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“God’s light is within you, It never leaves you.”

Hindu mythology dedicates every single day of a week to a particular deity or the celestial body. The divine scripture “Muhurt Shastra” dedicates Guruvar or Brihaspativar (Thursday) to Lord Brihaspati, the Guru of all Gods and Lord of the largest and simmering planet Jupiter. India Hindus observe a fast on this day to worship Lord Brihaspati to receive His gracious blessings.

Astrologically speaking, planet Jupiter is the teacher of the science of light, which is astrology and astronomy.

This supreme planet (among NavGraha) is directly associated with the principles of growth, success, healing, vision, intellectual, knowledge, spirituality, possibilities, prosperity, financial stability, good fortune, and miracles.

Many devotees from the Hindu religion observe a Guruvar fast to please Lord Brihaspati with a faith that He is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

When to start this Thursday Fast?:

A devotee can start the Thursday fast, Vrat, from the first Thursday falling in the Shukla Paksha (the rising-waxing phase of the moon) of a lunar month except for the month of Paush.

This auspicious ritual begins at dawn and ends in the evening. It is believed that observing 16 continuous Thursday fast or for a period of 3 years brings desired results to that person.

Procedure for Thursday fast, Vrat:

The Thursday fast, Vrat, begins from sunrise, so a devotee must finish his/her morning routine before the sunrise. As per sacred books, devotee should not wash their hair-head, clothes and do not shave on this holy day.

• Wearing yellow-colored clothes and using yellow-colored foods and flowers are considered

auspicious because yellow color is associated with the planet Jupiter.

• Place the idol or pictures of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati in a neat and clean place after sprinkling water from a holy river.

• Thereafter offer some yellow-colored flowers, garlands, yellow rice, and food items like banana, yellow-colored sweets like Laddu, Besan ka halwa as Prasad to the deities.

• Light a Diya with cow ghee and incense sticks in front of the Idols. Applying a yellow Tilak-mark on the forehead is also considered auspicious.

• Sit in a meditative position then chant Guru mantras and recite Guruvar Vrat Katha to praise Lord Brihaspati.

• Perform the aarti and prayer to conclude the puja.

• The observer of this Vrat may opt for a complete fast or can have one meal after completion of the puja with some yellow colored fruits and foods made of gram dal or gram flour, however, the food-eatables should not have salt.

• Donation of yellow items like clothes, foods, and turmeric in the temple or to the poor is considered most auspicious on this day.

Mantras to recite:

• “Om Brim Brhaspataye Namah”

• “Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah”

Significance of observing Thursday Fast:

• A man could earn health, wealth, and fame. Observing Guruvar Vrat helps to develop knowledge and wisdom with the blessing of Lord Brihaspati as He is the epicentre of wisdom and Guru of all gods.

• Hindu sacred books describe that Lord Brihaspati is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, so, observing this fast with pure heart fulfils all the desires of a devotee.

• Vedic literature and ancient Hindu texts advocate that celebrating Guruvar Vart and offering prayers to planet Jupiter, destroys all accumulated sins of a devotee and tranquilizes his greed and fluctuating mind with wisdom.

Guruvar Vrat Katha / Thursday Fast story:

Once upon a time, there was a rich man called Dayavan.

He had a big bungalow; he used to observe fast every Thursday and offer worships.

This was something his wife named Natasha detested very much. Neither she observed fasts nor did she give a single rupee in charity. She used to argue and forbid her husband also from doing so.

Once it so happened; When a saint came to her house and asked Natasha to give alms.

she said. “O Saint! I am fed up with making regular charities tell me some way by means of which all this wealth comes to an end and I will live peacefully”.

God Brihaspati in the disguise of a saint said “O lady you are a very strange person; no wise person on Earth ever considers her children and wealth as the cause of their plight?

If you have a lot of money, it is easy for you to perform a number of auspicious deeds and to live happily. Hearing this, Natasha said,

“I don’t want such wealth which I may have to give to others in charity and to waste all my valuable time on such activities”.

The saint said “If this is your final wish then, do as I say, On Thursdays wake up late after sunrise, apply yellow clay on your hair while washing, cook your food without cleansing your kitchen, eat meat and wine during meals, give your clothes to washerman for washing and if you do this for 16 consecutive Thursdays, all your wealth will be destroyed” saying this God Brihaspati vanished from that place.

Natasha started acting on the advice of the saint and hardly within 7 consecutive Thursdays all of her wealth destroyed.

The rich man’s family became poor and the family lived in starvation. Once Natasha and Dayavan had no food for seven continuous days, and the lady went to neighbours’ place begging for food. It was Thursday.

The owner of the neighbouring house called his wife, Bhagyalaxmi, a virtuous lady who was busy worshiping Lord Brihaspati and listening to Vrat Katha (story) at that time.

After completion of the puja, Bhagyalaxmi spoke to Natasha and came to knew about her painful story. Bhagyalaxmi donated a lot of food to Natasha and suggested her to observe Vrat, fast for 16 consecutive Thursday with complete faith and devotion to regain all her wealth and fame. And she advised her, the rules and procedures for Guruvar fast.

Natasha started worshiping Lord Brihaspati with a fast every Thursday and Dayavan started getting new business offers from his old friend circle.

Thereafter, both Dayavan and Natasha observed Guruvar fast regularly, and lived a happy life with the divine blessings of Lord Brihaspati.

Summary: Rigveda the oldest among Vedas describes Lord Brihaspati as a sage born from the first cosmic light, the one who drives away darkness, and is pure and sattva.

Astrologically, Brihaspati is the Lord (Swami) of planet Jupiter and is part of the Navagraha in the Hindu zodiac system, considered auspicious and benevolent.

Hindus worship Lord Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu every Thursday as per the teachings of sacred scriptures. Observing Guruvar Vrat, fast is considered auspicious to have the divine blessing of Lord Brihaspati.


Guruvar Vrat: Fasting Method, Significance, Vrat Katha and Mantras

As per the ‘Muhurat Shastra’, Guruvar or Thursday is dedicated to the worship of Lord Brihaspati, the Guru of all Gods, and the largest planet in the solar system. In Hinduism, devotees observe a Guruvar Vrat to worship Lord Brihaspati and get all their desires fulfilled. From an astrological point of view, the Planet Jupiter is known to be the guiding path in studies for students. This powerful planet is directly related to various principles of growth and development of human beings such as knowledge, vision, intellect, opportunities, financial progress, luck, fortune, wealth, prosperity and spirituality. A huge number of Hindu devotees observe the Guruvar Vrat to please Lord Brihaspati with the faith that he’s an avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

When Can You Begin the Thursday Fast?

Devotees willing to observe the fast should start it from the first Thursday of the Shukla Paksha of any lunar month except for the Paush month. This vrat is easy since it begins at dawn and gets over in the evening. The Guruvar Vrat should be observed for 16 consecutive Thursdays for a minimum of 3 years to bring in the most fruitful results.

Guruvar Vrat Fasting Method

  • The devotees must wake up early in the morning and finish their morning rituals before sunrise.
  • As per the rules, the devotees observing the Guruvar Vrat or Thursday Fast shouldn’t wash their hair or shave their heads on this sacred day.
  • It’s considered auspicious to wear yellow-coloured clothes and offer yellow flowers to the Lord since the colour yellow is associated with the planet Jupiter. 
  • Install the idol or images of Lord Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu on a clean podium after sprinkling Gangajal in the puja place.
  • Then offer yellow flowers, sandalwood, ghee lamps, incense sticks and yellow rice, fruits, sweets and Halwa as Bhog to the deities. 
  • Offer your prayers and Chant the mantras of Lord Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu. Then read or recite the Guruvar Vrat Katha.
  • Finally, do the Aarti and distribute the prasad to conclude your puja.
  • The devotees observing the Vrat can consume one meal after completing the puja or they can opt for a complete fast too. If they consume food after the puja, the food shouldn’t contain onion, garlic, salt and meat.
  • Donating yellow-coloured items like turmeric, cooked food, clothes etc to the poor and needy is considered auspicious.

Mantras to recite during Guruvar Vrat

|| Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah ||

|| Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah ||

Significance of Observing Guruvar Vrat 

  • Guruvar Vrat is believed to help the devotees in earning name, fame, health, wealth and prosperity.
  • This fast helps in receiving the divine grace of Lord Brihaspati who is known to be the epicentre of wisdom and the Guru of all Gods.
  • As per Hindu mythological stories, Lord Brihaspati is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, therefore observing this Vrat with full devotion helps to please Lord Vishnu and thus the fulfilment of all desires and wishes.
  • According to astrology and Vedic texts, observing the Guruvar Vrat and worshipping the planet Jupiter helps to get rid of the malefic effects of Jupiter from the horoscope, leading to freedom from all past sins and helps a person gain control over his fluctuating mind, greed and anger.

Guruvar Vrat Katha 

Once there lived a rich man named Dayavan. He lived in a big bungalow and was a very religious man. He always observed the Guruvar Vrat and offered prayers to Lord Brihaspati every Thursday. His wife Natasha didn’t like her husband’s religious side much. She didn’t believe in all this and never observed any kind of fast. Natasha never donated things to the poor and needy too. She always used to fight with her husband for doing too much charity work. Once a saint arrived at their house and asked Natasha for some alms. To this Natasha replied, “Oh Saint ! I’m performing charities regularly. Tell me a way in which all this wealth can get exhausted so that we can live a life peacefully”. 

Lord Brihaspati disguised in the form of a saint was surprised and asked the lady how strange she is to consider her wealth as the cause of her plight and suffering. The saint tried to convey to Natasha that if she has a lot of wealth, she can utilize that wealth in doing a lot of auspicious activities such as pujas and making donations to the poor and needy. To this Natasha replied that “I don’t want wealth which would get wasted for charity and donation purposes.” She clearly stated that making charity is a waste of their valuable money and time. 

Fasting Story Cont’d.

Lord Brihaspati, (dressed in the form of a saint) got very angry with Natasha’s words and destroyed all their wealth and made them very poor. They struggled to find two meals a day and lived in starvation. Once, on a Thursday, Dayavan and Natasha had no food to eat for seven days continuously, therefore they went to their neighbour’s house begging for food. They saw that the owner of that house and his wife Bhagyalaxmi were busy worshipping Lord Brihaspati and listening to a Vrat Katha at that time. When they completed the puja, Bhagyalaxmi spoke to Natasha and got to know about their plight. 

Bhagyalaxmi donated a sufficient amount of food to the couple and advised Natasha to observe the Guruvar Vrat for 16 consecutive Thursdays with utmost dedication to get rid of these sufferings and earn back their lost wealth and prosperity. She explained the fasting rules to Natasha too. Natasha started worshipping Lord Brihaspati and observing the Vrat with full dedication. Immediately, Dayavan started getting new offers in business from his old friends and acquaintances. Very soon they gained back all their lost wealth and led a happy life. Since then, both Dayavan and Natasha regularly observed the Guruvar Vrat or Thursday Fast to receive the divine grace of Lord Brihaspati. 

Brihaspati Vrat

Jupiter or Lord Brihaspati

Jupiter, the King-sized planet in our Solar system is correspondingly called as Guru (Leader of Gods and Heavenly bodies) or Brihaspati. Because of its enormousness, Guru has an immense effect on every planet around us and also has a very great significance in Vedic Astrology by making us Generous, Intellectual, Knowledgeable, Rich, Well-mannered and most importantly guiding us to propagate in the most exceptionally righteous path. He is the master of Vedas and a supreme powerhouse of knowledge & wisdom.  Jupiter Homam is the most reliable way to bring the prominent benefits of Guru, by addressing exact needs.

Brihaspati Puja

Seven days of a week are correspondingly dedicated to seven specific Gods in Hinduism, as per the religious beliefs. Among them, Brihaspativar refers to Thursday, and the day is also entitled to Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati, the Devguru. Being the Legendary Planet and also Lord Medha Dakshinamoorthy (Guru of all Devas), Thursday is called as Gurubar or Guruvar. People wear Yellow clothes after taking a bath, Observe a fast, Perform Pujas & Homam, Offer Flowers, Fruits & Snack to the Deity as they recite Brihaspatiwar Vrata Katha to taste the nectar of success and to attain rigid health benefits.

The Substance of Brihaspati Vrat or Brihaspati Puja

Revering the Guru by performing Puja for Lord Brihaspati on every Thursdays can fetch good results in career growth, business areas, and also in family life. Worshipping Lord Brihaspati not only improve the life standard of the married couples but also cultivates the seeds of wisdom & virtue into their children minds. In the universal scheme of things, Brihaspati is very widely known to grant the fatherhood boon for childless men.

Ceremony and Practice of Brihaspati Puja

Customs in Home

  • Devotees wear Yellow clothes, offer Yellow fruits & flowers, Bhog & Prasad to Prominent deities namely Vishnu and Brihaspati to perform Pujas and smear their forehead with Chandan (Yellow Sandalwood Paste)
  • Houses and Temples are usually illuminated with a Ghee Lamp
  • Never say ‘no’ to the one that seeks your help needy as it is considered as the highest form of reverence to the Lord.

In Temples

  • As Hanuman has been originated right from Vishnu Purana, it is considered auspicious to visit Hanuman temples on Thursdays


  • When there are no Vishnu and Brihaspati temples nearby, one can also worship Banana tree as it a representation of this Puja

Brihaspati Vrat Vidhi

  • Yellow clothes, flowers, fruits and sweets
  • Water
  • Tulsi leaves
  • Chandan (Sandalwood paste)
  • Agarbatti
  • BrihaspativarVrat Katha
  • Copper Plate
  • Brihaspati Yantra

Reciting the divine mantra “Aum Hreem Kleem Hoom Brihaspataye Namah” 108 times every day brings unmatchable growth in wealth and career. Devotees intake food only once during the Vrat day, preferably evening after the Puja is done. This Vrat is observed for 7, 11, 21, 40, 48, 51, or 108 days. When this practice is devotionally carried out for the entire lifetime, it is called as Brihaspati Sanma (Janma) Vrat.

Advantages of Performing Brihaspati Vrat or Guruvar Vrat
  • Guruvar Vrat is prominently performed by people who do not have a strong and effective Jupiter in their natal charts
  • Jupiter brings in Luck & Good fortune, resulting in ultimate victory, valor, success and great accomplishments.
  • Jupiter plays a key role in unlocking the intellectual and spiritual doors of the mind to unfold greater goods
  • Lord Medha Dakshinamoorthy when pleased, settles down the marriage life of his devotees with peace and progress.
  • When Lord Brihaspati is delighted, he blesses his worshippers with a child possessing abundant wisdom.
  • People who are already enjoying the Benefits of Jupiter receive further enlightenment, fame, and recognition through this special Puja.
  • Brihaspati Vrat is known to improve people’s health & wealth simultaneously by maintaining a substantial growth in Domestic & Business arenas.

5 Auspicious Foods To Eat On A Thursday Or Guruvaar

Thursdays are considered to be particularly auspicious according to Hinduism, and just like on most auspicious days, there are certain foods you should be including in your diet or offering to the gods on Thursdays.From the North Indian Kadhi to Basanti Pulao and Rava Kesari, read on to know more about these auspicious Thursday foods

In major parts of the Indian subcontinent, no matter what your mother tongue is, Thursday is known as Guruvaar, Brihaspativaar or Veervaar. According to Hindu religion, the day is named after Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter), the deity for knowledge, wisdom, wealth, prosperity and justice. Appearing first in the Rig Veda, this Hindu deity is revered as the Guru or teacher by all. Thursday is also a day dedicated to the worship of Lord Vishnu as well as Shirdi Sai Baba.

Naturally, the day is considered auspicious across multiple regions. And just like on most days considered auspicious according to Hinduism, there are certain foods recommended for inclusion and exclusion in the diet. For example, moong dal is considered inauspicious on this day, which is why most people avoid eating moong dal khichdi on Thursdays. On the other hand, yellow foods, flowers and even clothes are considered auspicious on this day. So, what is it that you can and should consume or offer to the gods on Thursdays? Read on to find out.


While there are many varieties of Kadhi from across India, we are referring here to the North Indian version. Made with yoghurt, turmeric, chickpea or gram flour and other spices, the North Indian savoury Kadhi is prepared across Indian households. It’s considered to be particularly auspicious on Thursdays because the dish is yellow and prepared with yoghurt. Many even choose to add pakodas to the Kadhi, making it a wholesome Thursday meal when paired with rice.

Chana Dal

While moong dal is considered inauspicious on Thursdays, chana dal consumption is considered to be appropriate because it symbolizes good luck where health and wealth are concerned. You could simply make a Chana Dal Tadka to pair with rice, or opt to make Puran Poli. The latter dish includes both chana dal and gud or jaggery (which is also an auspicious ingredient according to Ayurveda), making it a doubly auspicious dish to have.

Basanti Pulao

Now here’s a dish you can not only cook up on Thursdays, but also on other festivals like Basant Panchami. Rice, saffron, ghee, dry fruits and sugar—all considered to be auspicious ingredients and included in most Hindu rituals for prosperity and abundance—go into the making of the simple yet delicious Basanti Pulao. Also known as Meetha Pulao, this yellow dish is very easy to prepare.

Besan Laddoo

This melt-in-the-mouth sweet is popular across India, and not only as a prasad on Thursdays. In this case, it’s the auspicious marriage of gram flour, ghee and jaggery or sugar that makes this sweetmeat the perfect offering for the gods. Slow roasting gram flour in ghee until it turns golden and aromatic is quite the cumbersome task if you’re not used to making Indian sweets—which is why most people opt to buy freshly crafted Besan Laddoos at their local halwai’s.

Guruwar Vrat : Thursday Fast Ensures The Blessings Of Lord Vishnu

It is considered important for the planet Jupiter to be in a favourable position in the birth chart of any native. If this is not the case then the native may have to face troubles in life. In such a situation, Thursday Fast or the Guruwar Vrat is considered very effective to strengthen the planet Jupiter and also to acquire the blessings of Lord Vishnu. As we all know, Brihaspati Dev/Jupiter is also called the Guru of the Gods, and according to Vedic astrology, Brihaspati Dev can easily solve each and every problem in life.

Thursday Fast : Significance of the Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is believed to be the significator of one’s marital status, knowledge, destiny etc. Therefore, if Thursday fast and some special measures are carried out on Thursday for good fortunes, then one can be liberated from the difficulties in life. Let us now know about the Vidhi of Thursday fast (Guruwar Vrat Vidhi) and special measures to be done on this day.

Guruwar Vrat : Significance of the Thursday Fast

The science of astrology states that Jupiter is the significator of the state of one’s married life, wisdom, fate, and more. Therefore, performing these Thursday remedies on the occasion of Guruwar Vrat can help us eradicate the problems in our lives.

The presence of Guru Dosha in a native’s birth chart can affect his/her personal life. Due to this, delays in marriage are probable, and so are the problems in the lives of married natives. On this note, today we will be discussing the possible remedies to eliminate Guru Dosha from your kundli and attain a positive outlook in life in such difficult times.

Thursday Fast : Rituals to Follow

Take a bath early in the morning on Thursday, and wear yellow clothes on this day if possible. On this day, go to the Vishnu temple and worship and use yellow flowers, yellow sweets, turmeric etc. for worship. In this fast, worship the banana tree and offer pulses to the root of the banana tree. After this, light a lamp and worship the banana tree. If possible, recite the Vrat Katha by sitting near the banana tree. Do not use salt in this fast and if possible, eat only yellow dishes after the evening Aarti.

Guruwar Vrat : Thursday Remedies & Solutions

If the position of Jupiter is favorable in a person’s horoscope, then it increases the knowledge of the person, the child gets happiness,marriage prospects get created from time to time and luck tends to favour you. On the other hand, if the position of Jupiter is weak in a person’s horoscope, it may cause delays in the marriage of the person, difficulty in procuring children and troubles in other areas of life. To avoid the harmful effects of Jupiter Dev, you can try these remedies on Thursday.

•              During the Guruwar Vrat/Thursday fast, the harmful effects of Guru/Jupiter can be avoided by donating informative books written by scholars.

•              To remove Guru Dosha, take a pinch of turmeric in your bath water and take a bath while observing a Thursday fast. Along with this, while bathing, chant the mantra “Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya” and apply saffron Tilak on the forehead.

•              Keep the Thursday fast (Guruwar Vrat) and if possible, offer water in a banana plant and worship it. Doing this resolves the interruptions in the marriage.

•              On Thursday, offer prayers to Lord Vishnu (Bhagwan Vishnu) especially after getting up and taking bath before sunrise and recite Vishnu Sahasranama strota.

•              To strengthen the position of the Guru in the horoscope, take special care when lending to someone on Thursday. Due to the transaction of money, Jupiter tends to be weak and may also face financial constraints.

•              If you observe the Thursday fast, then definitely listen to the Vrat Katha of Satyanarayana on this day.

•              To get the special blessings of Brihaspati Dev, on this day especially install the idol of Brihaspati Dev on a yellow cloth with proper rituals, worship him with sandalwood and yellow flowers. Also, offer gram dal and jaggery in the Prasad.

Thursday Fast : Things to Keep in Mind

In addition to all these, one must remember that washing or cutting your hair and using soap, shampoo, surf, etc., on Thursday are forbidden in the Hindu culture. As per Jyotish Shastra, cutting your hair on this day weakens our economic prospects and creates obstacles in childbirth. Natives who are hoping to get married should not wash their hair on this day because it is considered inauspicious and believed that it creates delays in one’s marriage. Moreover, if married women wash their hair on this day, it can create hurdles in their married life. Especially for the men, getting their hair or beards cut on a Thursday is said to decrease their longevity.

Further, if you want to know more, then you can click here to check our exclusive web story on Thursday Remedies.

Thursday Mantras to Get Rid of Financial And Other Such Problems

So as to eliminate the negative effects of Lord Jupiter and to gain his blessings, one can chant the following mantras, nineteen thousand times, on Thursday. This not only resolves our financial problems but also helps in ending other upcoming issues in life quite easily. One should definitely recite these mantras on Thursday:

•              ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नमः। / oṃ bṛṃ bṛhaspataye namaḥ

•              ॐ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरवे नम:। / oṃ grāṃ grīṃ grauṃ sa: gurave nama:

•              ॐ ऐं श्रीं बृहस्पतये नम:। / oṃ aiṃ śrīṃ bṛhaspataye nama:

•              ॐ गुं गुरवे नम:। / oṃ guṃ gurave nama:

•              ॐ क्लीं बृहस्पतये नम:। / oṃ klīṃ bṛhaspataye nama:

Brahaspativar Vrata Katha – Magic of Fasting on Thursday

Brahaspativar Vrata Katha – Magic of Fasting on Thursday

Importance of observance of fast, its method and Aarti

Observance of this fast brings fulfillment of all wishes and Brihaspati God becomes happy. One observing this fast attains wealth learning sons and fulfillment of wishes. The family enjoys happiness and peace. This is the reason why observing fast on Thursdays is considered to be yielding best results.

While observing this fast one should worship Banana tress only, while listening to stories related to Brihaspati God and while offering your worships, you should keep your heart, deeds and words pure and clean and pray for fulfillment of your wishes. Take meals only once a day your meals should contain Gram Pulses. Salt should not be taken, wear yellow clothes, eat yellow fruit, and offer your worships with yellow sandalwood paste. After offering worships one should listen to stories related to Brihaspati God.

Story related to Observance of fast on Thursdays’

It is a story of ancient times – There was a king who was very powerful and munificent he use to observe fast on every Thursday and offer worships. This was something his Queen detested very much neither she observed fasts nor did she give a single paisa in charity. She used to forbid the king also from doing so. Once it so happened that the king went to the forest to hunt wild game, there were only the Queen and her maids in the palace. Meanwhile, Guru Brihaspati donned in the disguise of a saint, came to the palace to collect alms. When the saint asked the Queen to give alms she said. “O Saint! I am fed up of making charities tell me some way by means of which all this wealth comes to an end and I may live comfortably”. Brihaspati God in disguise of saint said “O Devi you are very strange is there anyone on earth to whom children and wealth become the cause of their plight? If you have a lot of money you may perform auspicious deeds with it and this will keep you happy in this world and in heaven both”. But the saint’s sermons did not make the queen happy she said “I don’t want such wealth which I may have to give to others in charity or I may have to waste all my time taking care of it”.

The Saint said If this is what you wish, Do as I say, On Thursday’s smear your house with cow dung, apply yellow clay to your hair while washing it and take bath at the same time, take meat and wine during meals, give your clothes to washer man for washing and if you do this for 7 consecutive Thursday’s, all your wealth will be destroyed saying this Brihaspati God in guise of a saint, vanished.

Hardly three consecutive Thursday’s had passed, acting on the advice of the saint that all the wealth of the queen was destroyed. The family began starving. One day the king said to the queen “O Queen! You stay here and let me go to some other country so that I may earn my livelihood engaging myself in ordinary jobs in my own country wont suit my status”. Saying this king set out to some other country. There he began earning his livelihood by cutting firewood from forest and selling these in the town.

The queen and her maids had begun feeling the absence of the king. Once when the queen and her maids had to starve for seven continuous days the queen said to one of her maids “My sister lives in the nearby town she is very wealthy go and bring something from her so that we may manage our meals for a few days”. The maid went to the house of queen’s sister it was Thursday. The queen’s sister was listening to stories related to Brihaspati God the maid conveyed the message to the queen to her but she gave no reply. The maid was greatly aggrieved to get no reply from the queen’s sister she also became very angry. The maid returned and told everything to the queen the helpless as she had become began cursing her fate.

On the other side the queen’s sister thought – “My sister’s maid had come and getting no reply from me, she must have been terribly aggrieved”. So after listening to stories related to Brishaspati God and having offered her worships, she came to the palace of the queen and began saying “O sister! I was observing fast in the worship of Brihaspati God. Meanwhile, your maid happened to come, but since, during the period while one is listening to the stories related to a deity, one is neither supposed to speak nor is one supposed to leave the place of worship. I too had to observe silence. Now please tell me why you had sent your maid to my house”

The queen said “Sister! I had sent my maid to your house because we had nothing to eat” and saying these eyes welled up with tears. She told her sister how she had been starving along with her maids. The queen’s sister said “Look, Brishaspati God fulfills everyone’s wishes go and look inside you may find grains somewhere in your palace”. Hearing this one of the maids went inside to check and found a pitcher full of grains in a corner. The maid was greatly surprised as she had checked all the vessels and pitchers earlier and they were all empty. She came and informed the queen of her finding the maid said to the queen “O queen! In a way we can say that we observe fast when we have nothing to eat so why not inquire from your sister about the method of observing this fast and then we too shall observe fast”.

On the advice of her maid, the queen inquired from her sister about observance of fasts in the worship of Brihaspati God. Her sister said “During observance of fast in worship of Brihaspati God once should offer Gram pulses and raisins to the root of Banana tree and worship Lord Vishnu”/ Take meals prepared with yellow materials and listen to stories related to Brihaspati God. This pleases the deity and he fulfills all wishes”. Having given details of method regarding observance of fasts and offering worships the queen’s sister returned home.

The queen and her maid both decided that they would definitely offer their worships to Brihaspati God, so after seven days they observed fast. They went and collected Grams and Jaggery from the stable and offering gram pulses to root of banana tree. They worshipped Lord Vishnu, Now from where to get meals prepared with yellow materials? They became very sad, but since they had observed the fast, Brihaspati God was pleased with them he came in the guise of a very ordinary person with two platters full of meals made of yellow materials, in his hands. He handed it over to the maid and said “O maid! This is for you and your queen, both of you should take it”. The maid became very happy to get the food; she came and told everything to the queen.

And since then both began observing fasts and offering their worships to Brihaspati God. With the kind blessings of Brihaspati God they began prospering once again. But the queen again became very lethargic like she was before. Then her maid said “Look queen! earlier too you used to be very lethargic and it was a painful job for you to take care of your money and wealth and this is the reason why you lost all your wealth and now when we are prospering again with the blessings of Brihaspati God you are being lazy like earlier times, it is with great difficulty that we have regained our prosperity and so we must make charities now. Now you should give food to the starving, arrange water for thirsty travelers, make charities to the Brahmins arrange construction of wells ponds tanks of water temples and schools for imparting knowledge arrange marriages of unmarried girls. I mean to say that you should start spending for good causes and this will bring name and fame to your family, ensure entitlement to heavenly abode for yourself and your ancestors will also be pleased”.

Acting on the advice of her maid the queen began spending for good causes which earned her a very good name,

One day the queen and her maid began thinking “God knows how the king is and under what circumstances he is surviving” they offered prayers to Brihaspati God with great devotion. “Wherever be the king, may he return the soonest”?

On the other side the king, in a foreign land, was leading a very sad life; he would bring firewood from the forest every day and manage his living with great difficulty by selling it in the market of the town. One day remembering his good old days he became very sad and began weeping,

Just then Brihaspati God in the guise of a saint came and spoke to the king. “O woodcutter why is it that you are sitting alone in this desolate forest? What is it that worries you? Tell me”.

Hearing this kings eyes welled up with tears he offered his situations to the saint and narrated his plight. Saints are very kind at heart he said to the king “O king your wife had committed a crime against Brihaspati God and it is because of that crime that you are undergoing these problems you need not worry now God will give you more than what you possessed earlier Look your wife has already begun observing fasts on Thursdays now you too should take gram pulses and jiggery, put them in a mug full of water and offer to worships to banana tree with it. And after this either narrate the stories related to Brihaspati God or listen to it, God will fulfill all your wishes“.

Hearing he saint speak thus the king said “O Saint it is with great difficulty that I earn my livelihood by selling firewood I am not able to save single paise form my earnings last night I saw my queen in great mental distress in my dream, it’s in no way possible for me to know her wellbeing then apart from this I have no knowledge of any story related to Brihaspati God, How would I narrate the stories?”.

The saint said “O king determine yourself to observe fasts and offer worships to Brihaspati God he himself will lead you Go to the town to sell firewood on Thursdays like other days you will earn twice as much the amount you will earn will be sufficient to buy you meals and material for the worship of Brihaspati God and the story related to Brihaspati God is”

Story related to Brihaspati God

Once there was a very poor Brahmin during ancient times he had no issue he used to worship God everyday but his wife neither took bath in the morning nor did she ever worship any deity owing to this reason the Brahmin used to remain very sad.

With the kind blessings of God  a female child was born in his house, the girl began growing gradually, she used to take bath early in the morning and offer he worships to Lord Vishnu she was also observing fasts on Thursdays after offering worships while going to school, she used to carry barley in her fists and scatter the grain on the way, while on her return, the grains of barley used to get transformed into gold, which she used to collect and return home, one day while she was winnowing the barley grains with winnow basket her mother saw her and said “Dear daughter for winnowing golden barley grains the winnow basket should also be made of gold”.

Next day was a Thursday, the girl was observing fast she prayed to Brihaspati God for a golden winnow basket, Brihaspati God decided to respond to her prayer the girl like other days, went to school scattering grains of barley in the way, while on her way back she not only found the grains of barley transformed into gold but she also found a golden winnow basket in the way. She brought it home and began winnowing the barley grains with it. But her mother remains unchanged.

One day, it so happened that while the girl was winnowing barley grains with the golden winnow basket, a prince happened to pass by he lost his heart to the girl to see her peerless beauty, he returned to his palace and stopped taking food and water and lay motionless in his room.

The king when he learnt that the prince had stopped take in food and water, came and enquired from him the reason behind it, the prince told him everything and also gave him address of the girl. The king’s minister went to the house of girl and conveyed the message of the king to the Brahmin and within a few days the marriage of the girl solemnized with the prince.

But as soon as the girl left home to go to her in-law house the Brahmin became poor again. One day, saddened by his poverty, the Brahmin went to meet his daughter, seeing her father the girl enquired the well-being of her mother. The Brahmin told her everything his daughter gave him a lot of money and bade him farewell, but after a few days the Brahmin was once again struggling with poverty the Brahmin again went to his daughter and narrated hi plight. His daughter said “O father bring my mother here I shall tell her how to get rid of poverty”. The Brahmin went back home and returned to his daughter along with his wife. The girl said to her mother “O mother take bath early in the morning and offer worships to Lord Vishnu this will help you get rid of poverty, but the Brahmins wife didn’t care to listen to her daughter instead she used to eat the leftovers of her daughter in the morning”.

One day her daughter became very angry with her she locked her in a room next day she forced her to take bath and offer worships and thus set right.

After this she began worshipping and observing fasts on Thursday’s religiously. The effect of observing this fast was such that she went to heaven after death. The Brahmin enjoyed every prosperity in this mortal world and went to heaven after death and thus having narrated this story the saint vanished.

Gradually time rolled on the next day Thursday when the king went to town to sell firewood, he earned more than what he used to earn earlier the king bought grams and Jaggery from the market and observed fast. From that day he began living happily his bad days were gone but on next Thursday he forgot to observe fast this displeased Brihaspati God.

On that day the king of the town had arranged Yagna at a very large scale he had invited all his subjects to his palace to have meals and had announced that no one should cook meals at home and even found disobeying his orders shall be subjected to capital punishment.

As per the royal orders of the king all his subjects came to the palace to have their meals but the woodcutter arrived late the king took him inside while the king was serving meals to the woodcutter the queen noticed that her necklace was missing which she had hung by the peg in the wall the queen thought that it was the woodcutter who had stolen her necklace, and so she called out to her soldiers and got him imprisoned.

The woodcutter began thinking in the prison, what crime I must have committed in my early life to reach this end and he began remembering the saint whom he had met in the forest Brihaspati God appeared to him in the guise of a saint and began saying “O fool you are suffering thus only because you did not either listen to the stories or tell the stories related to Brihaspati God all right you need not worry now on Thursday you will find 4 paise lying at door of prison offer your worships to Brihaspati God and all your problems will be over”.

The woodcutter did get 4 paise lying at door of the prison on Thursday he arranged to get materials for the worship with that money and narrated the story of Brihaspati God to those present there. The same night Brihaspati God appeared to the king of the town in his dream and said “O King the person you have incarcerated is innocent free him tomorrow”, the king when he woke up early next morning saw the necklace hanging by the peg he sent for the woodcutter and begged his forgiveness and giving him lots of beautiful clothes and jewels he bid him farewell.

As per the instructions of the saint the woodcutter (King) set out to his town he was greatly surprised when he reached near his town he noticed more gardens ponds wells houses for pilgrims and temples than existed before on enquiry the king was informed that all these were built by the queen and her maid, the king was taken by surprise and was greatly angered also thinking “Where from did the queen get so much money in his absence that she got so many new building erected”.

On the other side when the queen heard that the king was returning home she said to her maid “O maid the king had left us in a very Pitiable condition see that the king does not get confused and go back to see us under changed circumstances so go and stand by the entrance of the palace”. Obeying the orders of the queen the maid went and stood by the entrance of the palace and brought the king in when he arrived then the king pulled out his sword angrily and began enquiring tell me where did you get all this money from”. Then the queen narrated the whole sequence of happenings.

The king decided that he would observe fasts every day and narrate the stories of Brihaspati God three times a day. Now the king used to have Gram pulses tied in the corner of this scarf all the time and used to tell stories related to Brihaspati God three times in a day.

One day the king thought of paying visit to the house of his sister he set out to her house riding his horse he saw on the way, some people carrying a dead body, the king stopped them and said “O Brothers! Listen to the story of Brihaspati God and then go”. They said “Look at him we are already saddened by death of our kinsman and he wants to tell us a story” but some of them said “alright tell us story we shall listen to it”.

The king took out the gram pulses and began narrating the story he hardly narrated half the story and the dead men began showing signs of life and by the time the story completed the dead man regained his life and stood up uttering the name of Lord Rama.

The king continued his journey and around evening time he saw a farmer sloughing his field the king offered to tell him the story of Brihaspati God but the farmer declined his offer.

The king kept moving but meanwhile the oxen of the farmer suddenly fell and fainted and the farmer was struck with stomach ache just then the farmer’s wife came with meals for her husband and son. She was shocked to see the farmer and oxen in such pitiable condition. On enquiry her son explained everything in detail the farmer’s wife went running to the horseman and said “I shall listen to your story please come to our field and tell the story there”. The king returned to the farmer’s field and narrated the story with the result the oxen returned from faint and the farmer too became absolutely normal.

And thus the king arrived at the house of his sister his sister extended every hospitality in the welcome of her brother next day when the king woke up he saw everyone busy taking meals the king asked his sister “Is there anyone who has not yet taken meals? At least I can narrate the story of Brihaspati God to him”. The sister said “Brother this country is very strange here people are used to taking meals before getting to their jobs”.

Then she went to the house of a potter whose son was ill she found that no one in the house had eaten anything for three days she said “Would you like to hear sacred stories from my brother?” The potter agreed.

The king came and narrated the sacred stories of Brihaspati God, hearing which the potter’s son became alright. Everyone began praising the king for his kind act. One day the king said to his sister “O sister I would like to return home now, you too get ready”. The king’s sister went to take permission from her mother in law. He mother in law said “All right you may go but don’t take your sons along as your brother has no issue the king’s sister said to the king O brother I shall of course accompany you but my sons wont”. Hearing this king became very sad and returned home alone without take in his sister along.

The king narrated this sad story to the queen and went inside and lied down. The queen O Lord Brihaspati God has given us everything he will bless us with a child also. The same night Brihaspati God appeared to the king in his dreams and said to him “Open your eyes O king forget all your worries your queen is on the family way”. The king was only too pleased to get such good news in his dream.

The queen, in the ninth month gave birth to a beautiful male child. The king said
“O queen a woman can live without food but cannot live without sharing a secret, so I instruct you not to say anything when the sister comes, the queen nodded in agreement”. Hearing the good news of hearing queen begetting a male child the king’s sister became happy and paid a visit. The queen complained to her “Why did you not come when my husband wanted you to accompany while on his return? And today you have come all on your own the king’s sister said had I not spoken like that you would not have been blessed with a child Brihaspati God brings fulfillment to all wishes, one who worships fast for Brihaspati God with clean heart or narrates sacred stories related to Brihaspati God gets fulfillment of all his wishes and is taken care of by the deity”.

The wishes of anyone who observes the fast in the worship of Brihaspati God with a clan heart or offers worships to him are fulfilled in the same manner like the queen and the king had their wishes fulfilled related to stories of the deity. Never every ignore Brihaspati God even unknowingly. And even ignoring Brihaspati God loses his peace of mind and all his happiness, so everyone should make sure to take Prasad after listening to the sacred stories and then depart. Remember him in the heart and wish him victory.

Margashirsh Guruvar Vrat: Jay Lakshmi Mata

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped in Maharashtra and Goa in the auspicious month of Margashirsha (November/ December). On every Thursday, the ladies in the house place Goddess Lakshmi & worship her in late evenings. Many other married ladies are invited for giving Haldi Kumkum ( turmeric and vermilion). It is a big festival in these regions. Margashirsha Masa happens when Moon gets Full moon in the constellation (Nakshatra) of Margashirsha.

Margashirsha nakshatra splits into two halves and the first half is placed in the last piece of Taurus and the second half is the starting piece of Gemini. If Moon has to be a full moon in Margashirsha, then Sun has to be opposite to it, i.e in the signs of Scorpio or in the sign of Sagittarius. Full Moon happens when Moon is between 162 and 180 degrees from Sun.

People usually get confused with the periods of Dharnus Masa (the period of Sun transiting over the sign of Sagittarius – approximately between 26 December and 15 January) and the month of Margashirsha Masa (which is between the new moon and the Amavasya and when it gets full over the constellation of Margashirsha). In this period Sun is in its weakest position due to the its position in the Ecliptic (the path of Sun around earth – a geocentric concept).

Sun is passing through the trough and will change path and turn and start climbing after it enters into the sign of Capricorn. This is called the Uttarayana patha (The path towards northern hemisphere). The lowest point of the ecliptic will be deep down in the Southern hemisphere. Since Sun represents the Soul and the confidence of a person, its weakness will cause insecurity in the society at large (since it is not person specific).

In this period generally it is advised that everyone keep a low profile and limit our transactions. There is a chance of arguments due to misunderstanding. The best would be to Meditate and be at peace. At the time of Margashirsha Vrat, Kalash should be offered but as a witness that we are doing Vrat, five Pallavas or Vidya leaves and coconut should be worshiped on the Kalash and an image of Lakshmi, photo or silver, brass Lakshmi seated in a lotus should be kept for worship. And you should decorate it with garlands, flowers, braids, etc. according to your choice, read a story and offer fruits or prasad according to your convenience.

Or if someone likes it, it should be increased and eaten at home as Prasad. This Vrat is being observed in such a big way that the Lakshmi of the poor person is being spent outside when they are not able to afford it. And the success of the businessmen and shopkeepers is due to the fact that the price of all the puja materials is doubled and the preparation of this fast for every Thursday pooja costs 100 to 125 rupees. Even the leaf of the tree at the door works.

Food in the house was accepted so much that neither our mother nor our sisters knew that Lakshmi really lived and will last in the house, we have always changed whether we believe it or not. This is what the story of the vow tells, but if you read it with meaningful attention, you will know that the desire of the heart, the effort to do something good should be successful and things like poverty, debt, illness, etc. Jay Shri Lakshmi Mata

Guruvar Vrat vidhi and katha: धन, विद्या और पुत्र प्राप्ति के लिए इस शास्त्रीय विधि से करें व्रत

Guruvar Vrat vidhi and katha: बृहस्पति या गुरु देव को बुद्धि और शिक्षा का देवता माना जाता है। गुरुवार को बृहस्पति देव की पूजा करने से धन, विद्या, पुत्र व अन्य मनोवांछित फलों की प्राप्ति होती है। गुरुवार को भगवान बृहस्पति की पूजा का विधान है। इस पूजा से परिवार में सुख-शांति रहती है, जल्द विवाह के लिए भी गुरुवार का व्रत किया जाता है।

1100  रुपए मूल्य की जन्म कुंडली मुफ्त में पाएं। अपनी जन्म तिथि अपने नाम, जन्म के समय और जन्म के स्थान के साथ हमें 96189-89025 पर व्हाट्सएप करें

Thursday fasting method गुरुवार व्रत की विधि

गुरुवार की पूजा विधि-विधान के अनुसार की जानी चाहिए। व्रत वाले दिन सुबह उठकर बृहस्पति देव का पूजन करना चाहिए। बृहस्पति देव का पूजन पीली वस्तुएं, पीले फूल, चने की दाल, मुनक्का, पीली मिठाई, पीले चावल और हल्दी चढ़ाकर किया जाता है। इस व्रत में केले के पेड़ की का पूजा की जाती है। कथा और पूजन के समय मन, कर्म और वचन से शुद्ध होकर मनोकामना पूर्ति के लिए बृहस्पति देव से प्रार्थना करनी चाहिए।

जल में हल्दी डालकर केले के पेड़ पर चढ़ाएं। केले की जड़ में चने की दाल और मुनक्का चढ़ाएं। साथ ही दीपक जलाकर पेड़ की आरती उतारें। दिन में एक समय ही भोजन करें, खाने में चने की दाल या पीली चीजें खाएं, नमक न खाएं। पीले वस्त्र पहनें, पीले फलों का इस्तेमाल करें। पूजन के बाद भगवान बृहस्पति की कथा सुननी चाहिए।

Story of thursday fast गुरुवार व्रत की कथा

प्राचीन काल की बात है, किसी राज्य में एक बड़ा प्रतापी और दानी राजा राज करता था। वह प्रत्येक गुरुवार को व्रत रखता एवं भूखे और गरीबों को दान देकर पुण्य प्राप्त करता था परंतु यह बात उसकी रानी को अच्छी नहीं लगती थी। वह न तो व्रत करती थी, न ही किसी को एक भी पैसा दान में देती थी और राजा को भी ऐसा करने से मना करती थी।

एक समय की बात है, राजा शिकार खेलने के लिए वन चले गए थे। घर पर रानी और दासी थी। उसी समय गुरु बृहस्पति देव साधु का रूप धारण कर राजा के दरवाजे पर भिक्षा मांगने आए। साधु ने जब रानी से भिक्षा मांगी तो वह कहने लगी, ” हे साधु महाराज ! मैं इस दान और पुण्य से तंग आ गई हूं। आप कोई ऐसा उपाय बताएं, जिससे कि सारा धन नष्ट हो जाए और मैं आराम से रह सकूं।”

तब साधु ने कहा, ” यदि तुम्हारी ऐसी इच्छा है तो मैं जैसा तुम्हें बताता हूं, तुम वैसा ही करना। गुरुवार के दिन तुम घर को गोबर से लीपना, अपने केशों को पीली मिट्टी से धोना, केशों को धोते समय स्नान करना, राजा से हजामत बनाने को कहना, भोजन में मांस-मदिरा खाना, कपड़ा धोबी के यहां धुलने डालना। इस प्रकार सात बृहस्पतिवार करने से तुम्हारा समस्त धन नष्ट हो जाएगा।”

इतना कहकर साधु रुपी बृहस्पति देव अंतर्ध्यान हो गए।

साधु के अनुसार कही बातों को पूरा करते हुए रानी को केवल तीन बृहस्पतिवार ही बीते थे कि उसकी समस्त धन-संपत्ति नष्ट हो गई। भोजन के लिए राजा का परिवार तरसने लगा। तब एक दिन राजा ने रानी से बोला कि हे रानी, “तुम यहीं रहो, मैं दूसरे देश को जाता हूं क्योंकि यहां पर सभी लोग मुझे जानते हैं इसलिए मैं कोई छोटा कार्य नहीं कर सकता।”

ऐसा कहकर राजा परदेश चला गया, वहां वह जंगल से लकड़ी काटकर लाता और शहर में बेचता। इस तरह वह अपना जीवन व्यतीत करने लगा इधर, राजा के परदेश जाते ही रानी और दासी दुखी रहने लगी।

एक बार जब रानी और दासी को सात दिन तक बिना भोजन के रहना पड़ा, तो रानी ने अपनी दासी से कहा, “हे दासी ! पास ही के नगर में मेरी बहन रहती है, वह बड़ी धनवान है, तू उसके पास जा और कुछ ले आ, ताकि थोड़ी-बहुत गुजर-बसर हो जाए।”

दासी रानी की बहन के पास गई। उस दिन गुरुवार था और रानी की बहन उस समय बृहस्पतिवार व्रत की कथा सुन रही थी दासी ने रानी की बहन को अपनी रानी का संदेश दिया लेकिन रानी की बड़ी बहन ने कोई उत्तर नहीं दिया। जब दासी को रानी की बहन से कोई उत्तर नहीं मिला तो वह बहुत दुखी हुई और उसे क्रोध भी आया। दासी ने वापस आकर रानी को सारी बात बता दी। सुनकर रानी ने अपने भाग्य को कोसा उधर, रानी की बहन ने सोचा कि मेरी बहन की दासी आई थी परंतु मैं उससे नहीं बोली, इससे वह बहुत दुखी हुई होगी।

कथा सुनकर और पूजन समाप्त करके वह अपनी बहन के घर आई और कहने लगी, “हे बहन, मैं बृहस्पतिवार का व्रत कर रही थी। तुम्हारी दासी मेरे घर आई थी परंतु जब तक कथा होती है, तब तक न तो उठते हैं और न ही बोलते हैं, इसलिए मैं नहीं बोली कहो दासी क्यों गई थी ?”

रानी बोली, “बहन, तुमसे क्या छिपाऊं, हमारे घर में खाने तक को अनाज नहीं था।”

ऐसा कहते-कहते रानी की आंखें भर आई। उसने दासी समेत पिछले सात दिनों से भूखे रहने तक की बात अपनी बहन को विस्तार पूर्वक सुना दी रानी की बहन बोली, “देखो बहन, भगवान बृहस्पति देव सबकी मनोकामना को पूर्ण करते हैं देखो, शायद तुम्हारे घर में अनाज रखा हो।”

पहले तो रानी को विश्वास नहीं हुआ पर बहन के आग्रह करने पर उसने अपनी दासी को अंदर भेजा तो उसे सचमुच अनाज से भरा एक घड़ा मिल गया। यह देखकर दासी को बड़ी हैरानी हुई, दासी रानी से कहने लगी- हे रानी, जब हमको भोजन नहीं मिलता तो हम व्रत ही तो करते हैं, इसलिए क्यों न इनसे व्रत और कथा की विधि पूछ ली जाए, ताकि हम भी व्रत कर सकें तब रानी ने अपनी बहन से बृहस्पतिवार व्रत के बारे में पूछा।

उसकी बहन ने बताया, बृहस्पतिवार के व्रत में चने की दाल और मुनक्का से भगवान विष्णु का केले की जड़ में पूजन करें तथा दीपक जलाएं, व्रत कथा सुनें और पीला भोजन ही करें। इससे बृहस्पति देव प्रसन्न होते हैं। व्रत और पूजन विधि बताकर रानी की बहन अपने घर को लौट गई।

सात दिन के बाद जब गुरुवार आया, तो रानी और दासी ने व्रत रखा, घुड़साल में जाकर चना और गुड़ लेकर आईं। फिर उससे केले की जड़ तथा भगवान विष्णु का पूजन किया। अब पीला भोजन कहां से आए, इस बात को लेकर दोनों बहुत दुखी थे चूंकि उन्होंने व्रत रखा था इसलिए बृहस्पतिदेव उनसे प्रसन्न थे। वे एक साधारण व्यक्ति का रूप धारण कर दो थालों में सुन्दर पीला भोजन दासी को दे गए। भोजन पाकर दासी प्रसन्न हुई और फिर रानी के साथ मिलकर भोजन ग्रहण किया

उसके बाद वे सभी गुरुवार को व्रत और पूजन करने लगी। बृहस्पति भगवान की कृपा से उनके पास फिर से धन-संपत्ति आ गई, परंतु रानी फिर से पहले की तरह आलस्य करने लगी। तब दासी बोली,”देखो रानी, तुम पहले भी इस प्रकार आलस्य करती थी, तुम्हें धन रखने में कष्ट होता था, इस कारण सभी धन नष्ट हो गया और अब जब भगवान बृहस्पति की कृपा से धन मिला है तो तुम्हें फिर से आलस्य होता है।”

रानी को समझाते हुए दासी कहती है कि बड़ी मुसीबतों के बाद हमने यह धन पाया है इसलिए हमें दान-पुण्य करना चाहिए, भूखे मनुष्यों को भोजन कराना चाहिए और धन को शुभ कार्यों में खर्च करना चाहिए। जिससे तुम्हारे कुल का यश बढ़ेगा, स्वर्ग की प्राप्ति होगी और पितृ प्रसन्न होंगे। दासी की बात मानकर रानी अपना धन शुभ कार्यों में खर्च करने लगी, जिससे पूरे नगर में उसका यश फैलने लगा।

बृहस्पतिवार व्रत कथा के बाद श्रद्धा के साथ आरती की जानी चाहिए। इसके बाद प्रसाद बांटकर उसे ग्रहण करना चाहिए।

Thursday Vrat Aarti, Katha, Food Items, Benefits, Significance: How To Fast The Right Way

Keeping a fast on weekdays is something very common amongst us Indians but each day has its own connotation. The process of fasting is not just religious but also for spiritual cleansing and well if you are a very practical person then let’s say a way of detoxing. But those who keep it for religious reasons do so to connect with Guru, Brihaspati or Jupiter. As per Hindu sacred books, Brihaspati is a devotee of Lord Shiva. To please Jupiter, they keep a fast. The fast also has its benefits, rules and a katha which is to be read.


Many people who have issues with getting married or have a disturbed married life keep a fast to remove the obstacles. It also gives the person, who is keeping the fast, the strength to improve his financial condition and health.

When To Keep The Fast

The only rule for keeping a Thursday fast is that you do not keep it in the month of Paush. Begin by keeping it on first Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month. You must keep this fast for 16 Thursdays and it can also be kept for 3 years.

Fasting Method

To keep the fast, you will need haldi, gud, lentils, a small banana and a picture of Lord Vishnu. If you have a banana tree then you can worship that as well. You must take a bath early in the morning and then clean the picture of the God. Clean any idol of his with water and haldi, giving it a bath.

Next, after your bath, put a yellow cloth around the Lord as it is considered auspicious. Offer him yellow rice and chant mantras and shlokas and read the katha. Do not forget to burn ghee lamps while worshipping. Also prepare a yellow coloured sweet and offer that to Lord Brihaspati on this day.

You too must wear yellow clothes and eat food once you are done praying to Lord Brihaspati. Try not to shampoo your hair or have food with salt in it. End your fast by reading the Katha or listening to it.

To worship Banana Tree, light a ghee lamp in front of it and also offer haldi, rice and chana dal.

Fasting and its Significance

‘Fasting’ refers to refraining from food or certain kind of food items as an honor, prayer or tribute to the divine. Fasting procedure can give you both spiritual and physical benefits and offers you an opportunity to connect with your favorite deity. It helps purify your impurities, both external and internal. Also called as Upavas or Vrat, fasting can also help cleanse your system and improve metabolism of your body.

Importance of the 7 Week Days

Each of the 7 week days represents a planet and is named only after them, as per the Hindu system. Thus, Monday represents the Moon; Tuesday, Mars; Wednesday, Mercury; Thursday, Jupiter; Friday, Venus; Saturday, Saturn; and Sunday, the Sun. The days of the week are also dedicated to specific deities. Offering your sincere prayers to that particular deity and the planetary god on his or her special weekday is believed to appease them and help receive their blessings in abundance.

Thursday and Planet Jupiter

Thursday, also known as Guruvar or Brihaspativar, is the day of Guru, Brihaspati or Jupiter. According to mythology, Brihaspati is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva , who blessed him and made him the preceptor of the Devas. He signifies a wide variety of attributes like character, seriousness, meditation, prayer, success, honor, and fortune, karma acquired in previous birth, wealth, character and health. The presiding deity is Lord Dakshinamoorthy, an aspect of Lord Shiva and a great preceptor and hence, Thursdays are dedicated to him.

Mythology Behind Thursday Fasting

Thursday Fasting

One of the stories about the Guruvar Vrat or Thursday fasting relates to the happenings in heaven. Once, Lord Indra remained disrespectful to Lord Brihaspati (Guru) and though he repented later, Brihaspati took offence and disappeared from the scene. Denied the sane counsel and blessings of the Devaguru Brihaspati, Indra became weak and the situation was exploited by a demon called Vrishvarsha, who inflicted heavy defeats on Indra.

On Lord Brahma’s advice, Indra made one Vishwaroopa as his priest, performed a powerful yagya (fire ritual), got back his strength and conquered the demon. But Indra wanted to get more powerful and on his request Vishwaroopa began doing a bigger sacrifice. Sensing trouble, the Asuras enticed the priest to ensure that part of the benefits of the bigger yagya come to them also. Vishwaroopa obliged and began acting accordingly. But Indra, getting wind of his treachery, got wild and beheaded Vishwaroopa immediately. Since Vishwaroopa was a learned Brahmin, the great sin of killing him engulfed Indra and his body got deformed.

Lord Brahma once again came to Indra’s rescue, convinced Brihaspati out of his self imposed exile and with his help, started taking remedial measures. On Brihaspati’s advice, Vishwaroopa’s body was cut to 4 pieces and was given out to the earth, trees, women and water, thus relieving Indra of his lethal sin. Indra bowed to Brihaspati with reference for this great blessing.

Thursday Fasting Procedure

Brihaspativar Vrat or Thursday fasting begins before sunrise in the morning on that day, and continues till evening. Some take a single meal during the day that includes Chana Dal (chick pea) and ghee (clarified butter). Devotees spend the day in prayers to Lord Dakshinamoorthy and Guru or Brihaspati. Since yellow is the favorite color of Brihaspati, devotees wear yellow colored dress, and perform Pooja offering him yellow flowers, gram dal, yellow sandalwood, turmeric and yellow rice. Some also worship the banana plant. Some offer chick pea (white chenna) mala to Guru and white chenna as prasad (offering) as an effective form of worship.

During the Vrat, devotees chant mantras and slokas in praise of the Lord. Guruvar Vrat Katha, i.e. stories related to worship of Lord Brihaspati are also read and heard. Many devotees observing this fast begin it on the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha, the waxing Moon phase of any month and some continue it for the 16 successive Thursdays. Some people observe this ritual regularly for a period of 3 years also.

Some dedicate this Vrat to Lord Vishnu, worship him on these days and recite the holy Bhagavata Purana. Other saints like Dattatreya, Raghavendra Swami and Shirdi Sai Baba, who are universal Gurus are also worshipped on this day.

Benefits of Fasting on Thursdays

Worshipping Lords Dakshinamoorthy and Brihaspati on Thursdays can bestow you their abundant blessings:

Good health, wealth, prosperity and happy married life

Young women who observe the Brihaspativar Vrat can overcome delayed marriages

Reduce the effects of a badly placed Jupiter, Jupiter Dasa Bhukti or a debilitated Jupiter in birth chart

Progeny blessing

Connect With The Divine

The sacred scriptures prescribe fire ceremony, Abishekam (hydration ceremony), Pooja/Archana (Light and Sound ceremony), Yantra and Mantra (special sounds) as the ways to offer your prayer to the divine. Out of these, fire ceremony is the most evolved spiritual technology on earth to connect with the divine beings. Participate in the remedial services to clear your karma and receive the blessings.

Jupiter Fire Lab

Jupiter is considered to be the teacher of the mankind who governs religion and spiritualism. It has been proven astrologically that Jupiter is the planet of Success…

Dakshinamurthy Yantra

A divine touch to your efforts will bring the best results. Dakshinamurthy Lord is the God of education and knowledge that will shower his positive energy in you to succeed.

Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi (गुरुवार व्रत)

Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi (गुरुवार व्रत की विधि): Thursday’s lent provides the devotee with prosperity, money and Family life Problem.This day they should refrain from hair cut. Getting up early in the morning before sunrise the devotee should pay attention to the cleanliness of the house. At the evening time, the lamp should be lit.

Guruvar Vrat Ki Puja Vidhi:

This day the devotee should duly worship Brihspteshwar Mahadev systematically. The worship should be done with yellow flowers, yellow sandalwood, yellow fruits and yellow lentils Confectionary etc. These items should donate to Brahmin. (Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi)

Legend of Guruvar Vrat:

There was a wealthy man. His wife was too much miser. She did not believe at all in charity. One Thursday(Guruvar Vrat Vidhan) a monk reached at his door for alms. She was smearing and dubbing the patio of her house. The sage asked with lamentable voice, “Mother, give me alms. “The woman said, “Can’t you see that I’m not empty- handed. Hearing so, the monk went off. Second day, the same monk came and said, “Mother, give me some alms.” That day she was feeding her son.  So that day also the monk sent empty handed. Poor monk returned empty-handed again.

Third day the monk knocked the door again. On that day also the woman attempted to elude him. The monk asked her, “Mother, you do not have time any time. If this happens by the grace of God that you are always free, then you will be able to give me alms.” The woman immediately replied, “Your Majesty. If this happens, it will be too good of you.” Sadhu said, “Then what I say do it.

On Thursday’s day(Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi), all household rubbish put in place of cattle and buffalo. Then take bath wetting your head and tell all your family persons that they should do the haircut on every Thursday When you prepare food keep them behind the oven instead of in front of the oven. Do these for four Thursdays, then if god permits you will have no work to be done. You will have a lot of leisure time and then you can give alms to me. Overjoyed, the woman said, “Your Majesty. (Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi)

As per your statement if I get the time of leisure, I will definitely give you the alms.” Hearing the answer the monk returned. After the monk left she did all the things as told to her by the monk. A month later it was the position that she had lost everything. Then she had nothing to eat.

Then one day the monk came to her door and put a voice, “Mother, give me alms. “Hearing his voice, she rushed from the inside and fell at the feet of sage and bid, “My lord, your method was observed by me and we are at a starving point, now wherefrom I arrange alms for you?” Hearing the lady’s statement the monk smiled and said, “Mother, when you had everything, yet you gave me nothing as alms. (Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi)

Now you have nothing to do even then you are not giving alms. Now tell me what do you want?” Then she said, “Your Majesty. Please do such measures so that my previous condition comes back. Now, as you say, so I will.” “Well mother.” Sage said, “Explain to your family that only on Friday or Wednesday they should go for hair cutting. You should leave your bed before sunrise. (Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi)

Keep the house clean a lot. Do the lamps lit in the evening, just in time. Prepare and keep the cooked food in front of the kitchen stove. Give food and water to the hungry and thirsty people, Satisfy the sister – nephew etc. with the fair value of charity.” Saying so the monk left. From the same day she got to work according to the monk. In a few days the house was filled with money – cereal etc. and again her family prospered.

गुरुवार व्रत की विधि(Guruvar Vrat Ki Vidhi)

धन-धान्य से घर को भरा रखता है इस दिन बाल नहीं कटवाने चाहिए। सूर्योदय से पूर्व उठकर घर की स्वच्छता की ओर ध्यान देना चाहिए। संध्या को ठीक समय पर दीपक जलाने चाहिए।

गुरुवार व्रत करने की विधि:

इस दिन बृहस्पतेश्वर महादेव या विष्णु देव की यथाविधि पूजा करनी चाहिए। पूजा में पीला फूल, पीला चन्दन, पीला फल मिष्ठान और पीली दाल रखनी चाहिए। इन्हीं वस्तुओं का दान करना चाहिए।

पौराणिक कथा:

एक धनाढ्य व्यक्ति था। उसकी पत्नी अत्यंत कृपण थी। उसका दान-पुण्य में बिल्कुल भी विश्वास नहीं था। एक बृहस्पतिवार के दिन एक साधु उसके द्वार पर भिक्षा के लिए पहुँचा। उस समय वह अपने घर का आँगन लीप रही थी। साधु ने आवाज़ लगाई, “माई भिक्षा दो।” उस स्त्री ने कहा, “देखते नहीं हाथ खाली नहीं हैं। इतना सुनकर साधु चला गया। गुरुवार व्रत की विधि

दूसरे दिन वही साधु फिर आया बोला, माई, भिक्षा दो। वह स्त्री उस दिन अपने पुत्र को खिला रही थी। इसलिए साधु को उस दिन भी खाली हाथ लौटा दिया। साधु बेचारा खाली हाथ फिर लौट गया। गुरुवार व्रत

तीसरे दिन फिर उस साधु ने उसका द्वार खटखटाया। उस दिन भी उस स्त्री ने उसे टाल देने का प्रयास किया। तब साधु ने उससे पूछा, “माई, तुझे किसी वक्त भी फुर्सत नहीं रहती? यदि प्रभु की कृपा से ऐसा हो जाए कि तुझे हमेशा फुर्सत रहे, तब तो तुम मुझे दक्षिणा दे सकोगी? ”स्त्री ने तत्काल उत्तर दिया, “महाराज। ऐसा हो जाए तो आपकी बड़ी कृपा हो। साधु ने कहा, “तब तुम मेरा कहना मानो बृहस्पतिवार के दिन सब घर का कूड़ा-कर्कट गाय-भैंसों की थान में लगा दिया करो। (गुरुवार व्रत की विधि)

फिर सिर धोया करो और अपने परिवार के लोगों को कह दो कि वे बृहस्पतिवार को अवश्य बाल बनवाया करें। जब तुम रसोई तैयार किया करो तब सब पदार्थ चूल्हे के सामने न रख कर चूल्हे के पीछे रखा करो। संध्या समय कुछ देर के बाद दीपक जलाया करो। ऐसा तुम चार बृहस्पतिवार तक करना, प्रभु चाहेंगे तो तुम्हें फिर कोई काम करने के लिए नहीं रहेगा, काफ़ी अवकाश मिलेगा लेकिन मुझे दक्षिणा दिया करना।” (गुरुवार व्रत की विधि)

उस स्त्री ने खुश होकर कहा, “महाराज। आपके कथानुसार करने से मुझे अवकाश मिला तो अवश्य दक्षिणा दूँगी।” उसका उत्तर सुनकर साधु लौट गया। उसके जाने के बाद वह स्त्री उसके बताये अनुसार काम करने लग गई। एक मास बाद ही उसकी यह स्थिति हो गई कि उसके घर का सब कुछ चला गया। अब खाने के भी लाले पड़ गए। एक दिन फिर वही साधु उसके द्वार पर पहुँचा और आवाज़ लगाई, “माई भिक्षा दे। उसका स्वर सुनकर वह स्त्री अंदर से दौड़ी आई और साधु के चरणों में गिर कर बोली, महाराज। आपने ऐसी विधि बताई कि खाने के भी लाले पड़ गए, अब आपको भिक्षा कहाँ से दूं?” (गुरुवार व्रत की विधि)

साधु सुनकर मुस्कराया, बोला, “माई, जब तेरे पास सब कुछ था, तब भी कुछ नहीं देती थी। अब तुझे अवकाश ही अवकाश है तब भी भिक्षा नहीं दे रही है। अब बता क्या चाहती हो?” तब उस स्त्री ने कहा महाराज। ऐसा उपाय कीजिए कि मेरी पहली अवस्था लौटा आए। अब आप जैसा कहेंगे, वैसा ही करूंगी।

अच्छा माई। साधु बोला, “अपने घर वालों को समझा दे कि शुक्रवार या बुधवार को बाल कटवाया करें। तुम सूर्योदय से पहले बिस्तर छोड़ दिया करो। घर को खूब साफ-सुथरा रखो। शाम को ठीक समय पर दीपक जलाया करो। रसोई तैयार करके चूल्हे के सामने रखा करो। भूखे-प्यासे को अन्न-जल दिया करो, बहन-भांजे को उचित दान-मान से संतुष्ट किया करो।” इतना कहकर वह साधु चला गया। उसी दिन से वह स्त्री साधु के अनुसार काम करने लग गई। कुछ ही दिनों में उसका घर धन-धान्य से भर गया।

Bhraspativar (Guruvar) Vrat Thursday Fast

Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the universe. Thursday is dedicated to him. He is the second god from the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Lord Vishnu is known by many other names, including Adisesh, Hariom, Harinarayan, Ekanad and Chakradhar. There are 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, the first one was Matsya (the fish) and the 10th one Kalki (the mighty warrior) is yet to come.

Mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu are powerful and effective. “Om Namo Narayanay” is a potent mantra and when chanted with deep faith and firm belief, on a daily basis, bestows success, material gains and a harmonious family life.

Thursdays are governed by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is known as Brihaspati. In Sanskrit, he is also called guru. Jupiter is benevolent and can bestow immense financial success, fame and harmony in marital relationships. Yellow is the color associated with Jupiter and the associated gem is the yellow sapphire. People fast on Thursday mainly for success, financial gains, a happy married life and also for an early marriage. This fast is also observed to overcome obstacles that lead to unexplained delays in marriage.

Bhraspativar / Thursday Fast

There are numerous stories regarding the Thursday fast. These stories are a part of Hindu mythology and the versions differ from one region to another. What each story has in common is that keeping this fast brings fortune, wealth and happiness in relationships. The most popular version pertains to a sage, who goes out seeking alms on Thursday. It is believed that this sage is actually Lord Vishnu in disguise and uses this ruse to test his devotees.

The vrat should be stared during the first Thursday of Shukal Paksh and should be kept for minimum 16 Thursdays. You should do minimum 3 mala jaap of the brihaspathi beej mantra given below. This day after a bath, it is preferable to wear yellow color clothes, if possible. Yellow colored offerings are made to Jupiter. Offerings include yellow flowers, yellow colored rice, yellow rice, yellow colored sweets and such. You can consume sweets made of besan, laddu, rice cooked with kesar. Only one meal can be had in the day, during the fast, and special care should be taken to not have any salt in the food, at all. The vrat katha is heard before breaking the fast in the evening.

Jupiter beej mantra 

The Jupiter beej mantra is ideal for daily chanting. This beej mantra, which is the seed mantra, contains concentrated power and should be chanted 108 times each day. This brings good fortune, success, financial stability, wealth, and fulfilling personal relationships. The beej mantra is Om Gram Grim Graum Sah Gurave Namah.

Brihaspativar (Guruvar) Vrat Vidhi, Katha & Aarti

Brihaspati (Guruvar) Vrat Katha : 

How to and Story

Fast on Brihaspati Vaar (Thursday) is devoted to Brihaspati Dev – the planet Jupiter. It promotes greater learning and prosperity. Prayers must be offered to Brihaspateshwar Mahaadev, followed by reading or hearing the Katha. One must preferably wear yellow clothes and use yellow sandalwood. Food must be eaten only once. One must include yellow pulses in the meal – yellow split Moong Daal without skin, or yellow Chanaa Daal without skin.

You may keep Brihaspati Vrat as many times as you want. Generally people keep 7, 11, 21, 40, 48, 51, or 108 times or for Life Time. Its not necessarily to observe Vrat, but Vrat is considered a shorter route to appease God. Only listening of Katha will also do.

According to Mahabharat Aadiparv, Lord Brihaspati is the son of Maharishi Angira and is the priest of Devas. Lord Brihaspati was a great devotee of Lord Shankar. He went to the Prabhas Tirth and prayed to Lord Shankar very deeply. Lord Shankar, pleased by Brihaspati’s devotion, blessed him and gave the position of the ‘Priest of Devas’ and also included Him in the family of Devas. 

According to Rigved, Lord Brihaspati was very handsome. Lord Brihaspati, when pleased by his devotees, blessed them with wealth, saved them from difficulties and exhorts them to live on right path. Lord Brihaspati travels on a Golden Rath driven by eight speedy yellow coloured horses. According to Rigved the weapon of Lord Brihaspati is a stick (Dand) made up of Gold. Lord Brihaspati had three wives, Shubha, Tara and Mamta. From Shubha, he had seven daughters and from Tara, seven sons and one daughter. The wife Mamta, bore him two sons – Bharadwaj and Kach. Brihaspati is the Lord of Dhanu and Meen rashi.

In the solar system, Guru, Brihaspathi or Jupiter as his popularly known occupies the second largest position after the Sun. Jupiter is revered as celestial preceptor of the Gods. Worship of Bhraspati or Guru (Jupiter) Devata results in a cure from ailments affecting the stomach and helps one to ward off his/her sins, helps him/her in gaining strength, valor, longevity etc. He grants the boon of father-hood to the childless, good education. Thursdays are considered to be the best day for the worship of Jupiter.

Guruvar Vrat Katha (English) – III

Once there was a rich man. He had a big palace. His wife was always busy with household matters. One day, a sadhu came to his house. The rich man was away. His wife was busy with some work. The sadhu said, “O, kind lady, I am hungry. Will you give me something to eat?”

The lady said, “Today is Thursday. I am busy cleaning my courtyard. Come on some other day when I am free”. The sadhu went away empty-handed. He visited her house again on another day and said, “O, kind lady, I am hungry. Will you give me something to eat?” The lady was a miser. She said, “I am arranging bath for my grandson. I am not free. Come on some other day”. The sadhu again went away empty-handed. He visited her house again for the third time. She repeated her words and said, “You always visit when I am busy. You are not a wise sadhu”. The sadhu said humbly, “Will you give me something to eat if you are free on some day?”

The lady answered, “I will definitely give you something to eat if l’m free. The problem with me is that I am never free. Is there some way out for me? Tell me the way”. The sadhu smiled and said, “Yes, there is a way out”. “What is it?” asked the lady. The sadhu said, “Get up late on every Thursday morning. Do not clean your kitchen before cooking meals. Put the cooked meals behind the hearth. Wash your hair and clothes on every Thursday. Ask your husband to get himself shaved on this day”. The sadhu disappeared and the lady followed his instructions. The rich man family became poorer and poorer. They could hardly afford meals for one time.

The sadhu came again and said, “O, kind lady, I am hungry. Will you give me something to eat?” The lady said, “I am very poor these days. I have nothing to spare for you. I have nothing to do throughout the day”. “But when I visited you last, you were very busy. You gave me nothing to eat under the pretext that you would give me something when you were not busy. Today you are free; still you are not giving me anything. I doubt your intentions”, said the sadhu and he disappeared. The lady said to her husband, “We are in great difficulty. Think of something for the livelihood”.

The man said, “It is better to beg outside our land rather than take resort to robbery or stealing. I shall go to some far off place for business”. The lady agreed. Before departure, the man advised his wife, saying, “Always keep the water pitcher full of water. It should never be empty. Let the hearth-fire burn day and night. It should never be put out”. And with these words, the businessman left his house. The lady tried to follow her husband advice. Incidentally, one day the hearth-fire got extinguished. The lady felt sorry and asked her maid to go to the neighborhood and fetch some charcoal fire.

The maid went to the neighborhood but returned very late. The lady said, “Why are you so late? I have been waiting for you all along”. The maid begged pardon and said, “Our neighbor is a rich lady. She keeps fast on every Thursday and listens to the Thursday story. I joined her and listened to the story. Please excuse me for being late”. The lady said, “I also used to keep fast on Thursdays. We, too, were very rich those days. Hence onward, I shall also observe this fast”. The lady observed Thursday fast continuously for seven weeks. She wore yellow sari, took some gram pulse on her palm and listened to the story of Vrihaspati.

Vrihaspati was pleased with her devotion. He appeared before her as a sadhu and said, “Lord Vrihaspati wants to oblige you. You can ask for any favor”. The lady said, “I am very poor. Let our wealth and property be restored to us”. The sadhu said, “Let it be! And he disappeared immediately”. The lady continued with the Thursday fasts for another seven weeks. The sadhu again appeared on the seventh Thursday and said, “O, gentle devotee, Lord Vrihaspati is pleased with your devotion. He wants to oblige you. You can ask for any other favor. He will fulfill your desire”. The lady said, “Lord Vrihaspati has restored our wealth and property. But these possessions are useless without my husband”.

The sadhu said, “Your husband will return soon and he disappeared. The businessman had a dream. Some sadhu said to him, “You are rich now. Your wife is waiting for your happy return”. The businessman woke up and decided to return home. He was at a far off place and it took him a couple of months to reach home. When the businessman neared his village, he enquired about his wife’s well-being from women fetching water from the village well. One of them said, “Your wife is enjoying a happy and rich life. A sadhu visits her house every Thursday. He is very kind to her”. The businessman got suspicious about his wife fidelity. Incidentally, it was a Thursday.

He thought of keeping a watch on her. When he reached his house, a sadhu came out of the door. The businessman caught hold of him and said, “Who are you? Why do you visit my wife in my absence? I will kill you”. The sadhu said nothing but simply smiled. Meanwhile, his wife also came out and said, “Please do not kill him. He has helped me during our days of trial”. The businessman got more suspicious. He pulled out his sword and attacked the sadhu. To his great surprise, his sword turned into a wooden one. For a few seconds, he stood bemused, but soon realized his mistake. He fell on the sadhu’s feet and begged for pardon. He also came to know that the sadhu was no one else but Lord Vrihaspati himself. Thereafter, the husband and wife observed Thursday fast regularly and for a long time lived a happy life.        

Observe Guruvar Vrat & Attain Blessings From Lord Brihaspati

Guruvar Vrat or Brihaspativar Vrat (fasting) is devoted to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati. He was a sage from the Vedic era. Brihaspati is popularly known as Guruvar or Thursday. The Brihaspativar is named after Sage Brihaspati, who was the guru of devas.

Thursday is believed to be fortunate for devotees of Goddess Lakshmi. Believers consider that observing prayer and Brihaspativar Vrat (fasting) on Thursday will bless them with happiness and wealth.

Eventually, in Guruvar Vrat Katha, it’s mentioned that Lord Vishnu appeared in the guise of a sadhu (sage) to put his devotees on a test, and devotees didn’t offer him any offerings or Diksha. Later, they realized their mistakes, and they started to observe Guruvar Vrat in order to remove their wrongdoing and please Lord.

People say, by observing Guruvat Vrat, one can achieve blessings from Lord Vishnu by satisfying him. Devotees also worship a Banana tree or due to its linkage with “Devaguru Brihaspati.” Besides, devotees also wear yellow attires and offer yellow flowers and fruits to Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati.


Thursday fast

This fast is observed to appease Lord Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu. It is believed that worshipping Lord Brihaspati helps to cure ailments related to stomach, gains strength, valor, and longevity blesses Childless couples with child, wealth, and fame is also endowed. People facing delays in marriage due to unexplained or unknown reasons can also observe these fasts.

About Fasting on Thursday

The fast for Thursday is kept for Lord Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu who is also known as the preserver of the universe and Brihaspati is represented by the planet Jupiter of the solar system. It is also known as guru. Hence, Brihaspativar is also known as Guruvar. The gem associated with the planet Jupiter is yellow sapphire.

You can start from the first Thursday of shukla paksha of any month and should be done for minimum 16 Thursdays. This fast is observed from sunrise to sunset. Yellow is the most appropriate color on Thursday. After waking up, take bathe and wear yellow clothes. The person observing the fast shouldn’t wash his/her head. Puja should be done with yellow flowers, yellow fruit like banana, rice cooked with Kesar, gram dal and yellow sweet like Besan ka ladoo, etc. Sandalwood is also used in this puja. While praying, your face must be towards east direction.

Meal is taking once and that too without salt. Thursday fast katha should be recited in the evening. If you want you can also donate yellow colored clothes in the evening. If you pray with full faith and a pure heart, all your wishes can be fulfilled.

People having a weak Jupiter according to their kundli observe these fasts. It is believed that worshipping Lord Brihaspati helps to cure ailments related to stomach. It also helps to gain strength, valor and longevity. Childless couples also do fasts on Thursdays. Wealth and fame is another reason behind the fasting on Thursdays. People facing delays in marriage due to unexplained or unknown reasons can also observe these fasts.

Mantras that can be recited for a more powerful impact are-

“Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah”

This is the Beej mantra of Jupiter. Reciting this 108 times bestows wealth, wisdom and reduces the negative effects caused by this planet.

Another mantra that can be chanted (108 times) is as follows-

“Om Hreem Kleem Hom Brihaspataye Namah”

The only thing to be kept in mind is that you must concentrate on the wish you want to get fulfilled and nothing else.

Why It Is Beneficial To Fast On Thursdays

According to the Hindu calendar, every day is dedicated to a specific God. Today, let’s talk about Thursday which is also known as Brihaspatiwar or Veervaar. The day is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Brihaspati, who is also known as the Guru of all Gods. As per the planetary position, Thursday is the day to worship Jupiter. If we talk about the horoscope or kundli, the weak placement of Jupiter can negatively affect your health, personal life, and a lot more. This is why it is believed that worshipping Jupiter/Lord Vishnu on Thursdays can be really beneficial.

A lot of people fast on Thursdays. Do you know why specifically this day? There are a lot of benefits of fasting on Thursdays. We talked to Jyotish Acharya, Sonia Malik, and asked her what are the benefits of fasting on Thursday. Scroll down to know.

According to your horoscope if you Brihaspati or Jupiter is weak, or placed with Rahu or Ketu then fasting on Thursdays will be beneficial for you.

If you are suffering from any stomach disorders then you must fast on Thursdays.

If you are unmarried and looking for a life partner then you must fast. Also, if you are in love with someone and there are issues in your marriage then this will bring you good results.

Fasting on Thursdays will help you energise your body and keep it active all day long. It is a great option for those who feel weak and lethargic all the time.

Fasting helps in detoxifying your body. You must drink only water on this day.

If you wish to please Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi then you must fast on Thursdays.

Astrologically, Thursday or Veervar is a day dedicated to Guru or Brihaspati. Anyone who wishes to please lord Brihaspati should fast on this day.

The person who fasts on Thursdays doesn’t get affected by negative forces or evil spirits.

Lord Brihaspati helps you take the right path in life and you must worship them.

Keeping fasts on Thursdays also helps in boosting your financial status.

When you fast on a Thursday to please Lord Vishnu, you get various health benefits. This keeps any stomach issues at bay.

It helps you ward off all your sins and helps you gain a lot of strength to fight the evil.

Worshipping Jupiter helps those who are childless.

Thursday fasting helps in improving the health of the person and his or her entire family. It also boosts the longevity of the family.

Other than these religious benefits of fasting on Thursdays, fasting also helps in maintaining a balance in your body. It is a great way to detoxify your body. A lot of people today are understanding the importance of fasting. Fasting has become one of the biggest weight-loss trends. Those who wish to lose those extra kilos quickly, fasting is the best possible way.

Things To Keep In Mind While Fasting On Thursdays

When fasting, wake up early in the morning and take a bath. Yellow is the colour of Thursday or the day of Lord Vishnu. So, if you have any yellow clothes, make sure you wear them when you fast. Visit the temple and worship the banana tree. It is believed that donating chana dal to the needy on this day is beneficial. Don’t go for a haircut on the day you fast. As this is the day of Guru of Gods, you must pray to your real-life gurus too on this day. After breaking your fast on Thursdays, make sure you meditate for a while.

Lord Brihaspati Puja: Offer These Yellow Items On Thursday To Seek Lord’s Blessings

According to Hindu Mythology, planet Jupiter — also known as the Brihaspati or Guru among the nine planets — is considered the Dev Guru or the Teacher of the Gods. Brihaspati is responsible for eliminating darkness from one’s life. It is believed that worshipping Brihaspati brings joy, prosperity, good health, knowledge and prestige to one’s surroundings. Lord Jupiter controls the movements of the sun, moon, and stars, and it often controls the movements of various planets too. Lord Jupiter is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Brihaspati is often associated with the colour yellow; thus, using the colour on Thursday is considered quite auspicious, as per Hindu Mythology. Let’s take a look at the yellow-coloured items that can be used to worship the Lord on Thursdays.

Wearing Yellow Clothes: Yellow is considered the colour of Lord Brihaspati. He is seen wearing yellow clothes, gold, and copper. According to Hindu mythology, waking up early in the morning, taking a bath with a pinch of turmeric in water, and wearing yellow-coloured clothes on Thursday is considered quite auspicious, as it is said that the person gets blessings from the Lord.

Using Yellow Flowers: According to Hindu scriptures, worshipping Lord Jupiter with yellow flowers brings prosperity to the lives of the devotee. It is advised that on Thursday, Lord Brihaspati should be offered yellow flowers after donning a tilak and offering the puja (ritual).

Making Yellow Dishes: On Thursdays, Lord Jupiter should be offered jaggery and chana (gram) along with the food. It is considered auspicious to offer the Lord food that is yellow. Mixing turmeric in the rotis or paranthas is also advised to the devotees.

Applying Yellow Tilak: After doing the morning puja, the devotee should apply yellow tilak made out of Chandan on their forehead. This not only keeps the mind cool but is also considered auspicious on Thursdays.

Worshipping Banana Tree: Worshipping Banana Tree on Thursday is considered auspicious and makes Lord Brihaspati happy. It is advised that the devotee should follow proper rituals like offering water, flowers, and fruits to the tree.


Thursday Fast Benefits & Rules

Fasting comes with many benefits, be they spiritual or physical, since it helps in connecting with the spiritual deity, thereby receiving blessings from God. Each day of the week has its significance when it comes to fasting.

Thursday is thus observed as the day of Guru, Brihaspati, or Jupiter. One can fast on any Thursday of the month except for the Paush month. The motive behind fasting is not only just religious but also for the reason of spiritual cleansing. Since fasting is also a way of detoxing, many often opt for this road. As for people who do it for religious purposes, they do so to connect with the Guru, Brihaspati, or Jupiter. As justified by the Hindu sacred books, Lord Shiva’s devotee is Brihaspati, and to keep Jupiter happy, they tend to keep fast, which also comes with its benefits and rules as well as katha which is supposed to be read.

Thursday Fast Benefits

When it comes to fasting for religious purposes, the following are the benefits of fasting on Thursday in Hinduism:-

  • People who perform pooja and fasting on Thursday are immensely blessed with happiness and good money all their life.
  • People who intend to settle down with an ideal partner are also benefitted from this fast as they can do so with sheer dedication in doing fasting.
  • Married couples attain happiness while doing the Thursday fasting since all the difficulties are removed from their lives.
  • People who have run out of weight loss options can opt for this since they will enjoy a very solid advantage from this for a longer period. The reason behind this is that it greatly helps in maintaining sensory as well as mental control.
  • People who usually fast on Thursday are resistant to black magic as well as any kind of bad spirits.
  • When someone observes Thursday fast, Goddess Laxmi helps them strengthen their financial situation.
  • Many believe that Thursday fasting is one of many ways for someone to achieve perfection besides self-satisfaction and salvation.
  • To achieve physical and spiritual benefits, Thursday fasting is said to be one of many ways to attain that.
  • Throughout Thursday’s fasting, the family members can experience success, pleasure, and peace.
  • When it comes to Thursday fast benefits, it is majorly believed that if unmarried girls and guys fast on Thursday, then they attract the lovers of their dreams.
  • Other than this, when an individual fast once a week, it greatly helps in maintaining the physical equilibrium in the body.

Thursday Fast Rules

There are Thursday fast rules that need to be followed to make it successful. The rules are as mentioned below:-

  • Some of the basic needs are Gram lentils, jaggery, turmeric, banana, and finally, a portrait of Lord Vishnu.
  • This day can also be used to pay respect to the Banana tree.
  • Start the morning with an early bath.
  • With a large amount of water as well as turmeric, give an auspicious bath to Lord Vishnu.
  • After giving proper bathing, wrap the lord with the help of a yellow cloth.
  • Offer yellow rice and recite shlokas and mantras besides reading the narrative to praise the lord.
  • Light the ghee lamp.
  • Chant mantras to praise the lord. It is also a must to offer a yellow-colored sweet to Lord Brihaspati.
  • It is advisable to wear yellow clothing and to eat anything only after Lord Brihaspati is offered the prayer.
  • Some of the don’ts are to consume any kind of salty foods as well as washing hair.
  • In terms of listening or reading the Katha, it has to be done at the end of fasting.
  • When it comes to Thursday fasting, fast Katha is necessary and it is advisable to donate any kind of yellow-colored clothing.

Thursday fast what to eat

When it comes to Thursday’s fast, ‘what to eat’ is the first question that strikes everybody. The answer to the question is that one can consume grapes, apples, papaya, and any fruit but not a banana. After that, once the sun has set, fruits or some grains that contain no salt are preferable, such as Kheer, Besan ka Halwa, and more.


Since the day Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Brihaspati, who is also addressed as the Guru of all gods. Furthermore, in the world of planetary positions, Thursday is also termed the day when Jupiter is worshipped. In the case of a horoscope, if Jupiter has a weak placement, then it can adversely affect the personal life and health of an individual. This is the reason why worshipping Lord Vishny/Jupiter on Thursday can prove to be very beneficial. Thus, this is all the information that was there to know about Thursday’s Fast benefits. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to head off and do the fast on Thursdays.

Doing this on a Thursday will make you rich!

The power of Brihaspati

Dev guru Brihaspati is known as one of the most important planets amongst the nine planets —- It is said that those who have a strong Brihaspati in their kundali are deemed to have success in life.

The day of Brihaspati

The day of Brihaspati (Jupiter) is considered to be Thursday. It is said that there are certain things that, if done on a Thursday will bring you luck and prosperity. Read on to know what they are.

Praying to Vishnu

On a Thursday, get up early in the morning (preferably before sunrise) — and after bathing, light a diya in front of Lord Vishnu.


Apply a “teeka” of kesar (saffron) or haldi (turmeric) on your forehead — this will even keep you cool in the hot weather.


It is said that donating yellow coloured things on a Thursday is said to bring you good luck and prosperity.


If possible, keep a fast on Thursday — we will talk about more about the benefits of a Thursday fast in this article later on.

Yellow ladoo

Offering Lord Shiva some Yellow ladoos on a Thursday will bring you good luck and prosperity.

Banana tree

Praying to a banana tree will bring you good health. Make yellow sweets as prasad and donate yellow-coloured clothes.


This apart, donating bananas on a Thursday too is said to be very auspicious.


Offer a yellow coloured garland to Lord Vishnu on a Thursday. This will make the Lord happy.

Yellow coloured clothes

One should also try to wear yellow coloured clothes on a Thursday — this will not only make you prosperous, but keep your mood happy as well.


If possible, don’t consume salt on a Thursday. Even if you are not fasting, avoid having salt on a Thursday.

Chant the mantra

Chant “Om Namah Narayana” mantra on a Thursday — this will give you happiness, peace and prosperity.

Why is the Thursday fast observed?

A Thursday fast is mostly observed to remove the obstacles of married life. Not only this, worshipping Goddess Laxmi on that day improves the financial situation of a person.

Observing this fast

It is said that people who have a weak Guru (Jupiter) in their kundali should observe this fast — those who are facing trouble in getting married, too should observe this fast.

Early marriage

It is said that those who want to get married as soon as possible should observe this fast — those who observe this fast should get up early morning to pray to Lord Brihaspati.

How is the puja done?

The Thursday Puja is done using yellow coloured items, yellow flowers, gram Dal, yellow sweet, yellow rice etc. If keeping this fast for money, worship Lord Brihaspati with yellow coloured things.

The Abhishek

On the day of the fast, an abhishek of Lord Jupiter should be done with saffron mixed in milk.

Water and sweets

Those who do the Thursday fast for marriage should also offer water to Lord Brihaspati along with yellow coloured sweets.

Increasing finances

This fast is also observed for improving the financial situation of an individual — for this, a person, apart from observing a fast, should also donate a meal to the poor.

Brihaspativar Vrat – Thursday Dedicated To Hindu God Vishnu And Brihaspati

In Hinduism, each day in a week is dedicated to a particular god in the Hindu pantheon. Thursday, which is Brihaspatiwar or Vrihaspativar, is dedicated to Vishnu and Brihaspati, the Guru of Devas. Thurdsay is also popularly known as Gurubar or Guruvar. Yellow is the color of the day. A fast is observed on the day and food is consumed only once. In some areas, people make it a point to visit Hanuman Temple on Thursdays. 

There are numerous stories associated with the reason for observing Upvaas, or fast, on Brihaspativar. Many of the stories are part of local folklore and stories vary from region to region.

Almost all stories suggest that those who perform pujas and Vrats on Thursdays will be blessed with wealth and happy life. In some stories, Lord Vishnu appears in the guise of a Sadhu to test the devotees on Thursdays. 

In other stories, it is Brihaspati. First the person in the story denies alms and is lethargic but later realizes his/her mistake and observes Thursday Vrat and pleases the Gods.

Those devotees fasting on the day wears yellow colored dress and offers yellow colored fruits and flowers to Vishnu and Brihaspati. Food is only consumed once and includes Chana Dal (Bengal Gram) and ghee. Basically, yellow colored food is eaten on the day.

In some regions, banana or plantain is worshipped and watered.

Thursday in Hinduism

Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his incarnations. Devotees offer puja using milk, ghee etc. Consumption of food is limited to one time in a day and contains milk products. Srimad Bhagavad Purana is read on this day of the week.

According to Hinduism, each day of the week is dedicated to a particular god. Thursday is Brihaspatiwar or Vrihaspativar, is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brihaspati, the Guru of Devas. Thursday is also known as Guruvar, signifying the fact that it is dedicated to the Guru of Devas. Yellow is believed to be the color of the day. Some devotees observe a strict fast on the day, some limit the consumption of food to one time. Meanwhile in some areas, people make it a point to visit Hanuman Temple on the day.

According to popular beliefs, Lord Vishnu once appeared in front of a devout Hindu disguised as a mendicant to test the devotee on a Thursday. The devotee was believed to be Lord Vrihaspati. At first, the devotee neglects his duties towards the holy man and denies him alms and is lethargic but later when he realizes his mistake, he observes a ritual fast on Thursdays and appeases the gods. There are numerous stories associated with the reason for observing Upvaas, or fast, on Brihaspativar. Many of the stories are part of local folklore and stories vary from region to region.

Those devotees fasting on the day wears a yellow colored dress and offers yellow colored fruits and flowers to Vishnu and Brihaspati. Food is only consumed once and includes Chana Dal and ghee. Basically, yellow colored food is eaten on the day. In some regions, banana or plantain is worshiped and watered.


Keeping fast in religion is considered to have a special significance. By the way, it is said that fasting is also very beneficial for the body. But generally people keep fast for the fulfillment of their desires. Each fast that comes in the week has its own significance. In which there is a lot of recognition of Thursday’s fast. Lord Vishnu and Brihaspati Dev are worshiped on Thursday. It is said that by observing the fast on Thursday, the obstacles coming in marriage are removed and the house becomes.

How many Thursdays should you keep fast?

Fasting should be done continuously till 16th Thursday and Udyapan should be done on 17th Thursday. Men can observe this fast for 16 consecutive Thursdays, but women or girls should do this fast only when they can worship, they should not do this fast on difficult days.

When to start?

You can start this fast anytime except in the month of Push or Paush. The month of Paush falls in December or January according to the English calendar. The rest can start this fast from the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Shukla Paksha is considered very auspicious to start any work.

How to worship?

According to Agni Purana, Thursday’s fast should be started on Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra for 7 consecutive Thursdays. On this day, after waking up in the morning, after meditating on Lord Vishnu, one should take a vow of fasting. Brihaspati Dev should be meditated upon. Yellow clothes, yellow fruits should be used on this day. After this, Lord Brihaspatidev and Vishnu should be worshiped with fruits, flowers, yellow clothes. The story should be heard after worship. Offering bananas as prasad is considered auspicious, but these bananas should be donated only. One should listen to the story of Thursday in the evening and according to the belief, one should eat yellow food without salt on this day. Chana dal can also be used in food.

Benefit of the story

This fast is very fruitful. By fasting and reading this story on Thursday, the god Jupiter is pleased. Beginning the fast from Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra and fasting on 7th Thursday, one gets freedom from all the sufferings of the planet Jupiter. By observing the fast of Thursday with full devotion, one gets rid of the defects of the planet Jupiter and gets Guru’s grace. By observing fast on this day, one gets all the happiness. The person observing the fast should keep in mind that he should not cut his hair or get a beard done on this day.

Guru Thursday fast story

According to the Hindu calendar, there are 7 days in a week and each day has its own significance. According to Hinduism, each day has been designated for the worship of different deities. Similarly, Thursday has been fixed for the worship of Lord Vishnu. Apart from this, by observing the fast of Jupiter Dev on this day, he becomes happy and gives the desired boon. If Jupiter is in a weak position in the horoscope of a person, then he should start fasting on Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra and observe a fast for 7 Thursdays. By this fast, wealth and property are obtained and those who are childless also get children.

Long time ago, there lived a merchant in a city. The merchant was a very gentleman but his wife was very miser. While the merchant used to earn and do charity work openly, his wife used to disrespect the sadhus who came to the door every day. What happened once that Brihaspati Dev himself reached the merchant’s door in the guise of a sage. Now there was no merchant at home, so she started disrespecting the monk and started saying that she is having a lot of trouble with this wealth and tell any such remedy so that it can be destroyed. Then Brihaspatidev, who appeared in the guise of a sage, tried to convince him that he should use the money for good works, but he did not listen. Then Brihaspatidev said, if you really want this, then on seven consecutive Thursdays (Bhraspativar Vrat Katha) smear your house with cow dung, wash your hair with yellow soil only on Thursday, wash clothes on the same day, also with your husband on Thursday. Asked to get shaving, to consume meat and liquor etc. in food also. Saying this Brihaspati Dev disappeared from there. But the businessman’s wife did not take his words lightly and started doing as she said, till the third Thursday, her house got poor and she too died.

The merchant also had a daughter. Now he had come on the road with his daughter, he took refuge in another village to survive. He used to chop wood from the forest and sell them and spend the day like that. Unable to fulfill the small wishes of his daughter, he would be in great pain. One day, seeing his life in the forest, he started lamenting that seeing this condition, Brihaspati Dev appeared in front of him in the form of a sage and advised to worship Jupiter and get the story recited, with the blessings of Brihaspati Dev, the merchant’s woods also on that day. Sold at a good price. Now he worshiped Brihaspati Dev as told by the monk and kept fast and also listened to the story. His days began to turn, but before the completion of the seven fasts, one Thursday he forgot to do the story and fast. On the same day the king had invited everyone for the banquet. But here too he reached late and the king along with his family got him food. See the illusion of Brihaspati Dev that the queen’s necklace is stolen and the blame is put on the father and daughter, both of them are put in jail.

When the merchant again remembers Brihaspati Dev, then he says that even now nothing has gone wrong, even while living here, you can keep fast on Thursday, listen and recite the story and distribute the offerings of jaggery and gram. Now the merchant gets 2 paisa there at the door of the jail, he asks a woman to bring jaggery gram but she says that her son is married so she is in a little hurry while on one side a woman comes whose son dies And she is bringing a shroud for him. He tells her the same thing to tell the story of Brihaspati Dev by bringing him jaggery and gram. She brings it to him and herself listens to his story. Now the woman, whose son was married, dies after falling from the mare, and the woman who had gone to take the shroud for her son, gets alive as soon as she pours prasad and Charanamrit in her mouth. Another woman also comes to the merchant lamenting and apologizes for her mistake and after hearing the story of Brihaspati ji, takes Prasad and Charanamrit and pours it in the mouth of her son, from which he becomes alive again. On the same night, Brihaspati Dev comes in a dream to the king and tells that his necklace is not lost, but it is hanging there on the peg. He has put innocent father and daughter in jail. The very next day the king frees them and by giving a lot of money to the merchant, his daughter also gets married in a well-to-do family.

Thursday Fast: There are countless benefits of fasting on Thursday, know the glory and worship method of fasting

importance of fasting on thursday

This fast is done to please Lord Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu. It is believed that worshiping Lord Brihaspati helps in curing stomach related ailments, attains longevity, childless couples also get children, wealth and fame.

People facing delay in marriage due to unclear or unknown reasons can also observe a fast on Thursday. Let us know the importance of this fast and which mantras are more effective to chant on this day.

importance of fasting on thursday

Thursday’s fast is kept for Lord Brihaspati and Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu who is also known as the protector of the universe. Jupiter is represented by the planet Jupiter in the Solar System. It is also known as Guru. That’s why Thursday is also called Thursday.

You can start this fast from the first Thursday of Shukla Paksha of any month. Should be done by at least 16th Thursday. This fast is done from sunrise to sunset. Yellow is considered the most auspicious color on Thursday. After waking up, take a bath and wear yellow clothes. The person observing the fast should not wash his head. On this day, worship should be done with yellow flowers, yellow fruits like banana, rice cooked with saffron, gram dal and yellow sweets like gram flour laddus etc. Sandalwood is also used in this worship. While worshiping, your face should be towards east.

Eat once on this day that too without salt. Thursday fasting story should be recited in the evening. If you want, you can also donate yellow clothes in the evening. If you pray with full faith and pure heart, then all your wishes can be fulfilled.

According to the horoscope, people with weak Jupiter observe this fast. It is believed that worshiping Lord Jupiter helps in curing stomach related ailments. It also helps in attaining strength, valor and longevity. Childless couples also observe a fast on Thursday. Wealth and fame is another reason behind fasting on Thursday. People facing delay in marriage due to unclear or unknown reasons can also observe this fast.

The mantras that can be chanted for more powerful effect are-

“Om gram grim gram sa gurve namah”

This is the Beej Mantra of Jupiter. By chanting it 108 times, wealth, intelligence are attained and the negative effects of this planet are reduced.

Another mantra which can be chanted (108 times) is as follows-

“Om Hreem Clean Hoon Brihaspatiye Namah”

Only one thing should be kept in mind that you should focus on the desire you want to fulfill and nothing else.

Note- The information given here is based on religious beliefs and folk beliefs, there is no scientific evidence for this. It has been presented here keeping in mind the general public interest.