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“God’s light is within you, It never leaves you.

If you are looking for a job, do you know that you can make a good career in Hinduism?

A career as a priest: Rituals have great importance in Hinduism. Hindus need knowledgeable priests to perform these rituals throughout the year. Some of these occasions are marriage ceremonies, Vastu Shanti, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Anant Puja, etc. They charge a good amount as a fee which is called Dakshina. Besides that, you get lots of other things like clothes, food, grains, grocery, etc. You can become a priest at any temple also where you would get a salary as well as Dakshina. If you manage everything properly, you can earn a lot of money as a priest.

The only problem with this profession is that you have to be a Brahmin to do this job. People mostly prefer Brahmins to do this job. Plus, you have to be a vegetarian and nondrinker. Nowadays, some people do not mind the caste of the priest but most of the people still do.

A career as an Astrologer: Becoming a Hindu astrologer is a very lucrative career option. You must have watched many astrologers on the televisions discussing topics or talking about predictions. In India, nearly all the politicians, rich as well as poor people go to astrologers to take advice on life problems. Their charges can be from a few hundred to a few lakhs depending upon your skills and experience in Astrology.

For becoming an astrologer, you should have good knowledge of Hindu astrology. There are courses available where you can learn Hindu astrology as well as other related knowledge like face reading, spirituality, black magic remedies, etc.

A career as a Vastushastradnya: Vastushastradnya is a person who is an expert in Vastushastra. People often seek the advice of a Vastushastradnya in order to solve their day-to-day problems. Vastushastradnya visits the client’s home and advises the client to make some changes in the house such as the front door should face East, etc. By experience, these changes do make a great impact on the client’s life. People easily pay anything between 5000 to 10,000 or even more per report. This is also a very lucrative career in Hinduism.

For this, you should have detailed knowledge of Vastushastra. There are courses available where you can learn Vastushastra.

A career as a Shopkeeper: If you like to sell things, you can start a shop near a Hindu temple where you can sell things that are useful in Puja such as flowers, coconuts, etc. You can also sell idols and frames of different Hindu deities at such places. You can make thousands of Rupees per month in this way. If you have a shop near a famous temple, then you can earn a lot of money in this way. What you need is good capital initially to start the shop.

A career as a Webmaster: If you have good knowledge about Hinduism, you can start your website about Hinduism. If you are able to pull a good amount of traffic, you can earn a decent amount of money from it. If your website becomes very popular, then you can certainly earn more money than you expected from it. What you need is just a domain name, PC at home, and hosting. This would not cost much to you and there is no prerequisite for this. Plus you can work from the comfort of your home.

A career as a Spiritual Guru: Well it is not actually a career but it has become so in the past few years. You cannot become a spiritual guru if you do not have a love for spirituality. If you have an interest in spirituality and can spend your life guiding the people, you can become a spiritual Guru. If you look at the properties of trusts run by Sathya Sai Baba, Asaramji Bapu, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ramdev, Osho Rajnish you will get an idea of how much you can earn. If you are a true Guru, people will give millions to your trust. Everybody can’t become as famous as others but you can certainly have your share from the spirituality market.

A career as a Yoga Teacher: Yoga has now become an integral part of modern life. Because of its popularity in the West, there is a great demand for Yoga Gurus. If you are very good at teaching Yoga, you may have a chance to go abroad also. There are many Yoga teachers who have settled in the West. You can earn a full-time income in this profession. For this, you will have to undergo the course for Yoga and a special course on how to teach Yoga to others.

A Career in Travel Industry: Millions of Hindus travel across India for pilgrimage. Hindu pilgrimages and Hindu temples create millions of jobs across India. If you have a flair for traveling, you can start your own travel agency or you can get a job in the travel industry.

Professional courses are available to learn the skills required in this industry. Nowadays politicians arrange many religious trips in order to lure voters. You can take advantage of this situation and can make a good career in the pilgrimage travel industry.


Event Management for Hindu Weddings: If you are good at management, you can surely have a career in event management. Hindu weddings are a little bit difficult to manage and arrange, therefore many people prefer to get this thing managed by event management companies. It is a very lucrative job and you can earn good money as an event manager for Hindu weddings.

A career as a Sculptor: Most of the Hindus worship God in the form of idols. If you can make idols of Hindu deities and able to find a good market for them, you can make a good career as a sculptor in India. Hundreds of new temples are built every year across India. Lots of them are very rich and require a lot of sculptors to make idols and design for the temples. If you have a flair for sculpture, you can certainly make a good career as a sculptor in India.

In the month of Bhadrapada (Hind calendar), Hindus bring Lord Ganesha’s idols into their homes and drown them after a few days. Some people do this job throughout the year. They make Ganesha idols of plaster of Paris or clay and paint and sell them during the month of Bhadrapad. There is a very big demand for Ganesha idols in India.