarnation of Vishnu ji. He will take birth at the end of Kalyug and finish off all the evils of our society. Hence, it will be the beginning of Satya Yuga.

Lord Vishnu’s Reincarnation and Their Significance
God has his ways of telling us that he is still there guarding us. That is why the upcoming avatars are also previously mentioned in our scriptures. One such strong reincarnation of Lord Vishnu is Kalki Avatar. Lord Vishnu is the “God of Preservation”. Whenever there was a rise in evil, he took birth on this earth to kill all misleads.

Let’s talk about all the reincarnations of Lord Vishnu and their significance. Also, a lot more interesting facts about Lord Kalki, the next avatar of Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu’s Dash-avatars
Lord Vishnu came on earth to kill Ravana as Lord Rama in Treta Yuga. But he only became Shree Krishna to end the evil deeds of Kansa in Dwapar Yuga. Moreover, he became Narsimha in Satya Yuga. Because of his ten reincarnations, Lord Vishnu is called “Dashavatara”. His other reincarnations were: Buddha, Matsya, Kurma, Vaman, Varaha and Parshurama. No matter which Yuga it was, he came as a different reincarnation to take a win over evil. Also, per our Vedic scriptures, his every rebirth has been brought on earth at the end of every Yuga or era. Some people tend to believe that the kalki avatar is already on earth. However, we are not sure if this is true or not.

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Kalki Avatar Story
Different avatars of Vishnu ji have been mentioned over the years, but the Kalki avatar, the warrior, is yet to come. Kalki Purana, written by Ved Vyasa, has every little detail about the 10th Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Birth details of Lord Kalki
Lord Kalki avatar birthplace will be a district named Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. His father’s name will be “Vishnuyash”, and his mother’s name will be “Sumati”. He will be the youngest among five brothers. Moreover, he will have two wives, and both will be reincarnations of Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati. And both will assist him in fighting evil to bring an end to this Kalyug.

What will Kalki Avatar look like?
Lord Kalki has been described as a king of heaven. He will be beautiful and bold in his ways, like a warrior. It is also said that Kalki Avatar will hold a sword in one hand and Chakra in another. His mount will be a white horse named Devdutt. Also, he will rule not only on land but on water. Moreover, he will also have a parrot who will assist him in predicting all future events.

When is Kalki Avatar expected?
This is the last era or Yuga of the complete circle. As soon as it ends, a new period called “Satya Yuga” will begin. Therefore, Satya yuga is considered the first and foremost Yuga of the era cycle. It is also believed that Kalyug will be around for almost 462000 years. Moreover, it is just the first phase of Kaliyuga there’s a lot of time for its end. When all the misleads and evil are at their highest, the earth will become a living hell for everyone. Then, Lord Kalki will come to rescue us and take us to the beginning of “Satya Yuga”.

Miscellaneous facts on Kalki Avatar
Apart from all these details, there are also several other factors concerning the Lord Kalki Avatar. These are a few exciting and additional facts about the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu:

Lord Vishnu’s 10th avatar already gets celebrated as “Kalki Jayanti”. This day is considered auspicious as everybody celebrates the coming avatar of Lord Vishnu. It is a day when we all celebrate the win of good over evil.
Lord Kalki will be born on the thirteenth day during the fortnight of waxing moon. A waxing moon is a progressing moon when moon goes from Amavasya to Purnima night.
It has also been told in ShivPurana that Lord Kalki will worship Lord Shiva. And because of this, he gets all the godly powers to defeat evil.
As per Srimad Bhagavad Gita, during Treta Yuga, there was a woman named Vaishnavi wanted to marry Lord Rama. As per this conversation in Gita, Lord Rama mentioned his 10th avatar as Lord Kalki in Kalyug. It is believed that since that time, Vishanvi has been praying and worshipping to unite with Lord Vishnu.
We still have to wait a lot to see Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Till then, we will be waiting for him in different bodies because the time is too long. And only those who have pious hearts and purest deeds will be able to see him. Some people seek questions like will kalki born in 2025? However, we can say that Kalki avatar is yet to come and there is still time.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1. When will Kalki avatar come?
Kalki Avatar is the tenth incarnation of Vishnu ji as per the Vishnu Purana. As per beliefs, he will come at the end of Kalyug. Then, he will finish all evil and begin Satya yuga.
2. How many total reincarnations of Lord Vishnu are there?
Mythologically, there are, in total, ten reincarnations of Lord Vishnu. Chronologically, they are Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki. Out of which, every single reincarnation has arrived on earth apart from Kalki Avatar, which will come on earth at the end of Kalyug.
3. What will Kalki Avatar look like?
Lord Kalki will be bold and beautiful, like a king from heaven, riding a white horse named Devdutt. He will finish off all evils from earth. Moreover, he will have a sword in one hand and Chakra in another.
4. What will be the birthplace of Lord Kalki?
As per Kalki Purana, Lord Kalki will be born in Sambhal district, Uttar Pradesh. He will be the youngest son among five brothers. His father’s name will be Vishnuyash, and his mother’s name will be Sumati.
5. Is Lord Kalki the last Avatar of Lord Vishnu?
Yes, as Kalyug will be the last Yuga of the entire era. So, the Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu will be the final avatar of Lord Vishnu.
6. Whom Lord Kalki will marry in Kalyug?
Lord Kalki will have two wives, similar to Lord Rama. He will marry the reincarnations of Goddess Laksmi and Goddess Saraswati. One will be named Rama, and the other will be Padmavati. Both will assist the lord in finishing off the evil.



Who is Kalki Avatar, the 10th Avatar of Lord Vishnu?
As per the Srimad Bhagavatam, Vishnu Purana, Mahabharata, Matsya Purana, and Kalki Purana, Kalki is the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu. He is the final incarnation of Vishnu. He would take birth on Earth in Kali Yuga, part of the four Yugas, Satya, Treta, Dwapara, and Kali, which are 432000 years old.

After the great epic Mahabharata ended in Dwapara Yuga, the first phase of Kali Yuga started in 3102 BC. It means 3102+2023=5125 years of the Golden KaliYuga have passed, and 426875 years have remained for the birth of the Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu.

In the era of Kali Yuga, Dharma would reach the Nadir Point, the pinpoint of the celestial sphere. It may slowly go to the zenith from the observer’s perspective, which means Dharma would reach its lowest point. Therefore, to restore righteousness in the world, the Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu would take birth as the savior of the Goddess Earth and the people who dwell on it. Kalki avatar is depicted on a white horse named Devdutta with a blazing sword in his right hand and a chakra.

Kali Yuga Prediction: Signs of Adharma?
After the Battle of Kurukshetra, Lord Krishna informed the Pandavas that the era of Kali would begin. Therefore, they should fulfill all their responsibilities and duties as Kshatriyas towards the subject.

However, Krishna remained on Earth for about 36 years after the Mahabharata. Krishna’s departure indicated to the Pandavas that the era of Kali was about to begin. King Yudhishthir handed over his reign to Parikshit, a son of Abhimanyu, grandson of Arjun, and left for the Himalayas. The Mahabharata narrates the dream of Yudhishthir about the adharma of Kali Yuga and how he would destroy people.

Here Are the Signs that Yudhishthir Has in His Dream:
The religion, purity, kindness, humility, and tolerance of the people in Kali Yuga would decrease with time.
Humans would practice hypocrisy and call it virtue.
Kali Yuga people would suffer from a lack of physical strength, a weak memory, and a short life span.
People in Kali Yuga would live for only fifty years.
In the era of Kali, wealth would be considered a sign of noble birth, decent behavior, and one’s quality as a human being.
One’s wealth and power would determine the law and justice. Poor people would suffer from power-possessed people.
Men and women would live together only for physical needs, and the institution of marriage would be reduced.
By the end of Kali Yuga, there would be no family extension other than the immediate bindings of the couple in marriage.
Businesses would thrive on deception.
Manliness and womanliness would decide on expertise in intercourse activities.
Clothing would define a person’s spirituality.
Wealth may define a person’s status in society.
People who juggle with words would be considered scholars.
The hairstyle of people would define their beauty.
Filling the belly would be the only goal for most people.
Religion would be considered holy only for the sake of reputation in society.
Wherever a pool of water is, it may be considered a holy place.
With the growing population of wicked people, they may control politics and run society as per their needs and power.
People may lose their property and wives to these wicked politicians, and the citizens may flee to forests and the Himalayas.
Food shortages and taxes may force people to eat leaves, seeds, roots, flesh, flowers, honey, etc.
By the end of the Kali Yuga, people would be the size of a thumb, and trees would be the size of a hand.
Varnashrama of religious principles would destroy them completely.
Humans would forget the Vedas and ancient texts and become animalistic and atheistic.
Deception, lying, and violence would become men’s daily jobs as they would lose their thinking power of righteousness.
Birth of Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu: Prediction
As per the Srimad Bhagavata, an ancient Sanskrit textbook, the birth of the Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu would take place on the 21st day of Margashirsha month, the 8th day after Krishna Astami.

Bhagavata Purana narrates slokas on Kalki avatar:

अथासौ युगसन्ध्यायां दस्युप्रायेषु राजसु ।

जनिता विष्णुयशसो नाम्ना कल्किर्जगत्पति: ॥ २५ ॥

Srimad Bhagavata Purana, Book 1, Chapter 3, and Shloka 2

Translation of Shloka 25

At the end of the Kali Yuga, before the beginning of the Satya Yuga, Lord Vishnu would take birth as the son of Viṣṇu Yaśā and would be known as Kalki. All the rulers of the Earth would have corrupted into looters.

शम्भलग्राममुख्यस्य ब्राह्मणस्य महात्मन: ।

भवने विष्णुयशस: कल्कि: प्रादुर्भविष्यति II 18

Srimad Bhagavata Purana, 12.2.18

Translation of Shloka 18

Kalki avatar, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would be born in Shambhala at the most prominent Brahmana, Vishnuyasha.

अश्वमाशुगमारुह्य देवदत्तं जगत्पति: ।

असिनासाधुदमनमष्टैश्वर्यगुणान्वित: ॥

विचरन्नाशुना क्षौण्यां हयेनाप्रतिमद्युति: ।

नृपलिङ्गच्छदो दस्यून्कोटिशो निहनिष्यति ॥

Shrimad Bhagavata Purana 12.2.19-20

Translation of the Shloka (19-20)

Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Godhead, would be known as Kalki and mount a pearly white horse named Devadatta. He would carry a sharp sword in his right hand. He would travel over the Earth with all his eight mystic qualities. Lord Kalki would display his unequal effulgence and kill millions of thieves dressed as kings.

अथ तेषां भविष्यन्ति मनांसि विशदानि वै ।

वासुदेवाङ्गरागातिपुण्यगन्धानिलस्पृशाम् ।

पौरजानपदानां वै हतेष्वखिलदस्युषु ॥

Shrimad Bhagavata Purana 12.2.21

Translation of Shloka 21

Lord Kalki, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would kill the dubious kings. Thereafter, the people of the cities and towns would feel the breezes carrying the aroma of sandalwood paste and other scents of Lord Krishna. The fragrance would make the minds of people transcendentally pure.

तेषां प्रजाविसर्गश्च स्थविष्ठ: सम्भविष्यति ।

वासुदेवे भगवति सत्त्वमूर्तौ हृदि स्थिते ॥

Shrimad Bhagavata Purana 12.2.22

Translation of Shloka 22

When Lord Krishna would appear in hearts with his transcendental form of goodness. He would ask people to repopulate the Earth.

Family of Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu
Kalki, the avatar of Lord Vishnu, would be born at Sumati and Viṣṇu Yaśā. He would have three brothers, Kavi, Prajna, and Sumantra. The Lord of the Universe would be married to Padmavati and Ramaa. Padmavati, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, daughter of Kaumudi, and Brihadratha, king of Simhala. The second wife of Lord Kalki, Ramaa, daughter of King Shashidvaja and Sushanta.

With their marriage, Kalki, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, the final incarnation, would have four children. Jaya and Vijaya from Padmavati, Goddess Lakshmi, and Meghamaala, and Balaahaka from Ramaa.

Kali, the incestuous monster, is the great-great-grandson of Brahma. Demon Kali is the great-grandson of Adharma (Impropriety) and Mithya (Falsehood), He is the grandson of Dambha (Vanity) and Maya (Illusion) and the son of Krodha (Anger) and his sister-turned-wife-Himsa (Violence).

Second Legend
The birth of Kali Yuga is connected to Samudra Manthan. He took birth 5000 years ago as the son of Anger and was invisible from Samudra Manthan till Dwapara Yuga.

At the time of the churning of the ocean, or Samudra Manthan, a huge poison came out. Vayu Dev rubbed the poison to reduce its size and strength. Thereafter, Lord Shiva swallowed the poison. Some of its parts dropped so Kali could take the demon’s body.

Third Legend
Devotees of Lord Vishnu believe that sage Bhrigu once cursed him.

Once demons arrived at the ashram of Sage Bhrigu to take shelter, Indra and the other Gods knew about the demons staying at the ashram of Bhrigu. They tried to attack the demons. Kavyamata, the wife of Bhrigu, saved them using her divine power. Devas approached Vishnu for help. Lord Vishnu beheaded Kavya Mata and assured the Gods of the attack.

Sage Bhrigu would learn about his wife’s death. Bhrigu cursed Lord Vishnu, saying that he has to suffer the pain of losing his loved ones. Therefore, Vishnu needed to take on avatars to eliminate demons. As a result, he took several incarnations, and the final avatar is Kalki, which he would take.

How Did Demon Kali Enter the Earth?
After the Kurukshetra war, Yuthishthir crowned Parikshit, the grandson of Arjun, as the king of Hastinapur. One day, Parikshit came across a Sudra. He was dressed as a king and beat a cow and an ox with his club. Parikshit led his chariot over the scene, angrily stopped the sudra, and asked why he was abusing the sacred cow and her mate. Sudra was not an ordinary one. He was the Demon Kali. The cow was the goddess Earth, and the ox was Dharma. Emperor Parikshit noticed an ox standing on one leg, the other three legs broken by Kali.

Ox as Dharma
Dharma narrated that his four legs represented; austerity, cleanliness, mercy, and truthfulness. Kali wanted to break Dharma’s legs and expand his dark reign on Earth.

Cow as Goddess Earth
Goddess Earth witnessed the arrival of Kali and cried after the ascension of Lord Krishna to heaven. She was now forsaken and feared evil kings who would continue to ruin her prosperity.

Witnessing Kali’s heinous act, Parikshit raised his sword to kill him. Kali started to strip his royal garments and dropped at the feet of Parikshit. Kali requested that he spare his life and asked for a place to live within his empire. Parikshit allowed him to live in gambling houses, taverns, or pubs, the unchaste lives of women and men, slaughtering places, and gold.

During the reign of Parikshit, Kali stayed within the five places. However, after the death of Parikshit, Kali spread heinous acts into the wild and slowly into the whole world.

Kalki Kills the Demoness Kuthodari
After defeating Jina, Kalki would return to his kingdom, Shambhala. Rishis would tell him about the havoc caused by Demoness Kuthodari. She would be living in the Himalayas and would be gigantic. To kill Kuthodari, the Kalki avatar, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would leave Shambhala for the Himalayas.

There, Kalki and his great army would confront Kuthodari. She would consume Lord Kalki, his army, and elephants. At the dark belly of the Kuthodari, Kalki would light the fire with his arrows to blaze up using clothes, wood, and other materials. After the fire blazed up, Kalki would use his powerful sword to tear the right side of Kuthodari’s ribcage. Once Kalki and his soldiers are free from Kuthodari’s stomach, they may attack her with arrows until she dies.

Due to the death of Kuthodari, her five-year-old son, Vikanja, would start to torment soldiers. Seeing the destruction, Kalki would invoke Brahmastra and behead Vikanja.

Kalki Goes to Defeat the Demon Kali
After that, Kalki would wander in search of Kali in his favorite places with the army. When Kali hears about Kalki’s conquest, the demon may leave his kingdom, Vrikshasana. However, the military of Kalki, consisting of his brothers, nephews, and other Kings, would stop Kali. After that, the fierce battle between Kali and Kalki would begin. In the conquest, the Kalki avatar, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would kill the demons Koka and Vikoka.

Seeing Dharma and Satya Yuga coming, Kali would get injured. He would return to his capital on his donkey. Kalki’s army would defeat him. Dharma and Satya Yuga would enter Kali’s kingdom and set fire to his city. Kali would also be lit in the fire, but his wife and children would die. He would be distressed due to the death of his family and leave his kingdom to travel to another country.

Lord Kalki Travels to Bhallatanagara
Kalki would reach Bhallatanagar. He would be attacked by King Shashidhvaja, and a battle would start. They would fight and exhaust all their weapons. King Shashidhvaja would then knock out Kalki, and he would fall unconscious. Shashidhvaja would bring Kalki into his kingdom, along with Dharma and Satya Yuga.

Sushanta, the wife of Shashi Dhvaja, would see Lord Vishnu in front of her. She would get mesmerized and start singing praises to him. Kalki avatar, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would be satisfied by Sushanta and her prayers and come from his unconscious state.

Seeing Lord Kalki, King Shashidhvaja and Sushanta would tell him they would be devotees of him. They would also offer daughter Ramaa marriage with the Kalki avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Kalki Meets Vishkanya Sulochna
Kalki would return to Shambhala with Princess Ramaa. Thereafter, he would travel to Kanchannagar with his army. Kalki would kill the serpents to enter the fort. However, Kalki, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would not find any human beings there. He would hear a celestial voice that would guide him and tell him that if his army entered the city, they would die. Kalki should enter the city with his parrot to find the Vishkanya, Sulochana. Sulochana would not harm Kalki with her poison and would be free from the curse. She would leave Kanchannagar for Gandharva Loka and meet her husband.

Kalki Appoints Kings for Different Kingdoms
After returning from Kanchana Nagara to Shambhala, Kalki would appoint his colleagues, relatives, and kings to rule the different kingdoms that he would win. Kalki would spend a beautiful and memorable time with his wives on Earth. Satya Yuga would commence. Gods from heaven would resume moving freely, and the world would be free from disasters, diseases, cheating, stealing, duplicity, and lies.

Death of Kalki’s Parents
Sage Narada would come to meet Visnuyasa and advise him to perform severe austerities to leave the material body. Visnuyasa would suggest his son, Kalki, perform the sacrifice. Kalki’s mother, Sumati, would also be Sati.

Kalki Returns to Vaikuntha
After defeating Kali, Kalki, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would rule Shambhala for 1000 years. After his reign at Shambhala, the gods from heaven—Ghandhrvas, Apsaras, and others—would come and tell him about his mission on Earth.

Lord Kalki would inform the deities that he wanted to return to Vaikuntha with Padmavati and Ramaa. Kalki avatar, the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu, would hand over the rule of Shambhala to his four sons and then go into the forests with his wives. He would then go to the Himalayas for meditation and disappear in the blaze of thousands of suns with Padma and Ramaa.


Introduction to Kalki Avatar
Kalki is a God, who is unique in every sense of the word. He is an Avatar, which is yet to be taken, or a phenomenon that is expected to happen. Kalki is going to be the last of the ten famous incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the God of protection and sustenance.

The word Kalki itself is a sort of an enigma, carrying various interpretations. The term Kalki might have come from the word Kala, which means time. This way, Kalki may mean the end of time or eternity or the ‘one who will end time.’ There is also a Sanskrit word Kalka, which means dirt or filth. And Kalki may be the ‘one who will destroy filth’ or the ‘Lord who will put an end to evil.’

Significance of Kalki Avatar
We are living in the Kali Yuga when evil is expected to gain the upper hand over the good steadily. At some stage, the situation would deteriorate to such an extent that the world would be plagued almost entirely by unadulterated evil and the good might land at the brink of extinction. It is believed that Lord Vishnu would incarnate at that crucial point of time, to annihilate evil. With that, he shall virtually end time also. Kalki incarnation is thus expected to mark the end of the evil Kaliyuga, the current Kali Epoch, and usher in the virtuous Krita or Satya Yuga.

Depiction of Kalki Avatar
Lord Kalki is generally depicted as an aggressive warrior adorned in war attire, and galloping in a majestic white horse Devadatta, holding a blazing sword in his hand.

Mythology behind Kalki Avatar
There are many ancient scriptures, which speak about the advent of archetype Kalki and the time of his incarnation. Vishnu Purana is considered to have referred to Kalki first. Kalki Purana and Srimad Bhagavata Purana make references to this incarnation and the event that are going to happen in future, while Buddhist holy texts also make predictions about Kalki. However, there are wide variations and lack of precision in many such details provided.

Parashurama is the 6th Avatar of Lord Vishnu, who is immortal. Some scriptures believe that this very aggressive warrior sage is eagerly awaiting Kalki’s arrival for teaching him military science, warfare and the skill for using weapons. They also believe that under the guidance of Parashurama, Kalki would do severe penance, obtain immense spiritual strength along with divine weapons, annihilate the perpetrators of crimes mercilessly, rid the world of evil, establish the rule of virtue, bring back the noble Satya Yuga and then return to his heavenly abode as Lord Vishnu .

While one ancient text indicates the time of Kalki’s arrival as ‘21 fortnights from the birth of Krishna’ and another as, ‘Margashirsha month, Krishna Ashtami, 8th day after full moon’, modern scholars have tried their own interpretations. Some calculations have also been made on the basis that the present Kali Yuga which is traditionally believed to last for 4,32,000 years, has begun only in 3102 BC and hence, either Kalki Avatar is far away in time, or a different interpretation needs to be given regarding this anticipated incarnation.

Blessings of Worshipping Kalki Avatar
Idols of Kalki, as a horse-riding warrior and even as a horse-faced divinity, are worshipped in some temples, especially in those dedicated to the 10 Avatars of Lord Vishnu. However, the deity called Karuppaswamy is regarded by many as a representation of Kalki. Called Kalki Karuppaswamy, there are many temples for him, especially in villages. It is believed that his worship would be of great benefit in this Kali Yuga and that he shall remove delays, instill love and mutual affection, and cement relationships for a happy living.

Events Related to Kalki Avatar
There is a belief that the Lord would descend on earth as Kalki to wipe out evil on the day of Shukla Paksha Sashti of Shravan month (sixth lunar day of the Moon’s bright fortnight during July – August). Devotees observe that occasion as Kalki Jayanthi.


Kalki Avatar Of Lord Vishnu
Kalki Avatar too is an important incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is yet to take this Avatar. As per mythological texts, Kalki incarnation will take place in the last phase of Kali Yuga. Right now the first phase of Kali Yuga is going on based on Yuga calculation.

When is Kalki Jayanti celebrated
The festival of Kalki Jayanti is celebrated on the Shashti Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month. According to the scriptures, the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu will take place in the last phase of Kali Yuga and will be known as Kalki Avatar. This incarnation will be in the Sandhi period of Kali Yuga and Satyuga, which will consist of 64 forms of art.

Kalki avatar time
According to mythology, Shri Vishnu’s will incarnate as Kalki at Sambhal in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. He will be born to a Brahmin couple named Vishnuyasha. Lord Vishnu will ride on a white colored horse in the Kalki Avatar. He will end all evil by riding on the horse. He will destroy the sinners and protect religion once again.

The 24th verse of the 12th Skanda in Srimad Bhagavad Gita talks about Shri Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar. According to this, Lord Vishnu will be born as Kalki when Jupiter, Sun and Moon are together in Pushya Nakshatra. As per mythological beliefs, Satyuga will commence only after Lord Vishnu incarnates in the Kalki Avatar.

Why does Lord Vishnu take this Avatar?
Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanirbhavati Bharata

Abhythanamadharmasya Tadatmanam Srijamyaham

Paritranaya Sadhunang Vinashay Cha Dushkritam

Dharmasangsthapanarthay Sambhabami Yuge Yuge

In this verse given in the Gita, Shri Krishna says, Whenever there will be a loss of Dharma on this earth and Adharma will increase, I will be born on this earth. I will take birth in every age to protect gentlemen and sages, I will ensure the destruction of wrong people and sinners and ensure the establishment of Dharma. This has been the main essence of every incarnation of God. Lord Shri Narayan is hence incarnated in every age to eliminate the sufferings of the world and to establish goodness once again.

What are the ten Avatars of Vishnu?
Shri Vishnu took a total of 10 different Avatars in different forms. These Avatars are a symbol of his Leela. He took these Avatars in every age to save all the devotees and protect religion. The various forms of Lord Vishnu are described in detail in the Vedas-Puranas. There are 24 Avatars of Lord Vishnu, out of which ten Avatars were the most important. His main incarnation was the Matsya Avatar. The 10 dominant Avatars were as follows:

Lord Vishnu incarnates as a fish and protects the earth when it gets submerged in water. In the Koorm Avatar, Lord Vishnu holds the mountain on his back at the time of Samudra Manthan. The Devas and Asuras churn the sea and obtain fourteen gems because of this. In the Varah Avatar, Lord Vishnu protects the earth by killing a demon named Hiranyaksha. Lord Vishnu also protects his devotee Prahlada by killing Hiranyakashipu in Narasimha Avatara.

In Vamana Avatar, Lord Vishnu measures three Lokas with three steps and protects the Devas from King Bali. In Treta Yuga, Lord Vishnu kills Ravana in the form of Rama and establishes the win of good over bad. In Dwapar Yuga, he destroys Kansa in the form of Krishnavatar and protects religion.

Lord Vishnu destroys sinners by taking the Parshuram Avatar and finally as per mythological scriptures, he will incarnate in Kalki Avatar at the end of Kali Yuga. He will take this Avatar to eradicate the suffering of people by ending sinners. Thus Lord Vishnu protects religion in all ages and frees people from the hands of the oppressors.

The difference of opinion related to Kalki Avatar
Among the various incarnations of God, this is the most disputed and full of confusion. This Avatar has remained a question mark as there has not been a unanimous opinion on Kalki Avatar a unanimous opinion able to make it completely unanimous opinion. Some believe the Avatar has already taken place, others believe that it will take place at the end of Kalyug. According to the Kalki Purana, Lord Vishnu will incarnate in Kalki form in Kali Yuga. God will then start the golden age once again. A description of the Kalki Avatar is also found in the Skanda Purana.

In some religious texts and prose, the description and praise found for Kalki Avatar is such that it indicates that this Avatar has already been incarnated. According to the Vayu Purana, Lord Vishnu was born in Kalki Avatar at the final stage of Kali Yuga. In this, Dattatreya, Vyas, Kalki, are praised and are called the incarnations of Vishnu. The description of Kalki is found in the Matsya Purana of Dwapara and Kali Yuga of the Matsya Purana. According to poets Jayadev and Chandidas, Kalki’s incarnation have already taken place. Similar evidence is also found in the Buddhist and Jain texts which are related to Kalki. Description of an emperor known as Kalki is found in the Jain Puranas. According to which, Kalki emperor’s reign took place thousands of years after the death of Mahavira.

So there are several differences of opinion with regards to Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar. At times it may not be possible to conclude anything based on arguments and devotion. Ramamyan’s this Chopai describes this situation aptly “जेहिके जही पर सत्य स्नेहु सो तेहि मिलेयी ना कछु सन्देहु”

How did Kalyuga arrive?
The beginning of Kalyuga is believed to have started since the time of King Parikshit. There is a legend behind this, according to which, once the king was passing through his kingdom and on the way he sees a very well built person hitting a cow and an ox. The bull was very beautiful, it was white and had only one leg. The cow was also beautiful like Kamadhenu.

Seeing the condition of both those animals, King Parikshit scolds the well built man for persecuting the weak animals. The king then decides to punish the man. The man starts trembling with fear, falls to the feet of the King and asks for forgiveness.

At the same time, the bull comes back to its original form which is religion and the cow too comes back to its original form as earth. Both of them share their woes with the king. The well built man represented the Kalyug.

Emperor Parikshit, on requesting Kali Yuga’s pardon, gives his life and orders him to leave. In this way, the Kali Yuga says that the whole earth belongs to you and at this time my presence on earth is in accordance with time, because the copper is over and I have to come.

On Kali Yuga’s insistence, emperor Pratishit forgives him, grants his life and asks him to leave. In response, Kali Yuga says that he has nowhere to go as the entire earth belongs to Emperor Pratiskshit. Moreover, as Dwapara Yuga is over he cannot leave as it’s his time.

On this, the King, after much consideration, gives Kali Yuga a place to live between gambling, drinking, adultery, violence and gold. At that very moment, Kali Yuga is established forever in these places and Kali Yuga arrives on the earth. Kalki the incarnation of Lord Vishnu will end this Kalyug.