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“God’s light is within you, It never leaves you.”

Located at the base of our neck, Throat Chakra is the seat of all our feelings and aids us to engage in effective communications.

The Sanskrit word for Throat Chakra is Vishudha, which means purity. Its base element is space or Akasha, and its shading is sky blue.

The bija or seed mantra of the Throat Chakra is ‘hum’ The Hindu God associated with our fifth Chakra is Sadashiva.

The Throat Chakra includes our throat, neck, mouth, teeth, jaws, trachea, vocal cords, ears, larynx, esophagus, carotid arteritis, thyroid, parathyroid, and shoulders.

It also controls our endocrine framework and aids in the proper channeling of hormones through our bodies.

The Throat Chakra is related to inventiveness, correspondence, truth, self-articulation, and imagination. The Throat Chakra is the first Chakra on the spiritual plane and can enhance the possibilities of unifying with the infinite consciousness of Brahman.

Communication is an integral part of the fifth Chakra, and it assists in transcending space as well as time.

The Ayurvedic dosha of the Throat Chakra is Vata, and the Gunas of the Chakra are rajas as well as sattva.

Benefits of having a balanced Throat Chakra: Having an open and balanced Throat Chakra can produce a plethora of benefits.

It can make you more certain about your choices, and also would be useful in calming a person.

The most important factor of having an open Throat Chakra is that you can become a successful communicator.

Words have healing power.

You can employ them effectively to improve the lives of others.

If you are a great communicator, you won’t have any issues with miscommunication and would be able to present yourself well.

Expression of truth is another significant factor associated with the Throat Chakra.

With an open fifth Chakra, you won’t face any difficulties in sharing the truth of anything.

You will be able to express yourself freely without any fear.

You will be capable of talking about political, religious, and social matters with confidence.

When you have a balanced Throat Chakra, your inner truth and voice are your blessings.

Overactive or Underactive Throat Chakra:

Imbalances in the Throat Chakra can lead to several physical, emotional, and psychological ailments.

An overactive, as well as an underactive Throat Chakra, can harm the well-being of our mind, body, and soul.

The imbalances can cause –

• difficulties in expressing your feelings,

• fear of imparting your thoughts with others,

• issues of miscommunication and over stubbornness,

• talking incessantly without listening,

• being overly critical of others,

• misunderstandings,

fear of loneliness, and

• hurting another person with your voice by shouting, yelling, or screaming.

Apart from these conditions, the blockage or excessive openness of the Throat Chakra can pave the way for having –

• swollen lymph hubs,

•cracking of your voice,

• hypothyroidism,

• hyperthyroidism,

• hearing contamination,

• sinus problems,

• throat or upper respiratory infection, and

• speech impediments

The curing of the problems of the Throat Chakra is essential for enhancing our connection with the spiritual realm and our inner truth.

How to overcome the imbalances of the Throat Chakra?:

Curing the blockage or excessive openness of Throat Chakra is essential for improving the flow of energy through your body.

There are different ways of revitalizing the Chakra. Some of them include yoga, meditation, fragrance therapy, chanting, visualization, and crystal healing practices.

When your Throat Chakra is blocked, you confront a fear of communication, timidity, untruthfulness, lack of imagination, inability to express your emotions, and social uneasiness.

When our Throat Chakra is balanced or open, you will no longer be afraid of communicating your reality to the world and would be innovative.

To enhance your Throat Chakra, try to include:

  1. Yoga – The incorporation of yoga asanas and pranayama into your routine can aid in aligning and healing your Vishudha Chakra.

Try to engage in yoga asanas by focusing on your breathing as it intensifies the energy flow in your body.

Some of the yoga asanas that can realign your body are-

• Setu Bandhasana or Bridge Pose

• Salamba Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand

• Matsyasana or Fish Pose

• Baddha Konasana or Reclining Butterfly Pose

• Halasana or Plow Pose

2. Meditation It is an essential practice for awakening the truth and healing your spiritual body.

Try to meditate with your eyes closed and bring your attention to your throat.

You can wear a scarf around your throat or place your palms to provide warmth to your fifth Chakra.

It is pertinent to bring awareness to the word truth as well as your inner truth.

You can ask yourself, ‘what is your inner truth?’

While concluding your meditation, you may chant ‘hum’ three times.

Open your eyes gently after completing your meditation.

3. Chakra Balancing ritual services – Invoking the presiding deities of the throat chakra helps balance this chakra.

4. Crystal Precious Stone Healing The vitality of stones can create vibrations.

They can aid in correcting the imbalances of our Chakras.

As the shading of the fifth Chakra is blue, crystals that have a similar color are beneficial in mending your throat Chakra.

Some of the stones that help in curing the fifth Chakra are Lapiz Lazuli, Aquamarine, Turquoise, blue Kyanite, and blue iolite.

5. Head and Neck Exercises – Using electronic devices has led to the straining of our neck. Stretching exercises are useful for releasing the tiredness of your neck.

Drawing semicircles in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction repeatedly is one such exercise.

6. Chanting and Singing – As the fifth Chakra is associated with our throat and our ability to communicate effectively, chanting, singing, and other vocal exercises can strengthen your vocal cords.

Chanting the bija mantra ‘hum’ also aligns with the vibrations of your fifth Chakra.

Affirmations like ‘I am strong,’ and ‘I am healthy‘ are beneficial in healing your Throat Chakra.

7. Aromatherapy – The fragrance of different essential oils can revitalize and energize our Chakras.

The imbalances in our Throat Chakra are curable by inhaling and massaging these oils.

Some of them are-

• Rosemary Essential Oil – It aids in opening our fifth Chakra.

• German Chamomile – It helps in stabilizing our Throat Chakra.

• Frankincense and Sandalwood – They help in balancing our Chakra.

Through the proper usage of these healing measures, you can improve the health of your fifth Chakra.

The inclusion of these practices into your routine can facilitate in the channelization of your vitality without any hindrances.

Chakra Healing: How To Open Your Throat Chakra

Do you find it hard to be your authentic self?

Do you find it difficult to be honest with yourself and others?

Do you struggle with miscommunication in your relationships?

Do you feel anxious during conversations?

All of these indicate a need to balance the throat chakra.

Healing exercises help activate the throat chakra to restore the ability to listen to and express yourself honestly. 

What Is a Chakra?

Hindu and Buddhist traditions believe that the physical and spiritual meet at the seven chakras.

These swirling wheels of energy align along the spine.

The fifth chakra, the throat or Vishuddha chakra, sits in the area of the throat, jaw, neck, mouth, and thyroid. 

In Sanskrit, Vishuddha means “especially pure”.

As the throat chakra governs the mouth, tongue, and neck, it relates to communication and your ability to understand and speak your inner truth “purely”.

When out of balance, one has difficulty staying true to themselves and expressing needs, desires, and opinions with themselves and others.

The Throat Chakra at a Glance

Name in Sanskrit: Vishuddha meaning “especially pure”
Location: The region of the throat, jaw, neck, mouth, and thyroid
Color: Blue
Element: Ether (Space)
Signs of balance: Authentic expression comes easily and naturally
Signs of imbalance: Difficulty tuning into the true self, the urge to hide opinions and desires from yourself and others, gossiping, dominating conversations, difficulty listening to others, neck pain, hormone fluctuation (relating to the thyroid)

The throat chakra corresponds to the element of ether: space that forms the essence of emptiness.

Our true selves exist in the space between the clutter of constant thoughts and emotions through meditation.

In the calmness, we find the subtle element of ether and reconnect to the throat chakra.

When the throat chakra is in balance, we speak, listen, and express ourselves openly and authentically.

When out of balance, we ignore our inner voice, feel afraid of expressing ourselves, or have trouble listening to others.

A blocked throat chakra can also store tension physically and cause a sore throat or neck and shoulder pain.

Opening the Throat Chakra

Burn Vishuddha incense and essential oils. 

Aromatherapy has powerful healing properties that tap into the sense of self.

To open the throat chakra, burn ether incense, essential oils, and candles like frankincense, geranium, jasmine, sage, cypress, peppermint, eucalyptus, clove, tree tea, and lavender. 

Repeat positive affirmations about authenticity.

The repetition of affirmations sets the intention to break old patterns and create new ones.

 To open the throat chakra, repeat affirmations that relate to authenticity and open communication.

Here are some examples:

“I communicate confidently and with ease.”
“I feel comfortable speaking my mind.”
“I am balanced in speaking and listening.”
“I am an active listener.” 
“I speak my true thoughts with ease.”
“I set clear boundaries.”

By repeating these statements, we create new thought patterns, behaviors, and actions that align with feelings of authenticity and open self-expression.


Practice postures that activate the throat chakra

Yoga helps connect the spiritual and physical of the body through postures, called asanas.

Connecting to the breath while holding asanas helps to release tension and bring energy to the area of the throat and thyroid.

Throat chakra poses include camel, plow, cat-cow with lion’s breath, shoulder stand, and fish pose.

Mindfulness Meditation

Connecting with our inner truth begins with quieting the mind.

Mindful breathing presents a way to calm thoughts by focusing attention on the breath.

With each inhale, think to yourself: breathing in.

Then, with each exhale, think to yourself: breathing out.

When thoughts or distractions arise, observe them and let them calmly pass.

As simple as it sounds, our minds are constantly flooded with thoughts, and even a short 5 minutes of mindful breathing is more difficult than it sounds.

Mindfulness meditation gets easier over time and brings stillness and space to our minds.

Through that quiet, we learn to connect more closely with our inner selves and open the throat chakra.

Throat Chakra – Visuddha

Explore the fifth chakra in depth.

Learn how to balance and awaken the first of the spiritual chakras and find your truth.

The Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra and it is the first of the higher or spiritual chakras on the “chakra ladder”.

This chakra is located in the region of neck and shoulders and its color is blue.

The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and speaking your truth.

The energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true, beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning.

The main challenge for the fifth chakra is doubt and negative thinking.

When you gain and verify your knowledge through meditation and direct experience, then doubt and negativity are removed.

The “way of the Throat Chakra” is the way of inspired creativity, seeking and sharing of the truth.

It is the way of standing up for what you believe, saying no when you need to, and being open and honest in what you say.

Do you dare to be creative?

Do you dare to open up to a life full of infinite possibilities?

The fifth chakra is linked directly to your personal integrity and a sense of honor.

As a communication center, it not only allows you to express who you are and what you stand for, but also allows you to listen deeply to another.

A person with an open Visuddha chakra is a good listener, she enables another person to have the experience of being heard – one of the most profound human needs.

Throat Chakra at a glance:

Sanskrit name: Visuddha
Element: Akasha
Color: Blue
Shape: Crescent
Petals of the lotus: Sixteen
Seed sound: Ham
Vowel sound: Eee
Rights: To speak
Endocrine gland: Thyroid and Parathyroid gland
Physical association: Throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, and neck
Psychological function: Communication
Identity: Creative identity
Developmental stage: 7 -12 years
Challenge: Lies
Plane: Human plane, where the dark night of soul ends
Planets: Mercury
Deity: Sadasiva, Sakini
Mythological Animal: Elephant, bull, lion
Incense: Frankincense
Herb: Chamomile
Sephira: Geburah, Chesed

Throat Chakra Affirmations

  • I am open, clear, and honest in my communication.
  • I have a right to speak my truth.
  • I communicate my feelings with ease.
  • I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art.
  • I have a strong will that lets me resolve my challenges.
  • I nourish my spirit through creativity.
  • I live an authentic life. I have integrity.
  • I love to share my experiences and wisdom. I know when it is time to listen.
  • I express my gratitude towards life.
  • I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is.
  • I take good care of my physical body.
  • I am at peace.

Throat Chakra

Understand the basic Psychology of the Throat Chakra

What is the Throat / Vishuddha Chakra?

Visha = impurity, poison Shuddhi = purification

The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddhi Chakra is located at the larynx, in the upper 3 chakras, and is considered the center of physical and spiritual purification.

Considered the “soul’s gate”, as the throat is a bridge connecting the emotions of the heart and the thoughts of the head,

Our throat chakra is our center of communication, creativity, will, speech, self-expression. deep listening.

It represents our ability to speak our truth, to speak up for ourselves, to say what’s truly important.

The throat chakra is a powerful energy center that allows or blocks the flow of prana – life force energy – throughout our entire energy system.  

When the Throat Chakra is balanced and healthy, prana flows and you feel energized and bright. When this chakra is stressed.

or out of balance, you can feel drained and stressed.

As the center of will power, creativity, self-expression and communication, the throat chakras governs how we bring what we experience on the inside into the outer world:  how open and vibrant this chakra is, impacts how how we give voice to the self, to our emotions, and how we allow or prevent creative ideas, energies, visions and dreams to flow and manifest.

The Throat Chakra feels most open, when our hearts are relaxed and we are in a full state of allowing ourselves to Be.

When we restrict, control or hold back any parts of ourselves, we compromised the throat chakra’s balance.

When the throat chakra is out of balance, it can manifest as emotional dysregulation, addiction, self-doubt, judgment gossip, negative speech, self-censoring  – all of which are acts of control that shut down the throat. 


Core wounds at the level of the throat chakra, can manifest as

  • Feeling of not trusting in what you believe
  • Not trusting that you deserve to be heard
  • Shutting down and not getting your needs met,
  • Feeling of continued disappointments and dissatisfaction in life

How do you know if your chakras are open or blocked?

When your chakras are balanced and healthy, life experiences are digested with ease and enable you to grow. 

However, chronic and unresolved conflict, stress, negative self-beliefs systems, traumatic past life experiences that are left unprocessed or unexpressed, undigested can lead to any given given chakra being imbalanced, blocked, damaged or dysfunctional – expressing as either  overactive or understactive, and leading to significant physical, emotiona, and mental health challenges.

Trauma, unresolved conflicts, karmic and past life circumstances, belief systems and/or chronic behavioral patterns cause imbalances, blockages, and/or damage in the chakras.


When our throat chakra is open and balanced, it can be expressed as:

  • Sense of feeling worthy
  • Healthy self-confidence / self-acceptance
  • Authenticity
  • Ability to express our truths
  • Ability to listen to our inner voice
  • Ideas, hopes and dreams are flowing
  • Verbalising and expressing needs, desires and opinions

When the throat chakra is closed, or out of balance, it can be expressed as:

  • Trauma and unresolved conflict
  • Excessive talking
  • Arrogance
  • Habitual dishonesty / manipulation
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Timidity
  • Hurtful, mean or gossiping words
  • Addiction
  • Judgement of self and others
  • Blocked creative flow

Throat Chakra Imbalance in the Body

In our body, the throat chakra most influences the neck, shoulders and upper back. Deficiencies in the throat chakra can lead to:

  • thyroid imbalance
  • hearing problems
  • ear infection
  • chronic throat conditions
  • neck and shoulder pain,


Part 2. How to balance and heal the throat chakra

Your voice is a powerful tool for impact and change, for sharing your inner world with the people around you.

Self-Care, Hydration & Spacious living Singing, Humming & Chanting, Allow yourself to share your thoughts and ideas

Speak your truth – Share your feelings, thoughts and ideas. Recognise when you judge yourself or others and Stop

Practice Giving yourself permission
Journal Deep breathing exercises

Resting and Consciously relaxing your throat, your jaw, neck and throat

Be Creative, Express Yourself and let yourself be heard


Singing the Voice Awake

The process of awakening & empowering your voice, and balancing your throat chakra is key for healing, joy and spiritual growth.

Begin with this 20-minute warm-up to begin your journey towards more relaxation and flow with your voice:

Song Singing Practice

Play with your Voice and Sing your heart wide open to some of my favourite heart and soul awakening songs.  Singing as little as 5 minutes a day can help you build more vocal stamina and confidence as well as bring you more joy and connection.

Additional Practices to Nourish the Voice

  • Sing, hum, chant
  • Deep breathing
  • Rest your voice
  • Hydrate
  • Conscious jaw relaxation
  • Stop judging yourself and others
  • Allow yourself to share your thoughts and ideas
  • Speak your truth

Affirmations for a balanced mind

  • My voice is valuable and worthy of being heard
  • I communicate confidently and with ease.
  • I live and speak my truth
  • I freely use my voice to express myself
  • I am comfortable speaking my heart and mind
  • I listen actively and with presence. I express myself honestly with clear intent.
  • I know when it is time to speak, and when it’s time to listen.
  • I have clear boundaries and stand up for what I believe in.

​Yoga poses to help balance the throat chakra:

  • head and neck rolls
  • fish pose
  • lions breath
  • plough pose
  • shoulders tand
  • headstand


What is a Chakra?

⦾ In sanskrit means “wheel” or “disk”

⦾ Spiritual energy center

⦾ Seven along the spine

⦾ If they are open, closed, or balanced, they can affect the physical, emotional, and piritual body

Vishuddha – 5 th Chakra

⦾ Located at the throat, base of neck, between collarbones and shoulders.

⦾ Related to sound andcommunication.

⦾ Symbol is a a Lotus Flower with 16 petals 

Opening and balancing

Opening this chakra requires awareness of the way we express ourselves.

• Communicate clearly

• Know when to listen

• Practice saying what you want to say before a stressful situation

• Honor and speak your truth

Peace activates this chakra.

Effect of imbalances

The throat chakra is connected to:

• Throat

• Neck

• Thyroid & Parathyroid

• Ears

• Windpipe

• Upper Lungs

A blockage of this chakra can lead to:

• Worrying about what others think

• Self-censorship

• Fear of speaking

• Neck stiffness

• Teeth grinding

Crystals & Aromatherapy


⦿ Turquoise

⦿ Aquamarine

⦿ Laps Lazuli


⦿ Lavender

⦿ Peppermint

⦿ Chamomile

⦿  Frankincense

Healing foods

o Anything BLUE!

Journaling + Painting

• Do I communicate my truth and express my creativity?

• How can I express myself more honestly and openly?

• Am I being truthful to myself, my thoughts, my opinions, my


• How do I define healthy communication?

• Am I a mindful listener?

• Do I have a tendency to embellish, distort or exaggerate


• Could I spend a whole day in silence?

• I express myself authentically when

Mantra – “HAM”

Envision the color blue glowing at your throat.

“I deserve to be heard. I communicate clearly, effectively, and

with ease.

I speak my truth.”

Repeat “HAM” seven times.

Throat Chakra

What does Throat Chakra mean?

The throat chakra is said in yoga to be a wheel of energy located in the center of the throat close to the cervical spine.

It is the fifth of the seven primary chakras.

It is believed that this circle of prana, or life force energy, has its activation point in the pit of the throat.

This chakra is involved with expression and will, the ears and mouth and the endocrine system, due to its proximity to the thyroid gland.

The Sanskrit name for throat chakra is visuddha.

Eexplains Throat Chakra

The throat chakra corresponds to the energy of inspired creativity.

It is also the center for communication, including the speaking of truth; hence, in yogic teaching, it is believed to be the first of the higher or spiritual chakras.

If the throat chakra is in balance, then one is expressing their authentic truth openly and honestly.

In relationships, one is able to be true to one’s self and to express one’s beliefs without fear.

If this chakra is out of balance, it is thought to cause problems physically with thyroid disorders, sore throats, fevers and infections.

It can also be linked to neck and shoulder problems.

The throat chakra is represented by the colour blue and is drawn as a 16-petalled flower with an upside-down triangle with a circle at its center.

The bija mantra for the throat chakra is Hum, and chanting this bija is one of the ways thought to bring the throat chakra into balance.

Yoga poses to help balance the throat chakra include plow pose and the fish pose, among others.